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LOL Venezuela halts services at consulates in Canada until it [Canada] 'regains sovereignty in foreign policy'

Protest in Canada against Sanctions on Venezuela
One of the reasons I enjoy geopolitics is that it is rife with black favourite type of humour.  A good example of geopolitical black humour is the headline above, copied from yesterday's RT.   Please read the snippet below and I will have more comments to follow:..


Venezuela halts services at consulates in Canada until it 'regains sovereignty in foreign policy' 

Venezuela will no longer provide services at its consulates in Canada in response to Ottawa shutting down its embassy in Caracas. Canada must stop toeing the US line in its foreign policy, it said.

Venezuela's Foreign Affairs Minister Jorge Arreaza announced on Saturday a temporary suspension of all services at the country's consulates general in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. All of their functions will fall upon the Venezuelan embassy in Ottawa, the ministry said in a statement.....
…Venezuela hopes that Canada will soon recover sovereignty over its foreign policy to foster a better climate for dialogue and mutual respect for the benefit of both peoples."


Greencrow:  That last quote in italics is a real "knee slapper".  Black [comedy] as the Ace of Spades.  The Venezuelan FM is calling out Canada as the servile, entirely co-opted and corrupt vassal of the USrael Deep State...that it is.  I suppose he was hoping that his slap to the face would wake up the people of Canada to their current state.  Alas, not likely.

Canadians don't read RT.  At least the 75% talmudvisioned and biochemically lobotomized don't.  Only the tiny minority of sentient Canadians would dare read such rarified and purified information.  It's like how only a tiny minority of Canadians would volunteer to parachute jump from a D-Day antique bomber into English Bay, Vancouver.

Instead, here's the pap that Canadians are fed. Pap definition here.


Canadian Embassy in Caracas, Venezuela

This from Venezuelan Analysis sums up what Canadians are being told about the Embassy closure:

Canada Closes Venezuela Embassy as Guaido Promises Maduro Out by End of Year

Merida, June 3, 2019 ( – Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland has announced the “temporary” closure of her country’s embassy and the withdrawal of diplomatic personnel from Venezuela, claiming Ottawa had “no choice.”

In a Sunday press statement, Freeland accused the Maduro government of haven “taken steps to limit the ability of foreign embassies to function” by failing to renew visas for diplomatic personnel. No evidence was provided to support the claim. She additionally claimed that that the Caribbean country is “slid[ing] deeper into dictatorship.”

The measure is to take immediate effect, with diplomatic visas reportedly due to expire at the end of June. All embassy and consular services are to be transferred to the Colombian capital of Bogota over 1,500 kilometers away.

Freeland also indicated that Ottawa will “evaluate” the status of Venezuelan diplomats in Canada “appointed by Maduro.”
Canada was the second country to recognise Juan Guaido after he swore himself in as “interim president” on January 23. It has since continued to back Guaido’s attempts to oust the Maduro government and has begun to forge diplomatic relations with the opposition leader’s representative in Canada, Orlando Viera Blanco, who has held a number of meetings with government representatives and members of parliament in Ottawa and Vancouver. The Trudeau administration has also followed US President Donald Trump in imposing several rounds of sanctions on Venezuela.

It is unknown how many Canadian citizens in Venezuela this measure will affect, but recent opposition-led estimates suggest that there are up to 50,000 Venezuelans living in Canada.

The latest diplomatic spat follows a similar confrontation in March, when the United States and Venezuela both withdrew their diplomatic teams, severed diplomatic relations and vacated the embassies. The United States had likewise recognised Guaido envoy Carlos Vecchio as Venezuela’s representative in the country."


Here are some other alternative views that most Canadians will never know about:

And from the blog Xymphora:

The profound deterioration in Canada under Trudeau has mostly gone unnoticed:  "Canada closes a door on Cuban culture" (Dubinsky) (also).  There is no longer even a pretense that Canada isn't any more than a tool of the US State Department.  This is odd, as Canadian capital has always benefited by the delusion that Canada was fair player, at least in contrast with the Assholians, who were just, and always, assholes.  "Canada Against Cuba and Venezuela" (Engler).  It would be nice if the big corporate money to which Trudeau has demonstrated such fealty - e.g., SNC Lavalin - would insist that he dump the Nazi who is causing much of the problem, but given recent cabinet problems he really doesn't have much leeway.  As awful as Trudeau is, unfortunately there is no lobby for humanitarianism or plain common sense.
"Canada Backs Pro-US Puppet Party in Venezuela" (Engler).  If this was the 1930s. there'd be lots of pictures of Trudeau's smiling mug, posing with Nazis.  I'm really going to have to start cutting the eye-holes in my brown paper bag head covering.  Note the seamless transition from support by the Conservatives - who you would expect to support their fellow assholes - to support by the Liberals.
"Venezuela’s Hopes at Oslo: Rupture in EU and US Policy" (Flores).  "Venezuela crisis talks in Oslo break up without agreement". Maduro can offer, and has offered, new elections, something which ought to satisfy all possible opposition objections, but Guido can't accept that as he would lose!  He needs to be installed with violent Assholian help, but an obvious Vietnam-style quagmire is the last thing Trump wants.  It has become very entertaining to watch Guido get jerked around.
"The Violent History of the Venezuelan Opposition" (Reynoso).  Guido is just a front for Leopoldo Lopez, who is not a nice guy...."


Canadians don't have access to revelations such as this:

"Pompeo says US tried & failed to unite Venezuelan opposition in leaked audio" 

or this:

"Russia's Putin: US military meddling in Venezuela disastrous"

Greencrow:  Black comedy is sentient humanity's way of coping with the unthinkable.  In this case, we laugh at Canadian politicians goose-stepping to orders from a tyrant....and otherwise behaving just like the stereotyped "Nazis" we saw and still see in all the Hollywood war movies. Achtung!!

We wait patiently for the coming fall (s)elections to boot the Nazis out...knowing full well that the major opposition party in Canada [the Conservatives] is proudly touting foreign policies that are just as bad...or worse.  Sometimes, all you can do is laugh.

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