Friday, June 14, 2019

Two Things To Be Aware Of

Russian S-400 Triumf surface-to-air missile launchers roll down the Red Square during a night rehearsal for the WWII Victory Parade in Moscow, Russia, on May 4, 2019. (Photo by AFP)

Turkey ‘to reciprocate if US imposes sanctions over S-400’

Yesterday evening, as I was surfing channels on the Talmudvizion prior to the NBA game that saw the Toronto Raptors take the first National Basketball Association Championship in their history, I clicked my way past some American Newz channels--and it was all non-stop lies about their latest False Flag all the way.  No exceptions.  The (((journalists))) were goose-stepping in absolute unison to the tune of the latest False Flag jingle:  "Iran did it" [whatever "it" was].  I felt a moment of sorrow for my neighbours to the south.  That they had to be subjected to such infamy.

It brought to mind that little moi is the only alternative blogger who has ever called it for what it is.  It's a fu*king drill, man!  Given the pathetic unbelievability of the actual "facts" involved--the probable main goal of the exercise was to see how outrageous the tale needed to be, before one of the "journalists" cracks and says on live TV "This is garbage, folks.  We've been ordered to tell you these lies or we will lose our jobs."  That's the GOAL of the drill--weed out any surreptitious truthtellers before they get to the "big one".

I keep waiting for that day [when one cracks] but it never arrives.  They keep on goose-stepping and the lies keep coming.  Nobody believes it any all just peters out after a few days and the (((journalists))) move on to something else. So, that's the first thing the sentient need to know--False Flags are also media drills.

The second thing is that Putin has taught the world a lot of things, but the main learning he has passed on to his Russian colleagues, his allies and the sentient amongst humanity is that the only thing that will work with USrael is "tit for tat" aka an "eye for an eye".  USrael is very biblical in that regard.  Immediate response in kind to the insult rendered. Not that it makes "them" change their, that's carved in stone. And, as I always say "They believe they have all the time in the world."

But at least the "eye for an eye" foreign policy now being implemented by Russia and its allies makes them think twice.  "Thinking twice" is a great step forward for these folks.  That's why Turkey today warned USrael that if they carried out their threat to punish Turkey for making the common sense decision to purchase some purely defensive S-400 systems from Russia, Turkey will reciprocate in kind.

Hmmmmm.  Now what could that look like?  Getting rid of that awful Incerlik military base in Turkey that NATO uses to infest the country with Gulenist moles?  Maybe.  Or, maybe buying a whole fleet of Russian SU jets that make the F-35 look like tinker toys.  Maybe.

Given Turkey's unique location as the geographic link between East and West...the sky's the limit.

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Anonymous said...

Since those WH bozos really fugged up this latest FF, their next attempt, I fear, will be extra bloody, to please their Israeli masters.