Friday, July 12, 2019

A "Brilliant Plan" for the Burnaby Trans Mountain Site - Salmon Hatcheries and Fish Farms

Trans Mountain Terminal Site at Present

Trans Mountain Terminal Site with Expanded Tanks

Imagine How it Will Look when they're
all built....How about YOUR City, Calgary!?
How about Putting it THERE!!!

Proposed Terminal Expansion to accommodate 3 
Tankers - Now go back to first photo above
and try to imagine how much room will be left
for other marine traffic!

Map of Burnaby, BC Showing Site in Relation to City

Readers, after looking at the above series of photos, can you not see for yourselves how stupid the entire Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion is?  The original pipeline should never have been built in the first place.

Hopeless and Helpless went to Edmonton today where he attended at an Oil Refinery Site.  But he did not make another announcement about the Trans Mountain Expansion Project.  Perhaps he still wants to elect at least ONE MP from BC.  The way things are going presently...the Liberals will elect NO Members of Parliament from BC. Even the pro-pipe line British Columbians won't vote for him...they'll vote Conservative.

The entire Burrard Inlet should, IMO be declared a protected Marine Park.

I had a great idea the other day.  Knowing that "Nature abhors a Vacuum" I thought up a use for all those empty Oil Tanks already perched on the mountainside overlooking Burrard Inlet [see photo above] once British Columbians have convinced the Feds that our Burrard Inlet is not a sewer.  Why not clean them all out, line them with recycled plastic and transform them into huge salmon hatcheries and/or fish farms?  Instead of the pipeline leading down to the water.... recreate a large salmon stream which will be used to return the hatchlings to the Pacific Ocean once they're big enough.

The entire Burrard Inlet should, IMO, be declared a protected Marine Park.  Only recreation boats allowed.  When the inlet is again full of fish (after a hundred years of environmental destruction has been rectified) then pods of Orcas will return to Burrard Inlet to feast on the salmon. This is what the First Nations tell us the whales used to do a couple of hundred years ago.

In one brilliant stroke, British Columbia will have saved its urban waterway...saved its salmon fishery and saved its Orcas.  Why...You're very welcome. ; )


Reading between the lines said...

In case you have not seen this or heard of it ,this might very well be what is in store for the trans mountain pipeline.DEVASTATION in capital letters.

greencrow said...

Thanks for the tip RBTL. This is worth a post on its own.