Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Liberal Cabinet Approves Trans Mountain Pipeline...BC to take matter to Supreme Court of Canada

The Canadian newz is all about how the Federal Liberal Cabinet of Justin Trudeau formally approved the Trans Mountain Expansion.

The provincial government of Alberta...is shredding and polluting its north to send pipelines full of diluted bitumen through the pristine BC wilderness to the Vancouver harbour system. From there it will be loaded onto oil tankers and shipped around the world to be refined elsewhere. Alberta said today that it's still not enough.  They want to increase the numbers and the ranges of the oil tankers so they can sail up and down the coast from Prince Rupert through the narrow and hazardous channels.  The question that is rarely asked is "Why doesn't Alberta REFINE the bitumen in Alberta and keep the jobs and the unclean-up-able mess in Alberta where it belongs???

Here's the CBC link that reports on today's developments.  What nobody outside of BC is saying is that there is still a very huge hurdle to jump over.  The First Nations of BC have vowed to take the matter to the Supreme Court of Canada, as has the British Columbia provincial government.

I have spoken in previous posts about how the rights of First Nations, according to the Canadian Constitution, have been confirmed by the Supreme Court of Canada in landmark decisions.  For the pipeline to go ahead will, ipso facto, mean a fundamental change to the Canadian Constitution.  This change could affect First Nations all across Canada.  That is why the Federal government is trying to tempt [divide and conquer] BC First Nations by saying they will "own part of the pipeline".  And that is probably the back story as to why First Nations former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould and Justin Trudeau went their separate ways.  Wilson-Raybould has expressed concerns about how Trudeau plans to "reform" the procedure to appoint Supreme Court Judges.

The last time an attempt was made to amend the Canadian Constitution was when former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney tried to pass the Meech Lake Accord in the 1980's. That constitutional crisis* almost led to the break-up of Canada.  So we'll see what happens this time.

Stay tuned.

*BTW, for my American readers...the Meech Lake crisis developed when Mulroney promised Quebeccers that if the Accord was signed by all the provinces and became enshrined in the Constitution then they would be recognized as a "distinct society".  Problem was that he never explained to the ROC [Rest of Canada] what "distinct" meant.  Doesn't this sound familiar to you?  Remember how your Federal government has been telling you for decades now that you're the "Exceptional" nation?

This is how POS perps divide and conquer...tell one group they're "distinct" and/or "exceptional".

But, I digress.

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