Saturday, July 13, 2019

UPDATED: Oil Pipeline Spill in Peru Devastates Indigenous Communities

UPDATED:  July 14, 2019 - yet another environmentally disastrous oil spill occurred recently in Kern County, California, where Chevron spilled 800,000 gallons of what appears to be bitumen (oil and water mixed) have a look at the photo at this link to see the destruction.

Oil Spill in Peru is being reported
by "Banned News Outlet" Telesur

Thanks and a tip of the chapeau to regular reader "Reading Between the Lines" [RBTL] for this link.

The Central and South American news outlet Telesur has been virtually banned in the Five Eyez Occupied West. When you read reports, like the one below, you will see why. Telesur refused to knuckle under and become a presstitute propaganda Fifth Column in the West. Please read the following report and I will have more comments to follow:

From Telesur

I had trouble accessing the link...finally found it on "Google Search" [which I rarely use for obvious reasons].  Make sure you view the video at the bottom of the report.


A total of 1,230 families have been affected by a ruptured oil pipeline.

The northern area of Peru will be in a state of emergency for the next 60 days after a major oil spill in the Amazon last month has contaminated the main water source of five Indigenous communities.

A total of 1,230 families have been affected by a ruptured oil pipeline that has poured into the Maraňon River in the Loreto department of northeastern Peru, say the nation's defense department.

The oil spill comes weeks after hundreds of Indigenous community members in the region attacked the Norperuano Pipeline owned by the state oil company, PetroPeru.

The National Society of Mining, Petroleum and Energy (SNMPE) reported a loss of two million dollars a day due to the leak.

Nearly 30 attacks have taken place against the Norperuano pipelines since 2014 as a form of protest by Indigenous against the lines. They say the state must follow Peruvian law and consult with group leaders prior to signing hydrocarbon extraction contracts in their backyard.

If demands are met, say community leaders, the sabotages would end. A group of a few hundred Indigenous fighters occupied the Petroperu pipeline that travels through Loreto, for weeks last January.

The pipeline, built four years ago, transports crude oil from the biodiverse Amazon region to Peru's coast, roughly 800 km, making it one of the nation’s largest above-ground oil lines.


Greencrow says:  Something stinks about this report.  I find it hard to believe that the Indigenous Peruvians contaminated their own community water supplies.  More likely, the pipeline sprung a leak, as pipelines inevitably do...and the devastation is being blamed on the victims.

Or, the pipeline perps are just using the oil pipeline to contaminate the area and drive the indigenous out entirely.  As I have said in previous of the existential purposes for pipelines is to steal/monetize the land and create corporate opportunities for banksters and their ilk.  When you think about it...putting a pipeline across a territory is a form of "terror" and oppression because, if the natives ever get uppity, then all you have to do is burst the pipeline and drive them out.  Waddaconcept!

Yup...the more I think about it...the more this looks like a "blame [aka 'demonize'] the victim" caper.


Reading between the lines said...

It took me a while to finally subscribe to the TelSur site .Probably banned by google etc.The only option for comments available is facebook ,of which I am not subscribed to.I followed Abby Martin there after she left RT.Abby is a no holds barred very good reporter / journalist .

greencrow said...


"...Abby is a no holds barred very good reporter / journalist."

Agreed. If you see anything else worthy...from Abby or others on TeleSUR send me a link. Thanks.