Saturday, June 8, 2019

Ever have one of those "Aha!" moments?

Chernobyl Destruction

How do you know the Western "newZ/entertainment" media is lyingAnswer:  HBO has a miniseries. Or any of the "Hollywood" types tells a version of the story.  This is the lesson that the sentient amongst humanity learned as a result of the 9/11 atrocity.  This lesson can be applied to any event in American history from the Mayflower onwards.  That's why, when I thought back to Chernobyl several years ago, I suspected that the Ziofascist-infiltrated US "intelligence" had a role in the disaster...just like 9/11, the assassinations of the 1960's and all the other evil things that have gone on in the world.  I didn't have any proof, but I had a suspicion.  This morning the following report began to put flesh on that suspicion.  Please read the following from PressTV and I will have more comments to follow:
Russia set to air TV series that reveals US role in Chernobyl nuclear disaster

Russia is set to air a TV series based on the Chernobyl nuclear disaster that implicates the United States as playing a role in the worst nuclear accident in history.

Currently in post-production, the series by the Russian company NTV tells the story of the 1986 explosion that ripped through reactor Number 4 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the then Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

The explosion led to a huge radioactive leak, which permanently affected areas in places across three quarters of Europe. Thirty workers and firemen were killed in the immediate aftermath of the explosion and rescue operations. Most of them died of severe radiation-related illnesses.

The plot revolves around a CIA agent dispatched to Pripyat — the town inhabited by Chernobyl workers — to gather intelligence on the nuclear power plant.

The series will follow KGB officers in their attempts to hunt the espionage operation.

Director Aleksey Muradov said that his version, filmed in Belarus, will show "what really happened back then.”

“There is a theory that the Americans had infiltrated the Chernobyl nuclear power plant,” he said. “Many historians do not deny that on the day of the explosion an agent of the enemy’s intelligence services was present at the station."

This is while a five-part "Chernobyl" series produced by American premium cable and satellite television network HBO has recently triggered worldwide debate as some experts have challenged its credibility.

Russia’s most popular newspaper, Komsomolskaya Pravda (KP), has dismissed the show as “a caricature and not the truth.”

“If Anglo-Saxons film something about Russians, it definitely will not correspond to the truth,” said Russian journalist Anatoly Vasserman.

Russian newspaper The Moscow Times, also wrote this week that the HBO production was biased against the Soviet Union and provided a "caricature"’ of the nation."


Greencrow says:  I have the same kind of suspicion about the sinking of the Titanic and several other historical "catastrophic events".  In fact, it has gotten so bad that I default to the Ziofascist CIA, or MosCIAd, as I call it, being responsible for just about  every horrific event in history since the US became a nation.

I remember the Chernobyl event. The radiation from Chernobyl spread across Europe and indeed the world. People wonder where the modern epidemic of cancer came from. Look no further. At the time we were mostly worried about relatives in Sweden. Sweden was subjected to a huge dose of radiation from Chernobyl. The Western media covered Chernobyl in its now patented "24/7 frenZy" style. It was just like...well, it was just like the way the media frenZied over 9/11 and the other atrocities since. We all saw the photos of the destroyed buildings, the town and the people horribly injured.
Now I simply wonder.  Did they also have the white van loaded with perps parked close by the Chernobyl nuclear plant...who filmed the event and gave each other high fives?  Hopefully, the Russian version will show us, if they did.


Laika von old Monkshusen said...

You're again absolutely right, Greencrow, the "nuclear war attack Chernobyl" was organized by the same Ziofascist Mafia that had organized the "conventional war attack Barbarossa" on the Soviet Union in 1941, as well as being responsible for just about every horrific event in history since Western imperialism (Ziofascism) started terrorizing the whole world about 500 years ago, such as the Sept. 11, 2001 false flag (which was also partly a nuclear event by the way).

What most Westerners do not know (and is still a taboo in only half-sovereign Russia as well) is that the Ziofascist Mafia (the "liberal Trotskyites") already took over the Soviet Union at the very top in/since 1953 by way of 4 (CIA/"NWO") coup d'états, and, in collaboration with the Ziofascist Mafia which runs the West subverted, sabotaged, and attempted to bring the Soviet Union down ever since 1953.

greencrow said...

And here we thought that there was no such thing as Satan.

Hornet said...

Check out Orlov's latest for a great piece on nuclear energy, including the Chernobyl disaster.

greencrow said...

Hi Hornet:

Thanks very much for the heads up re Orlov's latest post:

It is a "must read" for anyone sentient enough to question the Chernobyl/Fukushima+ nuclear "accidents".