Tuesday, July 23, 2019

UPDATED: British Columbia tense after series of murders and disappearances

Map of BC showing Murder and Disappearance Locations

UPDATED:  As promised, I'm updating this story as news comes in.  Please check the bottom of the post for the latest entries.


The entire world is focusing on my province, British Columbia these "dog days" of summer.  There have been a series of brutal murders and mysterious disappearances over the past two weeks.  It's far from over and the RCMP are slated to give another update in a few minutes, at 11:00 PT.

As a British Columbian I can tell you that the entire province is clenched like a fist over these events.  We are watching all the news updates and trying to figure out, or "grok" as my blogging colleague, Ed(itor) has taught me, means figure out intuitively.

My intuition tells me its all about the vehicles.  Travel in the BC north is days and thousands of miles and depends on reliable vehicles.  IMO, the murderer was stealing the vehicles for his own use and when thwarted in that goal, killed the vehicles' owners.

I don't think the youngsters who went missing with their vehicle found burned were perpetrators...they were just kids and probably had their vehicle stolen from them in a violent episode.  Same with the man found on the roadside.  The composite drawing of the man who was seen talking with the young couple appears to be middle eastern.  I wonder if it is one of those ISIS "refugees" that Trudeau let into Canada.  Just sayin'.

The young couple found shot by their broken down vehicle were probably killed as they tried to explain to the car thief that their vehicle was broken.  This is where the lesson lies.  Nobody should sit by their vehicle for long periods of time in the BC wilderness.  They don't call the major highway up north the "highway of tears" for nothing.  Literally thousands of people [mostly indigenous women] have gone missing along the highways of the north over the past decades.  There are desperate killers up there.  There should be warning signs along the highways for tourists!

NOTE:  I received an important clarification in the comments below from a reader about the "highway of tears".  It does not include the highway that the young couple was murdered on but is another northern BC highway that travels from Prince Rupert to Prince George.  Here is what she has to say:

...the so called 'highway of tears' (Hwy 16, W to E) stretches from Prince Rupert to Prince George (past that to Jasper, just for orientation) and is not the only major highway 'up here'. The indigenous women gone missing or found dead in the last 40 years number maybe a dozen or a dozen and a half. Only when a white woman, Nicole Hoar, disappeared hitchhiking from PG to who knows where, the story became more public...."

I  extrapolated from the "highway of tears" deaths to include the "Missing Women" who were the subject of a recent report by a government-funded committee.  I do appreciate receiving comments from readers correcting facts and information, as this is supposed to be a "truth" blog.  I did not mean to insult the peoples of the BC North because the "missing women" is a Canada-wide issue.

Stay tuned for more info on this topic which I will add to this post as it is made public.


Police Update on the Northern BC Murders

UPDATE:  Wow!  How wrong I was.  The new update says that the two missing young men are suspects in all the three murders!

Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky are believed to be in Saskatchewan now. Police said Tuesday that they are considered dangerous and should not be approached."

The Police say that the young men [Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky] were recently seen driving in northern Saskatchewan.  I guess the witness report that a middle eastern man speaking to the young couple was a false lead.  I would like to know who provided the now suspected false lead. Isn't that a crime [obstruction of justice]?

Now the two young men are considered suspects! This is shocking considering that the young men are only 18 and 19 years of age.  But it does still appear that the killers were after vehicles.

UPDATED: 2019-07-23 3:43 P.M. PT - CTV is reporting that the RCMP have updated as follows:

“....If you spot Bryer or Kam, consider them dangerous. Do not approach. Take no action and call immediately 911.”

Hours after the press conference, RCMP in Manitoba sent out a tweet saying McLeod and Schmegelsky may have been spotted near Gillam, Man."

gc says:  You have to feel for these boys' parents.  Are the kids high on drugs? If so, I'd be very interested in finding out what drugs or what combination of drugs.  Is one of them forcing the other to do these things?  As a mother of two boys, this is your worst nightmare.  I'm sure the parents are wishing the boys were dead...as they had originally feared...as opposed to have committed the murders.

UPDATED: 2019--23 8:25 P.M. PT - CBC is reporting that the pair may have moved past Gillam, Manitoba:

"...Later in the day, Manitoba RCMP said in a tweet they had "reason to believe" McLeod and Schmegelsky were recently in the Gillam area, in the northeast of the province.

A burnt-out car was found near the reserve of Bird, not far from Gillam, on Tuesday, prompting a statement from Chief of the Fox Lake Cree Nation Walter Spence.

"We cannot confirm this was directly connected to the individuals wanted by RCMP. I have spoken with the RCMP. An all night patrol for the community has been prepared as a caution," Spence said..."

gc says:  Watched the TV evening news--where a report from the home town of the boys, Port Alberni on Vancouver Island, said that the town is very quiet and tense.  A young person who knew Schmegelsky but wanted to remain anonymous said s/he had concerns about the youth.  S/he said s/he was recently at a party with Schmegelsky and he tried to lure him/her into the bush.  S/he had a distinct feeling of fear about the episode.  Schmegelsky's father told a reporter that he's broken-hearted at the news that his son is wanted by police and, if the charges against the boys are proved true he "doesn't want to know them anymore".

I have a feeling that the fugitives won't stay ahead of the law for long.  This will end in a matter of hours...one way or the other.


FreakedOut said...

Two really tall(6ft 4inchs) and thin(169lbs!!) teenagers should be pretty easy to spot, especially if they're sticking together.

greencrow said...

Hi FreakedOut

Ironic that the two Port Alberni boys and the Aussie murder victim are all 6'4. Young people are so tall now that I sometimes wonder whether they surreptitiously put growth hormones in the food.

MachtNichts said...

Hi gc,
the so called 'highway of tears' (Hwy 16, W to E) stretches from Prince Rupert to Prince George (past that to Jasper, just for orientation) and is not the only major highway 'up here'. The indigenous women gone missing or found dead in the last 40 years number maybe a dozen or a dozen and a half. Only when a white woman, Nicole Hoar, disappeared hitchhiking from PG to who knows where, the story became more public.

So, the recent murders occured way further 'up North' and have nothing to do with the 'highway of tears'. Your insinuation that Northern BC is a hub of murderers is disingenuous. By the way, how did Robert Pickton and his Port Coquitlam farm work out for you?

All I'm saying is you have to look at your own backyard first

greencrow said...

Hi MachtNichts:

Thanks for your correction. The Highway of Tears is a specific place and I did generalize it to all the lonely stretches of wilderness highway. I do believe more women went missing than that...but perhaps I'm including all those gone missing...just not on the "Highway of Tears". Wonder why the Missing Women Report called the unsolved murders over the past decades a "genocide"?

I didn't insinuate that Northern BC is a hub of murderers...just that it was highly dangerous to sit outside your vehicle for hours on a lonely stretch of wilderness highway. The murderers of the women who went missing were never caught. Picton was caught. I did a couple of posts on him many years ago. My theory is that Picton did not act alone, but that there was a bikers' group with some corrupt members of law enforcement somehow involved. I don't believe the Picton serial murders was completely investigated and solved.

So, that's how Robert Pickton and his Port Coquitlam farm worked out for me. All of BC is "my backyard" and this event has shook me and all British Columbians.