Friday, June 28, 2019

UPDATE ON G20: Xi speaks with Trudeau on sidelines....without Freeland

China's Xi and Canada's Trudeau
(Trudeau's eyes look like two pee holes in the snow)

CTV News in Japan: Trudeau, Xi speak at the G20

Xi took Le Dauphin aside at the G20 and had a few moments of private conversation with the Canadian Prime Minister.  This was big news for Canadians who had been prepared by the MZM not to expect a direct conversation between the two.

It is likely Xi and Trudeau spoke about the looming issue between Canada and China which began when Canada kidnapped Meng Wenzhou, the Chinese CEO of China's flagship company, Huawei.

Since Canada broke international and Canadian laws by kidnapping Meng at the behest of USrael, for extradition there, there have been a series of escalating tit for tat maneuvers between Canada and China.  China arrested a couple of Canadians and charged them with spying and has also cancelled some lucrative trade arrangements with Canadian farmers and ranchers.  Suffice it to say, this has not gone well for the USrael vassal, Canada.

But Canada cannot extricate itself from the pickle without incurring the ire of the "Bull in the China Shop" (puns intended) Trump-ridden USrael.  Our "Soros mole" in the Federal Government, Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, was unable to get even a meeting with her counterpart Foreign Minister in China.  Trudeau himself, in an enormous humiliation, did not get a response to his request for a word with the Chinese Premier...never mind a word with Xi himself.

So this latest development is indeed a breakthrough.  The best part is that Freeland was "frozen out"* of the brief hallway meeting between Xi and Trudeau.  Only their interpreters were there.
[NOTE:  Freeland was actually outside the room trying to drum up support from other G20 countries to pressurize China]

No, Wait! Greencrow As the Crow Flies' only official, paid, roving reporter, "the Fly on the Wall" was also in attendance--and reports the following conversation:

Xi:  Justin, I don't have much time here so I'll get to the point--as soon as you drop the extradition charge against Meng, we'll see what we can do about your spies:

Justin:  Just a minute, can I call my Foreign Minister?  I can't say a word unless she's here.

Xi:  No time for a foreign minister!  Just you and me, mano a mano.  Are you going to drop the charge against Meng?  If you do, we'll reinstate the trade relationships vis a vis Canola and Canadian meat that we had prior.

Justin:  But, but, but...perhaps we can talk later and try to bring in Trump.  I'm not allowed to speak to anyone without consulting with either Trump or Freeland.  Sorry.

Xi:  Then what the hell are you even doing here?

Justin:  I have to apologize (TM) Xi, but I need to take a bathroom break, check my hair and see whether my tie's straight....before we go back before the cameras.

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