Monday, July 1, 2019

Canada Day Post - Duped Dope?

Trump and Trudeau at the G20

It's a brilliant, sunny Canada Day morning.  Not a chemtrail in the sky.  Ever wonder why, on particular days, the chemtrail pilots get a day off?  Who makes those decisions, anyway?  IMO, whoever makes those decisions is the real boss.  All I can say is, Canada must have paid it's carbon taxes--because there's no carbon [coal dust being the main ingredient in chemtrails] being sprayed over Vancouver today.

Yesterday, the CBC had an "analysis" [aka propaganda] about the upcoming Canadian Fall Election.  The CBC listed all the top issues that will define the election.  Here they are:

"...The cost of living, climate change and health care rank as the top-of-mind issues for Canadians surveyed, with concerns about the affordability of home ownership and basic necessities like groceries and retirement leading the list.

Those concerns help explain why the Conservatives continue to focus their pre-campaign messaging on pocketbook issues, attacking the Liberals' carbon-pricing system as a tax on consumers while vowing to reduce emissions by imposing a cap on the largest polluters to finance a green technology fund...."

Well, well well!  After all the hoopla a month or two ago about the SNC Lavalin political corruption scandal...apparently Canadians are so amnesiac that they've totally forgotten about political corruption!  

And, after all the concerns about US President Trump almost starting WWIII against Iran a week or so ago, international warmongering isn't even on the list.  Canadians must be swaddled in cotton batting, we're so sheltered from real concerns...ones that we could possibly affect with our vote.

No.  For about the fourth or fifth election in a row...Canadians are forced to pick the lint out of our collective domestic bellybutton...just like our neighbours to the south. Once again....there will be NOBODY TO VOTE FOR!!!.  For, as my lynx-like colleague from the northern boreal forests of Manitoba, Northerntruthseeker said in his RANT yesterday:

….Canada could and must do better this coming October in throwing this sorry asshole [Trudeau] out of office and hopefully put someone in that is for Canada first and foremost! But is there such a person? The alternative to Justin Trudeau appears to be the Conservative leader Andrew Scheer who has already sold his soul to the Jew devil by stating that his first order of business if he is selected to be Canada's next Prime Minister is to move Canada's embassy in the psycho state of Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem..... Scheer is therefore nothing but another Jew dick sucker and absolutely will obey his Jewish masters!.... Honestly, is there anyone running this October here in Canada for Prime Minister that actually cares about Canada only?...

NTS doesn't mince words.  But, unfortunately, it's even worse than that.  Scheer wants to "punish" China with trade sanctions...for the USrael-concocted Huawei mess--as if arresting Meng Wenzhou was China's fault.  Scheer is also banned from travelling to Russia.  The CBC and the other corrupt presstitute media will NEVER tell Canadians that.  Can you imagine having a Prime Minister who will not be allowed to attend the G20, if it is held in Russia? BTW,  our neo-Nazi Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland is ALSO banned from travelling to Russia.

But we must not talk about government corruption and/or foreign policy during the election!  Doesn't matter...both the major parties have the same corrupt foreign policy anyway...just like in USrael. The "harmonization" in that regard is almost complete.

So, this coming Fall I plan to "park" my vote with the Green party.  Sadly, I've been "parking" my vote for about 20 years now.  That's how long its been since we've had a political party with a platform that related remotely to reality for Canadians on this planet.

It looks at this point that the Liberals will get in again, albeit with a minority government made up of NDP and Greens.  The Conservatives could have easily taken the election with a majority...given how Canadians abhor Trudeau...but because they have been bought and paid for by the Usual Suspects...they've committed political suicide with their disastrous clunker of a "platform".

So, alas, we'll be stuck with "The Dope" [or le Dauphin as I call him] for another four years.  Who knows what humiliations he'll stick us with.  Here's an interesting panorama of the possibilities.  First, look at the video on this link where Trudeau makes his way across the G20 "mix and mingle" gathering last weekend. Some of the "most interesting" people in the world all around him...but Trudeau walks as if in a self-involved, narcissistic trance...looking neither right nor left, acknowledging nobody...talking to nobody.  What a dope!

Next, there was the humiliation of Trudeau pleading with Trump to "put in a word" for Canada with Xi over the Huawei/imprisoned Canadian spies imbroglio.  Was he really so stupid to think that Trump would A) remember; or B) Care?  No.  Trump fully admitted in his closing press conference that he DID NOT FOLLOW THROUGH WITH HIS PROMISE TO INTERCEDE  on behalf of Canada.

Au contraire!  Trump used the opportunity of his meeting with Xi to make a side deal with Xi to lift some of the pressure off the Huawei!  This was AFTER he fucked Canada's trade agreements with forcing us into a trade war with China by ordering us to kidnap the Huawei CEO and hold her under house arrest for two years prior to a trial for extradition to the US.

Trump made the deal over Huawei in return for....wait for it....benefits to AMERICAN FARMERS!  That's AFTER China recently punished Canadian farmers and Ranchers.  LOLOLOL and Trudeau asked Trump to HELP?????

In the remote chance that Trudeau and/or his brain trust...Katie ["turdblossom"] Telford is reading this...let me spell it out for you.  Trump/USrael just shot Canada in the knees.  It deliberately sabotaged/destroyed Canada's budding trade relationship with China for its own self-interest.  

But you won't be reading about that on the CBC or any of the other bought and paid for MainZtream media outlets.  The "turdblossom" won't allow it.  Instead, for the next four months you will be reading about how Canadians only care about "The cost of living, climate change and health care" so don't worry your pretty little heads about anything else...such as rank government corruption [SNC Lavalin and the Mark Norman cases], meddling in regime change plots against foreign countries [Ukraine, Venezuela] and having the Canadian military "train" the police in Iraq.  Now, what on earth can the Canadian military teach the Iraqis about war and security...that they don't already know from hard experience?  But, I digress.

No, the greencrow has looked into her cracked, chipped and murky crystal ball... and sees another four years of the Duped Dope.  Happy Canada Day everyone!


albertde said...

Off Topic but significant: Soros and a Koch brother are combining to finance a new thinktank devoted to opposing the Fahrenheit-Land [FL] "forever war" foreign policy. See this article from the Boston Globe:

To me, it means that they have accepted the defeat of FL's attempts to overthrow or overpower Iran, China and/or Russia. Being Zionists, they will be mandating that the new thinktank seek ways to enable Israel to survive without being a parasite of FL and finding new hosts that Israel can attach itself to. It could also mean that they are looking to a post-Putin Russia, whose new leader will not be so accepting of allowing Israel its way with attacks on Syria or attacks on Russia through the Ukraine. They may also be foreseeing the collapse of FL and its disintegration into warring statelets (see Kunstler's novels like World Made by Hand).

greencrow said...

Hi albertde:

FL...doesn't that stand for "foreign land" wars? Oh, I see..."Fahrenheit stands" for USrael as being the opposite of centigrade...very buzz-wordy.

I'm sure whatever it means, it means they're up to their usual "by deception" bidness.

The Zionists have deprived the West of true leadership for at least 20 years. We've looked longingly at nations like Russia, China, Syria, Venezuela that have true leaders and we've compared them with dopes/dupes like Trudeau and Trump.

There is no country/region that is more in need of a regime change than the Atlanticist West!

albertde said...

This is the URL for the Institute:

This is all about the parasite, Israel, not about Fahrenheit Land, their current host.They need to be able to react with ideas ensuring survival of the tapeworm when the host dies or is unable to help the parasite.

albertde said...

Fahrenheit is a symbol for that country standing alone in the world. No other country of importance uses that system and no other country accepts their leadership willingly. It has no allies, only vassals. Only their military ensures their acceptance by their vassals. There is no longer any love for Fahrenheit Land.

greencrow said...

The leaders AND opposition of the vassal states love Fahrenheit Land because it provides for their parasitical needs...whichever hand of the evil being is in power at the moment.

In our epoch, we've seen at least three major hosts...Russia post murder of the Romanov Royal Family...Germany pre WWII and, now USrael. How will that host make out in the end?

albertde said...

That's why they are setting up the Quincy Institute, i.e., to search for a new host, one just as filthy rich, militaristic, greedy and ignorant as their current host, Fahrenheit Land.

albertde said...

Oh, and Happy Canada Day!

Reading between the lines said...

I reluctantly have to say that a minority Liberal party win for the fall election with a balance of power with the greens and the NDP would be the best case scenario in my view as a conservative win would give gastric indigestion for 4 years.
Unfortunately also my riding is staunch conservative so it will remain conservative but I will also vote Green or NDP , whichever one has a snowballs in hell ,chance of winning.

greencrow said...


I will always suspect that the "perps that be" tried to dump Trudeau around the SNC Lavalin scandal...but, when they canvassed the Liberal MP's to see if they would vote for Chrystia Freeland as interim leader and PM, there was no they had to backtrack on the Trudeau dumping at the 11th hour.

So long as he continues to surround himself with second rates and non entities...his position as PM will be safe.