Friday, June 7, 2019

Seattle Is Dying: Drugs And Homelessness In Seattle

Seattle Is Dying: Drugs And Homelessness In Seattle


The above hour long-plus documentary video is a must watch. What is happening in Seattle is happening in cities all over North America. It's happening just across the 49th parallel here in Vancouver.  It's apparently worse of all in San Francisco, California.

The above video is the best examination of the "homelessness" phenomena that I've seen so far.  It's gritty shots of the drug addled men in downtown Seattle, the drone camera footages of the garbage heaps that pass for homeless camps, strewn along the major highways.  The town hall meetings where the elected officials have no answers for the citizens...the frustrated police who cannot even maintain the law...because the law has just become a joke, a revolving door...back to the trash heap.

The last fifteen minutes of the video show a solution, an alternative to the accelerating destruction of the cities.  It is a pilot project run in Providence, Rhode Island that involves incarceration, treatment and stabilization on a doctor-supervised synthetic drug like methadone.  In the last scene of the is even suggested that there is already a huge facility in the Seattle region, an abandoned prison facility on a local island, that can be used for a similar project in Seattle.

I agreed with just about every point made in the video.  But the greencrow flies high and sees the bigger picture.  It is connecting the dots of this bigger, macro, picture that I would like to add to the perspective of the video:

1.  Social Engineering.  The homelessness epidemic is being used by the State to funnel useless humanity to certain cities and regions.  Generally, this flow is from East to West.  Why is this?  Because the traditional flow of migration in the west has always been East to West and what is, IMO, going on is an attempt to slow/discourage this flow by making Western cities like Vancouver, Seattle and San Francisco less attractive to young, talented people who want a better lifestyle.

The cost of living in Vancouver, as an example, has always been kept artificially high to discourage this traditional migration route.  High gas and housing prices have generally done the trick...but now they've added filthy and crime ridden urban areas.  I know for a fact that Vancouver has actively pressured the homeless to move from the downtown areas out to Maple Ridge.  Maple Ridge is the first city of any size just outside of the Lower Mainland.  A big tent city was allowed to grow and fester there until the people of Maple Ridge recently demanded it be shut down.

What I'm getting at is that the problem of homelessness is just being shifted around and funneled from one area to another.  Moreover, it's being used to discourage real migration. There is no methodology in place to deal with it otherwise.  Why?  

2. Money.  It's all about the money.  If a state is using its surplus revenue to fight wars of convenience, then it has no money for infrastructure or social needs of the citizens.  This is simply an accounting reality.  What would happen if the leaders of the federal government of the United States...say a majority in the Congress and Senate...stood up and said:  "No more annual payments of trillions to Israel until the United States has got its street addiction crisis under control."  Helloooo?!
You can imagine the shock!  Such as simple and common sense re-direction of tax dollars is simply BEYOND THE PALE.

3.  Drug companies are deliberately and systematically destroying western civilization.  When will we wake up and realize this fact?  From vaccinations, to chemtrails in the skies, to bringing in heroin from war-torn Afghanistan, to the opioid epidemic where our children are dropping like flies.  And who profits from the meth-amphetamine market?  While all street drugs [ is mentioned in the documentary, marijuana] are harmful, meth is a death sentence.  It changes the biology of the brain permanently.  Meth dealers should be strung up by the ballz IMO.  And yet we had that series "Breaking Bad" making a hero out of a meth producer/dealer.  Who was behind that?  The other day a report was released in Canada which asserted that the way the government has treated indigenous is a "genocide".  Genocide is being conducted throughout the West by Big Pharma and nobody is acknowledging or doing anything about it.  

The Chinese were targeted for a similar genocide back in the late 1800's.  Historians call it the "Opium Wars".  In my opinion the current Drug Wars, aka "Homelessness Crisis" is exactly the same as the "Opium Wars".  A targeted nation or nations is being genocided by powerful international thugs using drugs.  If we were to dig deeply enough, we would probably discover that it is EXACTLY THE SAME ENTITITIES who conducted the Opium Wars from the UK in the 1800's who are now at the root of today's Drug Wars/Homelessness Crisis.

And the solution for today's crisis is exactly the same as it was for the Opium Crisis.  The targeted people need to identify their murderers--publicly name them--and then rise up to fight them.  All drug dealers should be executed by the state.  Just like what happens today in China.  I am in agreement with China's recent decision to execute the Canadian drug dealer who was selling Meth in China.  Eliminating drug dealers would solve the homelessness crisis in a very short time.  Only an idiotic population wouldn't do it.  It's called self-preservation!


tsisageya said...

If one looks at Usrael for a time, one would understand that the U.S. (Canada too?) is deteriorating on purpose. I don't understand why but it's happening.

Drugs, abandoned buildings, ignoring infrastructure problems...
I can only guess at the motive.

I'm quite sure it has to do with shekels though.

greencrow said...

"...I'm quite sure it has to do with shekels though."

Shekels and shekeled priorities.

albertde said...

To paraphrase Amsterdams Dutch, the first rule of sanitation is "don't poop on the stoop [dialect for sidewalk/footpath]". And what do you see in San Francisco and LA? That is Third World hygiene - like India and Africa. What was the biggest change in the 19th century? Not vaccines or medication, it was sanitation. Without sanitation, you get bubonic plague, typhoid and cholera - coming soon to the homeless this summer!

greencrow said...

Hi Albertde:

According to some, you're not supposed to infringe on their rights by insisting they use a bathroom or not dispose of their trash on the sidewalk.