Thursday, June 27, 2019

UPDATED: Is the Canadian-led Foreign Opposition to Maduro Plotting his Assassination?

UPDATED:  June 27, 2019 More details about the attempted putsch against Maduro are emerging and are included in this report from  I have included some salient points in my earlier post.

Maduro Accuses Lima Group Opponents
of Hatching Murderous Coup

The Saker has a video [above] reporting that Maduro recently discovered a murderous plot being hatched against him by his opponents, including Imposter USurper Juan Guaido, and some South American countries, members of the "Lima Group" led by Canada's neo-Nazi foreign minister Chrystia Freeland.  Maduro appropriately calls these plotters "fascists".

The plot was supposed to climax in the murder of Maduro and his wife last Sunday/Monday and the installation in the Miraflores Palace in Caracas of an opposition general who is currently in prison.  The plot included an armed assault on the prison and the breaking out of this general.  From

Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez revealed on Wednesday that a large scale plan was set to be executed on June 23 or 24. The operation allegedly included the assassination of President Nicolas Maduro, National Constituent Assembly President Diosdado Cabello, and other high-ranking officials.

Maduro condemned the latest plot, accusing the opposition of looking to seize power through a “bloodbath.

“They talked about a killing spree that could last two or three days,” Maduro said during a televised event. “How can a better country emerge from all that death?” he asked.

Venezuelan authorities claim to be in possession of 56 hours of intercepted communications, as well as confessions from several accused plotters who have been arrested. Among those detained are former officers from Venezuela’s special investigative police force, the CICPC, and the dissolved Metropolitan Police, as well as active and retired military officers. Several other alleged conspirators remain at large. Venezuela’s Attorney General Tarek William Saab likewise announced on Thursday that an investigation has been opened..."

It all came to naught because Maduro loyalists infiltrated and secretly recorded the conversations of the plotters.

If this is indeed the case, then it would appear that Canada would have had blood on its hands, had the coup attempt gone forward and been successful.  Isn't it high time that Canada stopped involving itself in bloody regime change plots and stuck to democracy?  Canadians are fed up.  We cannot get rid of Freeland fast enough in next Fall's (s)election. If the Liberals maintain power, she's going to drag us into despotism and we'll all have foreign blood on our hands.

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