Sunday, July 21, 2019

"Change Agents" - Hollywood Taking Transgenderism down to a new level

Lasha Lynch as James Bond
Kinda looks like a female Michelle Obama

Can you imagine what society will look like once they're finished?  There will be a whole new species of humanity which our forbearers, if they came back to earth, would never recognize.  Neither male nor female...these "Tranz"....muscular androgynous, hyper-sexualized beings will be ruling the earth.  They will be treating normal, straight humans...well, like the Palestinians are now being treated.

We will be second-class citizens, relegated to becoming "brood mares" like livestock.  Chosen for blood lines, our offspring taken and raised by the Tranz.  The Tranz will decide what "sex" the offspring will be allowed to adopt.  Sexual identity will not be a birthright but a "privilege"...or a "punishment."

"Jewlywood" [as my blogging colleague Northerntruthseeker appropriately calls it] is spearheading the movement.  Much like they enveloped the world in The Big Lie 50 years ago with their movie director-designed "Lunar Hoax", they're onto another, even bigger,  Big Lie project now.  Destroying the traditional roles of the sexes and creating a "super" group, neither male nor female.  Some monsters this way will shortly come....  Read the following snippets from two examples and I will have more comments to follow:

From RT:

The next 007 will reportedly be 'Captain Marvel' star Lashana Lynch, who will be the first-ever black female to take the 'James Bond' role

The tired old "James Bond" meme is going to get a shocking makeover.  The main character will be a very Michelle Obama-ish "James Bond".  I'm wondering whether they will have "buxom" men to play her love interests.  Perhaps the Tranz will get those plum roles.  It's SOOOoooooo confusing...and sick.
Then we have a female "Thor", again according to RT

‘This is too much’: News of Natalie Portman as female Thor divides film franchise fans" 

"Divides Fans"?  Well, isn't that the point of all of this?  Divide and conquer humanity...turn it into a non-species.  Turn it into cattle as described in their Owners/Operators' Instruction Manual, the Talmud.  Time must be running short for this agenda because they've accelerated...they're running on all cylinders now.  Better watch out though because you might wake up the sheeple.  Some of whom have already opened at least one eye, as shown below:

Parents explode as Republicans refuse to defend kids from library drag queens

Drag Queen “Stormy Vain” (real name: Todd Musick)
looking very Jewish - and Why the Hell Not?!

I originally found this report in The Truthseeker.  Parents are finally waking up to the abomination going on right under their noses.  Drag Queens are showing up in the nation's libraries where they pour filth into the toddler's brains right in front of the parents!  Please read the following snippet and I will have final comments to follow:


" of the Drag Queens, “Stormy Vain” (real name: Todd Musick), is involved with numerous lurid and pornographic sexual businesses and activities. He runs “Stormy’s Angels of Entertainment” and “Eroticasy.” Among his business offerings: male escorts/companions, nude maid services, sex toys, hiring out strippers for parties and one-on-one sessions, nude maintenance service, nude personal trainer, nude hair styling, X-rated candies, and “much more.” On his website (now offline), he offered “male companions” under a tab that warned “Nudity!! Must be over 18 to view.”...

....This is a person that the library staff and the organizers believed was perfectly appropriate to be working with young children and teenagers! They clearly knew that the public would be outraged if this were known prior to the event — so they kept his identity hidden. This, unfortunately, is a common problem across the country with library staff these days, we have found. They are intentionally deceiving the public and acting as “change agents.


Greencrow says:  This is open warfare on humanity.  Humanity is practically defenseless against it, stripped as we now are of the traditional defenses of religion, traditional culture and of an education system that teaches critical thinking.  The immediate goal of the "Library QueenZ" is legalized pedophilia...but it is much worse than that.

I'd like to see what "rainbow" Trudeau thinks of the Library QueenZ.  Does he think they're lurid and a danger to children?  Or, does he think they're an "oppressed minority"...struggling for acceptance by society...entitled to promote their "cause".  This certainly should be [one of the] questions to be asked of le Dauphin during the next [s]election...'cause he's the current "handmaiden" of this horror tale.

Humanity better rise up and take a stand soon.  Because if this is allowed to continue to its logical conclusion, if these entities aren't confronted and stripped of their enormous power, humanity will end up like horses, cattle and sheep.  Thoroughbreds will be artificially inseminated in stables.  The rest...the vast majority of us...will be spayed and gelded.  At an early age we'll be "streamed" into a chosen "sex" or "neutered".  Sex will become a mechanical and/or pharmaceutical act...perhaps with a robot. We will live out our lives just like cattle, zombified, unaware we're captive in psychic slavery, "efficiently" serving the masterz. Then, at the optimum hour, we will be euthanized.

Sound like a Jewlywood horror movie?  Well, it's coming to your neighbourhood soon.


Jody Paulson said...

This guy looks about as kid-friendly as Comet Ping-Pong.

greencrow said...

Hi Jody:

In the link accompanying his photo we have this:

"The [American Library Association] world’s largest library association’s annual conference this year featured more than 100 workshops with an “equity, diversity, and inclusion” theme, according to the American Library Association’s conference catalog. That included workshops with these titles (some shortened): “Creating Queer-Inclusive Elementary School Library Programming,” “Developing an Online Face for a Lesbian Pulp Fiction Collection,” and “Telling Stories, Expanding Boundaries: Drag Queen Storytimes in Libraries.”

The ALA annual conference’s workshop selections also included “A Child’s Room to Choose: Encouraging Gender Identity and Expression in School and Public Libraries,” and “Are You Going to Tell My Parents?: The Minor’s Right to Privacy in the Library.” Politically charged talks and workshops like these formed at least one-third of the conference offerings, according to the ALA’s own description and a review of the conference catalog."

So, like every other institution in the West, they've burrowed themselves into the Library Association and using it to destroy children.