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Summer Reading: The Best of Greencrow

Summer Reading:  The Best of Greencrow

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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Summer Sailing Log Entry #3 - Plus 5G Update

Cabin Support Pole with 
macramé and shell decoration

Here we are in the coastal town of Chemainus, BC.  At one point this was a thriving center of the logging industry.  Log booms with huge first growth cedars being towed up and down the Strait from the interior forests of Vancouver Island.  Now, the old growth is long gone.  The third and fourth growth is being harvested...much smaller and managed much more carefully.  In the old days, it was common for the huge log booms to burst in transit, huge logs scattered all over the Strait. A logging company could go bust as a result of the waste of an entire summer's labour.  My husband's great uncle owned a logging company that went broke in this manner.  He had a logging camp in the woods and when he lost his logs...another "bull of the woods" logging baron stole his camp.  Those were the days.  Now the port of Chemainus is known primarily as a ferry terminal.  Cars line up for blocks waiting for the ferries that run every couple of hours.  The population of Chemainus is largely First Nations.  The grocery/thrift store at the top of the hill from the ferry is a great place.  The groceries aren't so great...a bit shopworn...but the thrift shop is the best I've seen.  Lots of great junk.  Things you always wanted but didn't have the time or inclination to search for.

We motored through flat calm waters to Chemainus from Telegraph Harbour on Thetis Island yesterday morning.  Our departure from Telegraph Harbour caused a bit of a stir.  We were backing out of our moorage spot (see the photo in the previous post below) and for some stupid reason, started turning the boat too soon.  The combination of the incoming wind and tide caused our boat to jam up against the piling at the end of the dock...ripping off our barbecue...which quickly sank beneath the waves at the end of the dock.  I shouted to my husband for "forget it" and just keep going forward.  No.  He wanted to retrieve the barbecue and so proceeded to attempt to re-dock.  Luckily the wharfinger heard the commotion and quickly came to our assistance.  Perhaps this was a frequent event for after we re-tied the boat, the wharfinger took our hooked aluminum extension pole and fished out the barbecue.  Someone [not me] was very embarrassed at having the soggy barbecue lying on deck while we motored to Chemainus.  Soon after docking here, he set to fixing the barbecue and re-attaching it to the back guard rails of the boat.  It only required a new screw and a lot of fussing.  He lit the gas barbecue and it worked fine.  Yes, young women, if I can give one piece of advice...forget about "handsome" and focus on the "handy"!!!

One difference I've noticed between sailing this year and in years past is the ease at which I can access the Internet [so far, touch wood]. In years past, Internet access was spotty, slow and unreliable...particularly in the late evening.  Now, as soon as we're moored I can log on wherever we are. The Internet access is uniformly quick and reliable.  Is this something to do with "5G"?  Paul Craig Roberts recently posted another report on the dangers of 5G.

I am still on the fence on this issue but leaning towards 5G being harmful to Humans and other living things.  This is based on my experience travelling in China and particularly the megalopolis of Shanghai.  There's 5G there already and I noticed that there were NO BIRDS in Shanghai.  At least where I was.  Birds are literally "the canary in the 5G coalmine" so far as I'm concerned.  I don't want to live anywhere there are no birds....for SO many reasons.


NOTE:  The photo above shows the way I decorated the support post near the galley in our boat's cabin.  I did it about 5 years ago.  I was trying to re-create or at least pay homage to a fabulous macramé work of art that a sailing friend of my husband and his buddies did for the boat they co-owned over 40 years ago.  This friend, a young world traveller from Denmark, was an expert in tying knots and did a very intricate rope pattern up the cabin post of their boat.  When I first went on the boat 43 years ago now, I immediately recognized the artistry in the macramé work and pointed it out to my future husband.  Until then he'd been oblivious to the artistic nature of the work.

So, of course, I could not tie intricate knots on my work, but tried to compensate by attaching shells, starfish and blue plastic beads--sewn with needle and thread--to my simple macramé rope...once I had wound it around the post.  I also attached a large glass "God's Eye" we brought back from Greece.  These "God's Eyes" are sold by the truck load in Greece, where they're supposed to protect the owner from harm...particularly sailors from harm on the seas.

A few years ago, my husband was contacted by his artistic Danish friend and found out that the friend had moved to the south of France, where he owned/operated a vineyard/winery business.  He was able to purchase the vineyard/winery with the proceeds of his art gallery in Denmark.  I saw some photos from his gallery and it appears that his art is based on his macramé gift--poles and pieces of wood covered with rope knotted in intricate patterns.  Each of his pieces sold for thousands of dollars.

Ironically, around the same time, the old sailboat that my husband had owned with his sailing partners, now owned solely by one of them, floundered in heavy seas, and its wooden mast broke.  It had to be de-commissioned.  The boat's owner stripped it of all valuables prior to scuttling it.  After hearing that the boat had been stripped and scuttled, I asked the owner whether he had saved the macramé pole in the galley. He said "no"....not realizing its value. Sadly, I had to inform him that the pole, depending upon its condition, may have been the most valuable item on the boat.   Just shows to go ya.

Until the next log entry...over and out.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Summer Sailing Log Entry #2 - Decompressing

Sunrise on Telegraph Harbour, Thetis Island, BC

Good Morning everyone!  Here we are, tied up at the marina in Telegraph Harbour on Thetis Island, BC.  We had a great sail from Silva Bay in Gabriola Island to here yesterday...going 3 1/2 knots with just the foresail in a following wind.  Just my kind of sailing.  Although its cool in the morning these days, it gets blazingly hot in the afternoon.  We are both sunburned from just sitting in the cockpit.

The three dogs are great sailors.  Nary a word of complaint out of them.  Daisy's sty eye is better but still needs a drop of cortisone every half day or so.  Many boats have dogs on board these days so everywhere we go is dog friendly.  The marinas usually have a dog park with bowls of water set out and receptacles to dispose of the "droppings".
Maki in his favourite spot

Sailing holidays can be viewed in a curve.  First, there's the adjustment phase where you find out all the things you forgot to bring and, if necessary, replace them.  Then there's upward arc of the decompression phase where you, literally, see your regular life receding in the distance and begin to live in the moment...which is how you have to live while sailing.  This is the phase we're at now. Then there's that brief window of euphoria, the apex, where you say aloud "THIS IS THE LIFE!" and start daydreaming of just "sailing on forever" never returning...  After that the curve begins to arc downward...the confinement in the boat's cabin with another human being and three small dogs starts to grind.  You begin to miss the comforts of home...and worry about the responsibilities you've left behind.  In the're like a Canada goose...flying home...driven as if by some ancient migratory urge.

But, today, we're still arcing towards the apex. I'm able to view the geopolitical happenstances of the world as reflected in the tinted glass of the beautiful and peaceful setting we're in.  I see that Paul Craig Roberts has posted an article about how Tulsi Gabbard has collapsed under pressure by the Israel Lobby.  Well, no wonder.  If I were subjected to that kind of doubt I would be wearing a yarmulke in a week!  Americans have to stop looking for a saviour...nobody's going to "rescue" them...all while preserving the comforts of their society.  It ain't gonna happen.  The only thing that could save them now would be major surgery....the removal of the biggest and grossest tumour the world has ever seen.  It's like surgery for the flesh-eating disease.  Have you ever seen photos of people with most of their body cut away?  That's what it's gonna look like.

The other big item in the newz here in Canada is the continued search for the two boys that are playing 'real' video war games with the cops in northern Manitoba.  These are the little bastards from Port Alberni, BC who randomly killed three people... to set off the biggest manhunt in modern Canadian history.  Now my two adult sons will know why I used to take their violent video games and hide them in my underwear drawer where I knew they would never be found.  This is why. Ensuing conversation usually went something like this:  "Hey, mom, did you see my new video game called "Serial Killers VI - The Blood and Guts Edition?"  Me:  "Yes, I saw it and it's gone.  I got rid of it."  Him:  Geez! I paid X dollars for that!  Where is it?"  Me:  "It's gone.  I told you I don't allow that crap in my don't bring it here...or you WILL lose it!"

The Port Albernie boys have evaded capture for over a week now and are making the cops look bad.  It's starting to look more like a military action than a manhunt.  Some of the military have been called in with a plane capable of infrared searches.  Door-to-door searches in two remote First Nations towns.  Canadians are becoming more aware of the vastness of our country with the realization there are entire regions with communities that have little or nothing to do with the main culture.

All thanks to the little jackasses.  Meanwhile, back in Port Albernie, there's a whole lot of soul-searching going on.  The families of the boys and all their neighbours over the years are trying to figure out what went wrong.  The father of Bryer Schmegelsky gave the media a copy of his unpublished book "Red Flagged" where he disclosed his long history of arrests and convictions for criminal we used to say ruefully in the social work business:  "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

Mostly, Canadians have become unified in a desperate wish for it to "all be over" soon.  This episode has torn a huge hole in our smug opinion of our society.  It has forced us to look at how our children are being raised...or not.

Until the next log entry...over and out.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Summer Sailing Log Entry #1 plus: Puerto Rican President Resigns - Where does uprising go from here?

Map of Caribbean

The other day I began a series on the uprising in Puerto Rico.  A natural bias towards populism [people power] placed me firmly in the camp of the demonstrators who wanted to be rid of a corrupt and vulgar US-placed governor.  It appeared from a post by Nomadiceveryman published soon after, however, that I may have been too hasty in my assessment...and that the uprising could just be another one of those phony "colour-revolution" regime-change gambits that the West is always perping in its vassal states.  I looked anew at the photos and wondered whether the crowd had been "photo-shopped".  Such is the cynicism bred in sentient humanity these days by the Satanic evil-doers that control us.

I didn't give it too much further thought...being busy getting off on our annual sailing holiday in the Gulf Islands of Georgia Strait off Vancouver Island.  We're now settled for the day and tonight in Silva Bay on Gabriola Island.  We got in yesterday around 3:30 p.m. after a wonderful motor/sail across the Strait.  The Strait was as calm as a "mill pond" as my husband put it.  There being almost no wind, we motored at hull speed of 6.5 knots.  We were literally surfing through the waters with our foresail [jib] up just for fun.  There were only a few "cumulus humanicus" clouds in the sky.  LOL. This is what I call the obviously man-made chemtrail clouds now.  

Once we tied up, we discovered that the Silva Bay Marina, which we've been visiting for 40 years and which was torn down last still not rebuilt.  Things go slow on the islands.  The only available food is a food truck which comes in the morning and shuts down promptly at 5 p.m.  We managed to each order a side of French fries just before it closed.  That's all we had for supper.  Groggy from too much sun, I went to bed at 9 p.m.  It rained hard during the night but this morning its back to sun.

One of my dogs has an infected eye.  This is a chronic problem with her.  It's like a bad sty.  I put some drops in it last night before bed and cut off all the long hair around her ear that was constantly falling into her eye.  She seems better this morning.  The red is gone. 

As you can see from the previous paragraphs, I've decided to do a "ship's log" rather than a video log of our trip this year.  You can go back to the posts I did in the summer of 2017, I believe, to see a series of videos I did of our trip that year.  We're likely going to many of the same places as that time.  I just feel more comfortable writing than I do making and uploading videos. I may do one or two videos...actually I've already done two but uploading them is the tricky part.

So we're not going to do much here...just rest and pick blackberries. My partner has to do regular maintenance on the boat.  I love taking my dogs down the gravel roads and picking blackberries from the bushes that grow by the roadside.  The blackberries are great on cereal with milk or added to blackberry jam, heated up and served on pancakes.

As I was saying, I have been considering what is behind the demonstrations going on over the past month in the small Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico. In an update, the demonstrators were successful in causing the President to resign.  Here's a report on that from "Sputnik"  please read the snippet below, and I will have more comments to follow:

From Sputnik

Puerto Rico 'Alive' with 'Self determination' Following Rossello's Resignation

"...Puerto Ricans are more united than ever before, following the early-morning resignation announcement by Governor Ricardo Rosselló Thursday, and the possibility of the island, a colony of different countries for over 500 years, becoming independent is suddenly on the agenda again, experts told Sputnik. …"

So...according to Sputnik, I was initially correct in thinking that the end game of the demonstrators is independence from the United States.  This is corroborated by today's assessment by Stephen Lendman:

Puerto Rico:  Colonized, controlled and Exploited by the US.

Greencrow says:  If independence is the agenda of the demonstrators then it cannot be looked upon in isolation, even given the precipitating event of Hurricane Maria.  This desire for independence must have originated long ago and be the result of a complex series of interwoven historical, economic and political factors.

If so, and it appears that way from the population's response to the stepping into the presidency of the Deputy governor "Wanda" ...where the demonstrators are warning that "she's next" the independence movement is hard-wired and ingrained.  No doubt the Puerto Ricans are inspired by their neighbours,  the Cubans, who've enjoyed independence for over fifty years.  Their other neighbours on the South American coast, the Venezuelans, must also be a source of inspiration for them.  There are other Islands in the Caribbean who yearn for independence.  Haiti is one that I can think of off the top of my head.

You know, folks, I'm so cynical that I can and have entertained the theory that the US is provoking the demonstrations so that it can do it's imperial "thang", like it did in Panama and Grenada. So nomadiceveryman might be right after all.  The US marines could easily invade Puerto Rico with a small force and put down the demonstrators in a "show of military might".  Looking at recent history...the US is long overdue for a psychological boost of confidence via a military put-down of a small, militarily feeble foe.  After Syria, after Afghanistan, and certainly after the "Random Guido" mess in Venezuelan, the United States desperately needs to reinforce it's image as the "greatest military power in the world"... "Wouldn't You Love Somebody To Bomb" as the old song goes.

Little, hurricane-destroyed Puerto Rico is just the right size for the US to successfully "prove its might."

To be continued...

Friday, July 26, 2019


Bowen Island BC - July 26, 2019

Just a short post to let Readers know we're off and sailing for our two week cruise of the Gulf Islands. We're just leaving Bowen Island to cross Georgia Strait. Access to Internet will be spotty at times so I may not post as much as usual. Just as an update, the two youngsters accused of killing three people in BC and who are now on the Run in Northern Manitoba have not yet been captured. More soon. 

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Finally. Another writer has tackled the Nuttall/Korody Travesty of Justice

Amanda Korody and John Nuttall
Victims of Corrupt Police and so-called
"intelligence services"

I found this article on Thetruthseeker.UK this morning.  It was written by Henry Makow who based it on a report by Canadian writer Tony Hall.  Tony Hall is one of the first major writers in Canada to look at the Nuttall/Korody "Travesty of Justice" with the same eyes that I've looked at it for years over about a dozen posts on this blog.  Here is a snippet of what Hall says about the crime. Please read and I will have more comments to follow:

"....Most of the media coverage of Judge Bruce's ruling treated the case as some sort of aberration, as a one-of-a-kind lapse of judgment by the federal police force and its political masters. I have not seen much effort in mainstream media to explain the episode as an illustrative part of deeper currents of history or wider patterns of international geopolitics. This kind of contextual analysis is apparently discouraged in an era when the maintenance of so many official narratives depends on the prevalence of encouraged amnesia and blinkered thinking in the part of the public...."

Greencrow says:  The Nuttall/Korody episode marked a shameful, disgraceful turning point not only for the Canadian police but for the so-called Mainstream media.  The RCMP perpetrated a criminal entrapment of a vulnerable couple with the criminal expenditure of over a million dollars of taxpayer funds.  The police perps should have been brought to justice, tried and imprisoned.  That would have put an end to this type of corruption forever.  But Noooooo.  Instead the Federal Government of Canada swept the entire crime under the rug with the goose-stepping assistance of all the mainstream media.

The regular readers of this blog will be very familiar with the facts of the Nuttall/Korody crime.  It was an attempted False Flag to be perpetrated against Canadians celebrating Canada Day 2013 on the lawn of the BC Government Building.  Three "kettle bombs"  were to be placed on the grounds.  Apparently, unbeknownst to the couple, the bombs were inoperative.  Here's one of the most shocking elements to the story.  The couple were arrested, charged with terrorism and jailed for three years during the pre-trial period!  Can you imagine a "law enforcement agency" knowingly jailing innocent people for three years?!...with the knowledge and assistance of the Federal government?  If that isn't the essence of criminal corruption I don't know what is.

So, ipso facto, Canada has a government...or a series of governments that are so corrupt they would spend millions on jailing vulnerable Canadians on trumped-up charges.  Charges based on criminally corrupt police entrapment.  What does that tell Canadians?  It tells us we're diabolically hooped that's what. The Conservative government of Stephen Harper did the crime AND the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau covered up and is still covering it up to this day.  Why?  To conceal the politically negative fact that Canada is under the control of corrupt, criminal USrael.  It is evident that the Canadian government and police WERE ACTING UNDER ORDERS FROM THE CIA AND FBI.  Two agencies so corrupt that their stench permeates the entire planet.

No matter who is elected to the Federal matter what crimes the police solve...they are both tainted with the massive cancer of corruption exposed by the Nuttall/Korody criminal caper.  Canadians will not be safe from these two criminal forces without a complete revolution where the Satanists behind the world wide tentacles of this corruption are slayed and/or put in jail.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

American Values: Lessons I Learned from My Family by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Has Written a Book About His Life

The following is a review of a book I'd like to read written by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  It is about how growing up in the Kennedy family shaped RFK jr's life as an environmental and health activist.  The author of the review says the book is not getting much traction in the MZM.  I don't doubt that in the slightest.  The Ziofascist owned and operated Main$tream Media has had it in for the Kennedys since before JFK was elected.  The CIA and Mossad murdered JFK and RFK [and MLK] and then went about using their control of the press and media to destroy the reputations of the three men as well.

The thing about the RFK Jr's book that differentiates it from other books on or by the Kennedys is that RFK Jr is the first Kennedy who comes out and states publicly in the book what we've all known for decades.  His father and uncle were murdered by the CIA.  It's been a long time coming for one of the Kennedy's to stand up and point a finger directly at their fathers murderers.  But, just like all the other legal scandals, murders and high crimes and misdemeanours, this won't make any difference...because the same people who killed the Kennedy's also entirely corrupted the (((justice)))system....and the education system, and the media and every other thing that once made America a place worth visiting.  

The Kennedys [and their contemporary, Martin Luther King] may not have been perfect...I don't think that's what they were striving for.  In comparison with their murderers the Ziofascist CIA/Mossad, however...they were perfect saints and angels. We know this because in the five+ decades since the three assassinations of the 1960's, the entities who killed JFK, RFK and MLK have revealed themselves to be the most evil, Satanic beasts who've ever walked on earth.  Finally. RFK Jr. has stood up and identified them as such. 

American Values: Lessons I Learned from My Family by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

When a book as fascinating, truthful, beautifully written, and politically significant as American Values: Lessons I Learned from My Family, written by a very well-known author by the name of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and published by a prominent publisher (HarperCollins), is boycotted by mainstream book reviewers, you know it is an important book and has touched a nerve that the corporate mainstream media wish to anesthetize by eschewal.

The Kennedy name attracts the mainstream media only when they can sensationalize something “scandalous” – preferably sexual or drug related – whether false or true, or something innocuous that can lend credence to the myth that the Kennedys are lightweight, wealthy celebrities descended from Irish mobsters.  This has been going on since the 1960s with the lies and cover-ups about the assassinations of President Kennedy and his brother Robert, propaganda that continues to the present day, always under the aegis of the CIA-created phrase “conspiracy theory.”  A thinking person might just get the idea that the media are in league with the CIA to bury the Kennedys.

Such disinformation has been promulgated by many sources, prominent among them from the start in the 1960s was the CIA’s Sam Halpern, a former Havana bureau chief for the New York Times, who was CIA Director Richard Helms’s deputy (the key source for Seymour Hersh’s Kennedy hatchet job, The Dark Side of Camelot), who began spreading lies about the Kennedys that have become ingrained in the minds of leftists, liberals, centrists, and conservatives to this very day.  Fifty years later, after decades of reiteration by the CIA’s Wurlitzer machine (the name given by the CIA’s Frank Wisner to the CIA’s penetration and control of the mass media, Operation Mockingbird), Halpern’s lies have taken on mythic proportions.  Among them: that Joseph. P. Kennedy, the patriarch, was a bootlegger and Nazi lover; that he was Mafia connected and fixed the 1960 election with Chicago mobster Sam Giancana; and that JFK and RFK knew of and approved the CIA plots to assassinate Fidel Castro.

Of course whenever a writer extolls the Kennedy name and legacy, he is expected to add the caveat that the Kennedys, especially JFK and RFK, were no saints.  Lacking this special talent to determine sainthood or its lack, I will defer to those who feel compelled to temper their praise with a guilty commonplace.  Let me say at the outset that I greatly admire President John Kennedy and his brother, Robert, very courageous men who died in a war to steer this country away from the nefarious path of war-making and deep-state control that it has followed with a vengeance since their murders.

And I admire Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. for writing this compelling book that is a tour de force on many levels.

Part memoir, part family history, part astute political analysis, and part-confessional, it is in turns delightful, sad, funny, fierce, and frightening in its implications.  From its opening sentence – “From my youngest days I always had the feeling that we were all involved in some great crusade, that the world was a battleground for good and evil, and that our lives would be consumed in the conflict.” – to its last – “‘Kennedys never give up, ’ she [Ethel Kennedy] chided us.  ‘We have to die with our boots on!’” – the book is imbued with the spirit of the eloquent, romantic Irish-Catholic rebels whose fighting spirit and jaunty demeanor the Kennedy family has exemplified.  RFK, Jr. tells his tales in words that honor that literary and spiritual tradition
So what is it about this book that has caused the mainstream press to avoid reviewing it?

Might it be the opening chapter devoted to his portrait of his grandfather, Joseph P. Kennedy, who comes across as a tender and doting grandpa, who created an idyllic world for his children and grandchildren at “The Big House” on Cape Cod?   We see Grandpa Joe taking the whole brood of Kennedys, including his three famous political sons, for a ride on his cabin cruiser, the Marlin, and JFK (Uncle Jack) singing “The Wearing of the Green” and, together with his good friend, Dave Powers, teaching the kids to whistle “The Boys of Wexford” (Wexford being the Kennedy’s ancestral home), an Irish rebel tune all of whose words John Kennedy knew by heart:
We are the boys of Wexford
Who fought with heart and hand
To burst in twain
The galling chain
And free our native land.

We see Joseph P. Kennedy sitting on the great white porch, holding hands with his wife Rose Kennedy, as the kids played touch football on the grass beyond.  We read that “Grandpa wanted his children’s minds unshackled by ideology” and that his “overarching purpose was to engender in his children a social conscience” and use their money and advantages to make America and the world a better place.  We learn, according to Joe’s son, Senator Robert Kennedy, that he loved all of them deeply, “not love as it is described with such facility in popular magazines, but the kind of love that is affection and respect, order, encouragement and support.”  We hear him staunchly defended from the political criticisms that he was a ruthless, uncaring, and political nut-case who would do anything to advance his political and business careers.  In short, he is presented very differently from the popular understanding of him as a malign force and a ruthless bastard.
Portraying his grandfather as a good and loving man may be one minor reason that Robert Jr.’s book is being ignored.

No doubt it is not because of the picture he paints of his paternal grandmother, Rose Kennedy, who comes across similarly to her husband as a powerful presence and as a devoted mother and grandmother who expected much from her children and grandchildren but gave much in return.  Robert Jr. writes that “Grandpa and Grandma were products of an alienated Irish generation that kept itself intact through rigid tribalism embodied in the rituals and mystical cosmologies of medieval Catholicism,” but that both believed the Church should be a champion of the poor as Christ taught. The glowing portrait of Grandmother Rose could not be the reason the book has not been reviewed.

Nor can the chapter on Ethel Kennedy’s family, the Skakels, be the reason.  It is a fascinating peek into certain aspects of Ethel’s character – the daring, outrageous, fun-loving, and wild side – from her upbringing in a wild and crazy family, together with the Kennedys one of the richest Catholic families in the U.S. in days past.  But there their similarities end.  The Skakels were conservative Republicans in the oil, coal, and extraction business, who “reveled
in immodest consumption,” were huge into guns and “more primitive weaponry like bows, knives, throwing spears and harpoons,” and “pretty much captured shot, stabbed, hooked, or speared anything that moved, including each other.”  The Skakel men worked as informers for the CIA wherever their businesses took them around the world and they worked very hard to sabotage JFK’s run for the presidency. Ethel’s brother George was a creepy and crazy wild man. Once Ethel met RFK, she switched political sides for good, embracing the Kennedy’s liberal Democratic ethos.

A vignette of Lemoyne Billings, JFK’s dear friend, who after RFK’s assassination took Robert Jr. under his wing, can’t be the reason.  It too is a loving portrait of the man RFK Jr. says was “perhaps the most important influence in my life” and also the most fun.  In his turn Billings said that JFK was the most fun person he had ever met.  They referred to each other as Johnny and Billy and both were expelled from Choate for hijinks.  But stories about Lem, JFK, and RFK Jr. would attract, not repel, the mainstream press’s book reviewers.

Clearly the chapter about Robert Jr.’s early bad behavior, his drug use, and his conflicted relationship with his mother would be fuel for the Kennedy haters.  “I seem to have been at odds with my mother since birth,” he writes.  “My mere presence seemed to agitate her.”  Mother and son were at war for decades, and
his father’s murder sent him on a long downward spiral into self-medicating that inflamed their relationship.  Moving from school to school and keeping away from home as much as possible, his “homecomings were like the arrival of a squall.  With me around to provoke her, my mother didn’t stay angry very long – she went straight to rage.”  His victory over drugs through Twelve Step meetings and his reconciliation with his mother are also the stuff that the mainstream press revels in, yet they ignore the book.
The parts about his relationship with his father, his father’s short but electrifying presidential campaign in 1968, his death, and funeral are deeply moving and evocative.  Deep sadness and lost hope accompanies the reader as one revisits RFK’s funeral and the tear-filled eulogy given by his brother Ted, then the long slow train ride bearing the body from New York to Washington, D.C. as massive crowds,  lined the tracks, weeping and waving farewell.  And the writer, now a 64-year-old-man, but then a 14- year-old-boy, named after his look-alike father, the father who supported and encouraged him despite his difficulties in school, the father who took the son on all kinds of outdoor adventures – sailing, white water canoeing, mountain climbing – always reminding him to “always do what you are afraid to do” and which the son understood to be “boot camp for the ultimate virtue – moral courage.  Despite his high regard for physical bravery, my father told us that moral courage is the rarer and more valuable commodity.”  Such compelling, heartfelt writing, with not a word about who might have killed his father, would be another reason why the mainstream press would review this book.
It is the heart of this book that has the reviewers avoiding it like the plague, perhaps a plague introduced by a little mockingbird.
American Values revolves around the long war between the Kennedys and the CIA that resulted in the deaths of JFK and RFK.  All the other chapters, while very interesting personal and family history, pale in importance.
No member of the Kennedy family since JFK or RFK has dared to say what RFK, Jr. does in this book.  He indicts the CIA.
While some news outlets have mentioned the book in passing because of its assertion that what has been known for a long time to historically aware people – that RFK immediately suspected that the CIA was involved in the assassination of JFK – Robert Jr.’s writing on the war between the CIA and his Uncle Jack and father is so true and so carefully based on the best scholarship and family records that the picture he paints fiercely indicts the CIA in multiple ways while also indicting the mass media that have been its mouthpieces.   These sections of the book are masterful lessons in understanding the history and machinations of “The Agency” that the superb writer and researcher, Douglass Valentine, calls “organized crime” – the CIA. A careful reading of RFK Jr.’s critical history leads to the conclusion that the CIA and the Mafia are not two separate murderer’s rows, but one organization that has corrupted the country at the deepest levels and is, as Kennedy quotes his father Robert – “a dark force infiltrating American politics and business, unseen by the public, and out of reach of democracy and the justice system” – posing “a greater threat to our country than any foreign enemy.” The CIA’s covert operations branch has grown so powerful that it feels free to murder its opponents at home and abroad and make sure “splendid little wars” are continually waged around the globe for the interests of its patrons. Robert Jr. says, “A permanent state of war abroad and a national security surveillance state at home are in the institutional self-interest of the CIA’s clandestine services.”
No Kennedy has dared speak like this since Senator Robert Kennedy last did so – but privately – and paid the price. His son tells us:
“Days before his murder, as my father pulled ahead in the California polls, he began considering how he would govern the country. According to his aide Fred Dutton, his concerns often revolved around the very question that his brother asked at the outset of his presidency, ‘What are we going to do
about the CIA?’ Days before the California primary, seated next to journalist Pete Hamill on his campaign plane, my father mused aloud about his options. ‘I have to decide whether to eliminate the operations arm of the Agency or what the hell to do with it,’ he told Hamill. ‘We can’t have those cowboys wandering around and shooting people and doing all those unauthorized things.’”
Then he was shot dead.
For whatever their reasons, for fifty plus years the Kennedy family has kept silent on these matters.  Now Senator Robert Kennedy’s namesake has picked up his father’s mantle and dared to tell truths that take courage to utter.  By excoriating the secret forces that seized power, first with the murder of his Uncle Jack when he was a child, and then his father, he has exhibited great moral courage and made great enemies who wish to ignore his words as if they were never uttered.  But they have.  They sit between the covers of this outstanding and important book, a book written with wit and eloquence, a book that should be read by any American who wants to know what has happened to their country.
There is a telling anecdote that took place in the years following JFK’s assassination when RFK was haunted by his death.  It says so much about Senator Kennedy and now his son, a son who in many ways for many wandering years became a prodigal son lost in grief and drugs only to return home to find his voice and tell the truth for his father and his family.  He writes,
“One day he [RFK] came into my bedroom and handed me a hardcover copy of Camus’s The Plague. ‘I want you to read this,’ he said with particular urgency. It was the story of a doctor trapped in a quarantined  North African city while a raging epidemic devastates its citizenry; the physician’s small acts of service, while ineffective against the larger tragedy, give meaning to his own life, and, somehow, to the larger universe.  I spent a lot of time thinking about that book over the years, and why my father gave it to me.  I believe it was the key to a door that he himself was then unlocking….It is neither our position nor our circumstances that define us… but our response to those circumstances; when destiny crushes us, small heroic gestures of courage and service can bring peace and fulfillment.  In applying our shoulder to the stone, we give order to a chaotic universe.  Of the many wonderful things my father left me, this philosophical truth was perhaps the most useful.  In many ways, it has defined my life.”
By writing American Values: Lessons I Learned from My Family, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has named the plague and entered the fight. His father would be very proud of him. He has defined himself.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

UPDATED: British Columbia tense after series of murders and disappearances

Map of BC showing Murder and Disappearance Locations

UPDATED:  As promised, I'm updating this story as news comes in.  Please check the bottom of the post for the latest entries.


The entire world is focusing on my province, British Columbia these "dog days" of summer.  There have been a series of brutal murders and mysterious disappearances over the past two weeks.  It's far from over and the RCMP are slated to give another update in a few minutes, at 11:00 PT.

As a British Columbian I can tell you that the entire province is clenched like a fist over these events.  We are watching all the news updates and trying to figure out, or "grok" as my blogging colleague, Ed(itor) has taught me, means figure out intuitively.

My intuition tells me its all about the vehicles.  Travel in the BC north is days and thousands of miles and depends on reliable vehicles.  IMO, the murderer was stealing the vehicles for his own use and when thwarted in that goal, killed the vehicles' owners.

I don't think the youngsters who went missing with their vehicle found burned were perpetrators...they were just kids and probably had their vehicle stolen from them in a violent episode.  Same with the man found on the roadside.  The composite drawing of the man who was seen talking with the young couple appears to be middle eastern.  I wonder if it is one of those ISIS "refugees" that Trudeau let into Canada.  Just sayin'.

The young couple found shot by their broken down vehicle were probably killed as they tried to explain to the car thief that their vehicle was broken.  This is where the lesson lies.  Nobody should sit by their vehicle for long periods of time in the BC wilderness.  They don't call the major highway up north the "highway of tears" for nothing.  Literally thousands of people [mostly indigenous women] have gone missing along the highways of the north over the past decades.  There are desperate killers up there.  There should be warning signs along the highways for tourists!

NOTE:  I received an important clarification in the comments below from a reader about the "highway of tears".  It does not include the highway that the young couple was murdered on but is another northern BC highway that travels from Prince Rupert to Prince George.  Here is what she has to say:

...the so called 'highway of tears' (Hwy 16, W to E) stretches from Prince Rupert to Prince George (past that to Jasper, just for orientation) and is not the only major highway 'up here'. The indigenous women gone missing or found dead in the last 40 years number maybe a dozen or a dozen and a half. Only when a white woman, Nicole Hoar, disappeared hitchhiking from PG to who knows where, the story became more public...."

I  extrapolated from the "highway of tears" deaths to include the "Missing Women" who were the subject of a recent report by a government-funded committee.  I do appreciate receiving comments from readers correcting facts and information, as this is supposed to be a "truth" blog.  I did not mean to insult the peoples of the BC North because the "missing women" is a Canada-wide issue.

Stay tuned for more info on this topic which I will add to this post as it is made public.


Police Update on the Northern BC Murders

UPDATE:  Wow!  How wrong I was.  The new update says that the two missing young men are suspects in all the three murders!

Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky are believed to be in Saskatchewan now. Police said Tuesday that they are considered dangerous and should not be approached."

The Police say that the young men [Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky] were recently seen driving in northern Saskatchewan.  I guess the witness report that a middle eastern man speaking to the young couple was a false lead.  I would like to know who provided the now suspected false lead. Isn't that a crime [obstruction of justice]?

Now the two young men are considered suspects! This is shocking considering that the young men are only 18 and 19 years of age.  But it does still appear that the killers were after vehicles.

UPDATED: 2019-07-23 3:43 P.M. PT - CTV is reporting that the RCMP have updated as follows:

“....If you spot Bryer or Kam, consider them dangerous. Do not approach. Take no action and call immediately 911.”

Hours after the press conference, RCMP in Manitoba sent out a tweet saying McLeod and Schmegelsky may have been spotted near Gillam, Man."

gc says:  You have to feel for these boys' parents.  Are the kids high on drugs? If so, I'd be very interested in finding out what drugs or what combination of drugs.  Is one of them forcing the other to do these things?  As a mother of two boys, this is your worst nightmare.  I'm sure the parents are wishing the boys were they had originally opposed to have committed the murders.

UPDATED: 2019--23 8:25 P.M. PT - CBC is reporting that the pair may have moved past Gillam, Manitoba:

"...Later in the day, Manitoba RCMP said in a tweet they had "reason to believe" McLeod and Schmegelsky were recently in the Gillam area, in the northeast of the province.

A burnt-out car was found near the reserve of Bird, not far from Gillam, on Tuesday, prompting a statement from Chief of the Fox Lake Cree Nation Walter Spence.

"We cannot confirm this was directly connected to the individuals wanted by RCMP. I have spoken with the RCMP. An all night patrol for the community has been prepared as a caution," Spence said..."

gc says:  Watched the TV evening news--where a report from the home town of the boys, Port Alberni on Vancouver Island, said that the town is very quiet and tense.  A young person who knew Schmegelsky but wanted to remain anonymous said s/he had concerns about the youth.  S/he said s/he was recently at a party with Schmegelsky and he tried to lure him/her into the bush.  S/he had a distinct feeling of fear about the episode.  Schmegelsky's father told a reporter that he's broken-hearted at the news that his son is wanted by police and, if the charges against the boys are proved true he "doesn't want to know them anymore".

I have a feeling that the fugitives won't stay ahead of the law for long.  This will end in a matter of way or the other.

UPDATED: Puerto Rico in an Uproar over Corrupt and Vulgar Governor

UPDATED: July 23, 2019 - Nomadiceveryman has a very different view of what's going on in Puerto Rico.  He sees the "usual" perps as being behind the "regime change" movement in Puerto Rico...using Hurricane Maria as a "disaster capitalism" method of privatization and exploitation.  Although I have a bias towards populism [what the people want as a majority] Scott's video is well worth listening to.  I will listen to it and read some more and made further assessments in due course.

Puerto Ricans demand Governor Step Down
and not one American Flag in any photos

Late last night I read a few reports about the uproar that is going on in Puerto Rico these days.  Finally, it's got so bad that the MSNBC decided to do a comprehensive article about it with a "limited hangout".  Apparently the governor of the US territory was caught on tape making some vulgar and disrespectful remarks about his political opposition and...wait for it...about the poor suffering Puerto Ricans themselves who're still reeling from Hurricane Maria that virtually destroyed the Island in 2017.

The people of Puerto Rica have finally gotten so fed up with the corruption surrounding the money awarded by the US Federal government...and needed to restore the Island... and the arrogance of the governor... that they've uniformly taken to the streets and are demonstrating on a daily basis.  The governor has apologized for the ill-chosen words caught on tape and has promised not to run in the next election...but he refuses to step down.  There lies the rub.

MSM reported that Trump has tweeted that the US Federal government awarded 93 billion dollars to the reconstruction of Puerto Rico.  As per usual, the demented Trump got his facts wrong.  The US congress actually awarded 43 billion dollars...only 11 billion of which have actually reached the island.  Much of this amount has been siphoned off to corrupt contractor friends of the governor and his aids...the same individuals participating in the vulgar chat conversations that enraged the population.

What struck me about the photos of the demonstrators are the flags.  Thousands of flags of Puerto Rico being carried through the streets...some in black to show mourning after the hurricane. But there is not one single American flag.  This is an important detail. Here is another photo from Press TV:

View of Puerto Rican Demonstrators

The significance of there being NO American flags amongst the demonstrators speaks to the long held impression that Puerto Rico was just dying to become the 51st American State.  We were always given the impression that the majority of people living on the Island felt that their lot would become better...if only they were recognized as a state, like Hawaii.

The photo above belies that impression.  To me, it is evidence that the people of Puerto Rico want to become most of their neighbours in the Carribbean.  Perhaps they can be compared with the people of Okinawa in Japan who would dearly love to see the hind end of the US military that has occupied Japan since WWII and dominates their Island.....with its attendant pollution and exploitation.

What appears to be going on in Puerto Rico is that the US-appointed Governor is no longer acceptable to the people... who want their "Own" leader.  The US has been caught off-guard and does not have another "suitable" governor waiting in the wings.  It cannot chance allowing the Puerto Ricans to elect their own leader and so has ordered the loathed leader to remain in place until the next (s)election, thus giving the US time to find another toady for the job.

The Puerto Ricans are on to this caper... and are demanding that the governor leave "right away" so that they can pre-empt the "appointment" [via a fixed election] of an American factotem. To me this is the end of the "51st State" dream...if ever it was one.  Puerto Rico could even go the way of its neighbour, Cuba...or, Gawd forbid...Venezuela.  IMO, we'll see another "Grenada" or "Panama" military invasion before it gets that far.  The Puerto Ricans better watch for some "false flag" that will enable such an event.

The whole episode is indicative of the inexorable decline of the so-called "American empire"...that it would come to this.  The loss of American "soft" power...the appeal to the common man's "hearts and minds" has so degraded, not only in Puerto Rico but all over the world.  

NOTE:  Ironically, my partner and I have a cruise planned for 2020 of the Caribbean, where we were supposed to do a stop over in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  I've never been to the Island and now, with the cruise ships avoiding the stop due to the unrest...I may never get there.  Incidentally, these cruise ship stops are worth about $300,000 each in local economic infusion. So the fact that the Islanders continue their demonstrations in spite of this corporate/capitalist-style "punishment" is a true indication of the Puerto Ricans' fury.

Monday, July 22, 2019

Gatekeepers Galore! The Lunar Hoax is yet another "Litmus test" for Alternative blogs and media

Litmus Test

This post will may well be the last in the series I've done lately regarding the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Hoax.  I hadn't planned to get so carried away with the topic, but it just got under my skin how the MZM was hyping, blatantly and brazenly lying about the Apollo BIG LIE...not just in my generations' face, not in our children's faces but now in our grandchildren's faces.  At what point, I asked myself, will the tawdry, deliberately "grainy" photos and rinky-dink, duct-taped space equipment become an embarrassment to them?  Not yet, obviously.

But as my mother used to say..."there's a silver lining around every cloud".  The silver lining around the Apollo Anniversary BIG LIE media frenzy was that the lunar hoax acted as a litmus test as to who in the alternate media was bogus and who was genuine.  Just like the 9/11 mass murder atrocity has over the years acted as a litmus test--as to who is a real truther and who is a bullshit artist/dysinfo agent/Gatekeeper--in public life, on the Internet and in the alternate blogosphere.

Gatekeepers Galore!

I knew that WHATREALLYHAPPENED.COM is a gatekeeper/disinfo agent from way back so I checked that site frequently over the last couple of days to see whether Mike Rivero would expend some of his credibility yet again by supporting the ridiculous notion that Man was able to traverse the Van Allen radiation belts back in 1969---but somehow lost the technical know how to do it ever again.  True to history, Rivero posted one or two stories in support of the BIG LIE.

Hopefully, Rivero is getting some big bucks from NASA/CIA for his work in this regard.  In the truth blogging business, credibility is our currency and our greatest asset...and Mike's spent a whack of it on the BIG APOLLO LIE.

Surprisingly, Veterans Today posted some treacly posts regarding the faked moon landings.  I thought Gordon Duff and Jim Fetzer were above it... but again, I hope posting that garbage was worth some bucks to them.

NOTE:  I stand corrected re Jim Fetzer.  He has published many reports, videos and podcasts on his conviction that the Moon Landings were faked.

Official government liar...that "lost" the Moon Landing evidence - The Smithsonian Museum

Veterans Today even posted some material concocted by that "Official US Government Liar" the Smithsonian Institute/Museum.  This is the same Smithsonian Institution that "lost" reams of original tapes of the moon landing and Gawd knows what other forensic evidence that proved the USA either went or did not go to the moon in 1969.  Now, when an entity under suspicion either corrupts or "loses" evidence...what does that tell you?  Still, Veterans Today goes ahead and posts their garbage.

David Icke is a dysinfo agent

Another surprise gatekeeper is David Icke.  He posted about how the "shameful truth America put man on the moon helped the Nazi monsters.  OMG.  David!  Why did YOU have to lie about this?  It's not even in your bailiwick.  Maybe you're also not telling the truth about Queen Elizabeth II being a "lizard".  Hey, if you lie about the moon then your credibility about lizards is also tainted. Ahem.

The Russians have credibility to burn--apparently

And, as I said in an earlier post, the Russian media has decided to toe the line and support the lie...even though NASA itself has ADMITTED the lie in some obscure communications with the media.  I proffered an explanation for Russia kowtowing to the Lie in an earlier post.  IMO it's based on historical money/blackmail/extortion that continues to this day.

Eureka!  A couple of truthtellers from the land of the lying BBC - UK

Amazingly, two UK media outlets had the courage [or were given permission] to tell the truth.  One of them was which posted a great piece on the time "astro-not" Buzz Aldrin punched a skeptical reporter/journalist in the face after being confronted with undeniable proof that the moon landings were faked.

The second outlet was which posted several articles about the hoax, including the report, originally published in The Telegraph in 2009 that the "moon rock" given by the astro-nots to Holland years ago proved to actually be a piece of earthly "petrified wood" [Helloooow...that should have been game over for the liars right there!!! But NOOOoooooo.]


There are quite a few other bloggers who simply remained silent about the Moon Landings.  Sorry blokes.  This is one of those issues that separates the wheat from the chaff.  If you do sincerely believe that Man landed on the moon in 1969...then you need to come out and say it.  Let the chips fall where they may. If you believe it, you should be prepared to defend your beliefs.  If you DON'T believe the story...then you also need to come out and say it...because this episode is the most blatant lie that the perps have ever told...some could argue that it is even bigger than the 9/11 atrocity lie.  Reason for that being that this lie has allowed the US to swagger around for five decades now...claiming itself to be the "exceptional nation" and global hegemon even to this day.  The lie of the global hegemon--entitled to invade and steal land, resources and kill millions--is the foundational lie that 9/11 and all the other atrocities, wars and threats of wars, including nuclear annihilation are predicated on. 

So, to perpetuate the Apollo Moon Fakery, IMO, is to participate in a monstrous war crime.  And that includes the Russian supporters of the BIG LIE.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

"Change Agents" - Hollywood Taking Transgenderism down to a new level

Lasha Lynch as James Bond
Kinda looks like a female Michelle Obama

Can you imagine what society will look like once they're finished?  There will be a whole new species of humanity which our forbearers, if they came back to earth, would never recognize.  Neither male nor female...these "Tranz"....muscular androgynous, hyper-sexualized beings will be ruling the earth.  They will be treating normal, straight humans...well, like the Palestinians are now being treated.

We will be second-class citizens, relegated to becoming "brood mares" like livestock.  Chosen for blood lines, our offspring taken and raised by the Tranz.  The Tranz will decide what "sex" the offspring will be allowed to adopt.  Sexual identity will not be a birthright but a "privilege"...or a "punishment."

"Jewlywood" [as my blogging colleague Northerntruthseeker appropriately calls it] is spearheading the movement.  Much like they enveloped the world in The Big Lie 50 years ago with their movie director-designed "Lunar Hoax", they're onto another, even bigger,  Big Lie project now.  Destroying the traditional roles of the sexes and creating a "super" group, neither male nor female.  Some monsters this way will shortly come....  Read the following snippets from two examples and I will have more comments to follow:

From RT:

The next 007 will reportedly be 'Captain Marvel' star Lashana Lynch, who will be the first-ever black female to take the 'James Bond' role

The tired old "James Bond" meme is going to get a shocking makeover.  The main character will be a very Michelle Obama-ish "James Bond".  I'm wondering whether they will have "buxom" men to play her love interests.  Perhaps the Tranz will get those plum roles.  It's SOOOoooooo confusing...and sick.
Then we have a female "Thor", again according to RT

‘This is too much’: News of Natalie Portman as female Thor divides film franchise fans" 

"Divides Fans"?  Well, isn't that the point of all of this?  Divide and conquer humanity...turn it into a non-species.  Turn it into cattle as described in their Owners/Operators' Instruction Manual, the Talmud.  Time must be running short for this agenda because they've accelerated...they're running on all cylinders now.  Better watch out though because you might wake up the sheeple.  Some of whom have already opened at least one eye, as shown below:

Parents explode as Republicans refuse to defend kids from library drag queens

Drag Queen “Stormy Vain” (real name: Todd Musick)
looking very Jewish - and Why the Hell Not?!

I originally found this report in The Truthseeker.  Parents are finally waking up to the abomination going on right under their noses.  Drag Queens are showing up in the nation's libraries where they pour filth into the toddler's brains right in front of the parents!  Please read the following snippet and I will have final comments to follow:


" of the Drag Queens, “Stormy Vain” (real name: Todd Musick), is involved with numerous lurid and pornographic sexual businesses and activities. He runs “Stormy’s Angels of Entertainment” and “Eroticasy.” Among his business offerings: male escorts/companions, nude maid services, sex toys, hiring out strippers for parties and one-on-one sessions, nude maintenance service, nude personal trainer, nude hair styling, X-rated candies, and “much more.” On his website (now offline), he offered “male companions” under a tab that warned “Nudity!! Must be over 18 to view.”...

....This is a person that the library staff and the organizers believed was perfectly appropriate to be working with young children and teenagers! They clearly knew that the public would be outraged if this were known prior to the event — so they kept his identity hidden. This, unfortunately, is a common problem across the country with library staff these days, we have found. They are intentionally deceiving the public and acting as “change agents.


Greencrow says:  This is open warfare on humanity.  Humanity is practically defenseless against it, stripped as we now are of the traditional defenses of religion, traditional culture and of an education system that teaches critical thinking.  The immediate goal of the "Library QueenZ" is legalized pedophilia...but it is much worse than that.

I'd like to see what "rainbow" Trudeau thinks of the Library QueenZ.  Does he think they're lurid and a danger to children?  Or, does he think they're an "oppressed minority"...struggling for acceptance by society...entitled to promote their "cause".  This certainly should be [one of the] questions to be asked of le Dauphin during the next [s]election...'cause he's the current "handmaiden" of this horror tale.

Humanity better rise up and take a stand soon.  Because if this is allowed to continue to its logical conclusion, if these entities aren't confronted and stripped of their enormous power, humanity will end up like horses, cattle and sheep.  Thoroughbreds will be artificially inseminated in stables.  The rest...the vast majority of us...will be spayed and gelded.  At an early age we'll be "streamed" into a chosen "sex" or "neutered".  Sex will become a mechanical and/or pharmaceutical act...perhaps with a robot. We will live out our lives just like cattle, zombified, unaware we're captive in psychic slavery, "efficiently" serving the masterz. Then, at the optimum hour, we will be euthanized.

Sound like a Jewlywood horror movie?  Well, it's coming to your neighbourhood soon.