Saturday, June 1, 2019

Nuckin' Futz News: The Guy Simply Cannot DO Anything!!!

Baby Trump Blimp

It all started to unravel in the usual way...with a Tweet.  All the months of intensive negotiations, all the high level meetings and "signing ceremonies".  None of it meant anything.  Here is a snippet of the report from the CBC:

With Trump's new tariff threats, new NAFTA once again hangs in the balance

Trudeau speaks with Trump but new tariff threat against Mexico does not come up
Just as the fog of uncertainty shrouding North America's new trade deal was starting to lift, Canada found itself socked in again Friday after U.S. President Donald Trump abruptly threatened Mexico with fresh tariffs tied to the influx of migrants at the southern border.

Vice-President Mike Pence had barely left Canadian airspace following a friendly, olive-branch visit to promote the trilateral agreement in Ottawa when Trump suddenly delivered his latest Twitter ultimatum to Mexico: stop the flow of immigrants or face more levies on your goods

"Mexico has taken advantage of the United States for decades," the president said in a followup tweet Friday. "Because of the (Democrats), our Immigration Laws are BAD. Mexico makes a FORTUNE from the U.S., have for decades, they can easily fix this problem. Time for them to finally do what must be done!"

Unlike Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs, which were ostensibly a national-security measure, the newest ones — five per cent on all Mexican exports beginning June 10, increasing by five per cent a month to a maximum of 25 per cent by October — would fall under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, which the president invoked Thursday...."

The new continental trade agreement doesn't kick in until it's approved by lawmakers in all three countries."


Greencrow:  Like I've been saying since the beginning of Trumps' tenure as the latest useless leader of USrael--the nation nominally referred to as the United States of America.  It long ago became "non compos mentis" or, as the Russians say, "not agreement capable".  It didn't start with Trump, it began long before, perhaps with Clinton or even earlier...but it certainly escalated with the dumbfu*k.  It's now clearly out in the open and a universal joke.  Since Trump took office he has not signed one agreement with any other nation.  Conversely, he has broken each and every agreement he has touched.  For Trump, it's a mission.  Climate accords, anti-ballistic missile treaties, the JCPOA agreement with Iran, trade name it, he's destroyed it.

Now, he's backtracking and slip slidin' away from the New NAFTA agreement with Canada and Mexico.  This tortuous agreement has taken more than a year to make...but he destroys it with a tweet.  There has to be a reason, some kind of "Deep State" rational for this insanity.  I will proffer a theory on that in a moment but first read this report from PressTV about Trump's "Deal of the Century"...his long-heralded solution to the putrid and festering conflict caused by the Khazars stealing Palestinian land way back in 1946.  I will have comments to follow:

Israeli paper betrays scandalous details of 'deal of century' 

US President Donald Trump's "the deal of the century" wants Palestinian refugees to be naturalized and settled in several countries, including Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Iraq, Israeli daily Haaretz reports.

As the world marked the International Quds Day on Friday, political leaders warned of mysterious aspects of the much-touted US plan and its ramifications for the future of Palestinians.

Iran's Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said one definite prospect is that the plan seeks to do away with the issue of returning 6 million refugees to their homeland.

"To realize this goal, America is about to arrange an economic deal and get its money from the miserable Persian Gulf countries," he said in Tehran.

Haaretz said Washington is thought to be pressing Lebanon to grant citizenship to Palestinian refugees living in the country.

"In the process, this is seen as defusing the issue of a right of return of refugees to Israel, which has been a major obstacle to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict," the paper said.

According to UNRWA, the UN's Palestinian refugee agency, about 450,000 Palestinian refugees live in Lebanon. ...."


Greencrow:  So, let me see if I've got this straight.  Trump [and USrael] cannot keep a long-standing trade agreement newly updated with its two closest neighbours, Mexico and Canada.  It cannot maintain agreements hammered out at the highest levels of international negotiation and sanctioned by the United Nations Security Council [JCPOA].  It cannot maintain international anti-ballistic missiles treaties that have served to curtail the arms race for decades.  Yet, it now proposes to solve the Gordian Knot of the Middle East by throwing billions of dollars at it.

Billions of dollars that it doesn't even have.  It's hoping that other countries will fess up with the funds.  What a Deal!!!  Sounds like how he's going to get Mexico to pay for the wall he's still planning to build.  Only a several-times-bankrupted real estate developer could come up with this notion.

My opinion of what's really going on is this.  The United States is an occupied nation...occupied by an entity which has infiltrated/subverted it and is exploiting its [now superseded] Military Industrial Complex to present itself as "invincible empire". The United States is the exceptional and the unipolar power that rules the world.  In order to say that you are above all others, you cannot sit down and negotiate with them AS EQUALS.  You must only dictate to them.  So each and every agreement set up in the past between "equals" must be destroyed.

That is why Trump is obsessed with destroying all agreements the United States has entered into, formal and informal.  That is also why Trump insanely believes he can impose an agreement on the Middle East which will force Palestinians off their lands and force other countries to take them and set them up as citizens of those countries.  It's insanity, folks.  Apparently it's all supposed to come to a head in late June, when Trump formally reveals the "Plan of the Century".  Well, during the decades that the United States has steadily decompensated into its current state of acute Khazarian insanity, other nations have been preparing for this long prognosticated "florid psychotic state".  I have only one word for Trump and his handlers:


*and all the other weaponry which Putin disclosed in his March 1, 2018 speech.


Reading between the lines said...

You truly have a way with words GC .So well said .While Trump and USriel are busy destroying agreements have a look at who is building bridges instead.

greencrow said...


The most important ingredient in any agreement is trust. It's the foundation all the other components are based on. Since the USA cannot be trusted, it cannot be part of ANY true agreements.