Thursday, June 27, 2019

If he Can't Get a Word in Edgewise With Xi...Then What's He Good For?

Justin Trudeau

In the Good Old Days, when Canada used to be considered a sovereign country by the world community of nations, we could always count on our leader being able to get in a few words of chit chat with the other leaders at the G20.

Trudeau is off to Osaka for the G20 tomorrow, but he apparently is not allowed to speak personally with Chinese President Xi.  Gawd, he can't even get a meeting with the Chinese Premier anymore.  The best he could do was plead with Trump to put in a good word or two when Trump meets with Xi. Relying on "the dotard" to put in a good word or two is capricious, at best.

So, in that case, what's le Dauphin good for anyway?  Why is he getting the big bucks and the government plane....if he can't even talk with the other leaders anymore?  Canadians need to wake up and realize that as a nation...a nation with the second largest land mass on the planet...we don't even have the clout of Bora Bora anymore.


Anonymous said...

Trudeau never grew up, he never became a man.
Two 'Pride' parades within his first month in office should tell you something.
Flying under Christy Freeland's wing, instead of her flying under his.
To kidnap Sabrina Meng, who brings in 100 billion a year is stupidity beyond belief.
Can't imagine any other world leader being that dimwitted.
Trump and his mafia knew they had the perfect "fall guy".
Poor Canada, its image tarnished badly, will it even survive him.
He's brought Al Qaeda's White Helmets into Canada, whats next.

Garudha bows to all

Reading between the lines said...

Freeland has to go .She should have been thrown out after the nazi ties came to light.
God I hope that the liberals go down in flames for this.

greencrow said...

Hi Garuda:

Did you see the photo of Trudeau and Xi sitting side by side at the G20? Trudeau looking like a scared rabbit and Xi looking at Trudeau with sheer disgust in his eyes? That's one for the photo archives!

greencrow said...


"Freeland has to go".

She is his biggest negative, but he can't get rid of her because she's Soros' plant in the Canadian cabinet.