Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Dimitry Orlov Says Some Astounding New Things About Nuclear Energy


Thought I'd bump this to the top seeing that Dimitry Orlov's latest Club Orlov blog post about the HBO Russia hit piece on Chernobyl says some things about Nuclear Energy that I never knew. Apparently the Russian Nuclear Energy Company Rosatom has invented two new technologies that manage to reduce the environmental footprint of nuclear energy and even re-cycle and de-radiate nuclear waste. You have to read three-quarters through Orlov's post to get to this part. If this is true, I may have to re-think my negative opinion about nuclear power.

I found out about this "must read" post through a comment made to my blog post of several days ago:


Hi Hornet:

Thanks very much for the heads up re Orlov's latest post:


It is a "must read" for anyone sentient enough to question the Chernobyl/Fukushima+ nuclear "accidents".


Dimitry Orlov says....

"....Rosatom has perfected the latest VVER-1200 and has a full dance card building, fueling and operating nuclear power plants all around the planet. Since nuclear reactors apparently do melt down sporadically, Russia’s latest ones are fitted with a meltdown tank that stops the reaction and makes clean-up easier, so no more “China syndrome.” And since it does apparently happen that nuclear fuel becomes exposed and generates hydrogen gas, the new reactors have catalytic hydrogen scrubbers installed at the top of the containment vessel, so no more hydrogen explosions either. Rosatom now owns something like 2/3 of the global market for new nuclear energy projects. China has a very ambitious program to build out nuclear generation capacity as well. Add to this the fact that Russia has scored two major nuclear technology breakthroughs.

The first breakthrough was in bringing a fast breeder reactor online: the BN-800 has been in commercial use at Beloyarskaya AES since October of 2016. This is a type of reactor that makes its own fuel and then some from the extremely abundant but generally useless uranium 238. Everyone else who has tried to perfect this technology (the US, France and Japan) has failed and given up. It is a breakthrough because it solves two major problems: mitigating the shortage of naturally occurring uranium 235, and solving the problem of long-lifetime radioactive nuclear waste, which BN-type reactors can burn up until it is safe enough to bury...."
The second breakthrough is in the introduction of the closed nuclear cycle. Those who obtain their nuclear fuel through contracts with Rosatom do not have to worry about what to do with spent fuel: after a cool-down period, Rosatom takes the fuel assemblies back for reprocessing. The spent fuel is ground up and the useful elements are extracted, enriched, recombined and used to make new fuel assemblies. With a steady stream of Western nukes being shut down and dismantled about to turn into a flood, simply paying Rosatom to take away the spent fuel provides a good solution where previously there was none, lowering the costs of decommissioning to something that national budgets can conceivably bear.

So, what is there to be done by Western propagandists confronting the situation of the West languishing with no good energy alternatives while Russia’s and China’s nuclear programs are speeding away from them? Why, of course, the choice is obvious: put out a pseudo-documentary based on the fantasy-fiction of a Nobel-prized Grade A Russophobe to smear both Russia and its nuclear industry!..."


Thanks to reader "Hornet" for this valuable link.


Hornet said...

Glad you picked up on the new tech GC. Orlov has been hinting about a lot of this for the past few months and even wrote an article about how today's economy can only meet its future energy needs through nuclear energy (renewables don't/won't make the cut for many reasons). It's the first time he puts most of it together in one article. He also posted a lengthy response comment in an older column that went into other details on this topic.

greencrow said...

"Glad you picked up on the new tech GC..."

It's what I dooooooooo ; )


Northerntruthseeker said...

I recall several years ago where Jim Stone brought forward at his website the fact that way back in the US Carter administration, several key nuclear scientists actually developed this same procedure and wanted it pushed forward to alleviate the massive amount of nuclear waste being kept at US nuclear power plants.... They came forward with a method of "burning" through the waste material collected on nuclear rods to basically cause their residue nuclear material to be used up and turned to harmless material that nuclear workers could easily dispose of...

However, the lunatics in the nuclear industry dismissed this process as they continued to want to use the waste material to extract Plutonium and other nuclear isotopes for the building of new nuclear bombs.... And thus the post burning of nuclear waste in US nuclear power plants was rejected.... And today, every nuclear power plant in the US is a disaster waiting to happen as the nuclear waste from power generation is kept in large pools of water at the facilities themselves with no method of disposal at all!

Fukushima is a prime example of a nuclear breeder reactor facility turned into a disaster... The nuclear rods in the breeder reactors were laden with Plutonium, and that large amount of Plutonium was blown sky high into the atmosphere when the Israeli stuxnet virus did its handiwork and destroyed the plant's safety systems... The entire planet became contaminated with Plutonium from Fukushima and we are seeing its ill effects on all of us to this day!

greencrow said...


Thanks for your comment. It's amazing that this information is being kept from us with the exception of alternative bloggers like Jim Stone and Dimitry Orlov. It shows just why they're shutting down the real truthers. The fake stuff just wasn't going anywhere.

Now I know why Japan and Russia are having détente meetings and are discussing, in particular, nuclear power. I hope Japan does after all allow Russia in to clean up Fukishima as Putin has offered.

IMO, Russia having this capability is even more of a blockbuster than when Putin announced military weapons supremacy back in his March 1, 2018 speech. This is way more important than the S-400 advantage.

Callahan Braun said...

Sheesh. Can you still not add 1 + 1 ?
Simply look at the wikipedia (wiki-jew-pedia) article on Dmitry Orlov.

He pushed the Peak Oil lie.
He pushed the Collapse bullshit.

1 + 1 = jew.

And he has been praised by jews, such as Kunstler.

You said you think you might change your position on the (Earth-poisoning) nuclear power industry.

Exactly their agenda.

In Canada, you have a guy named Dana Durnford who exposes the heinous nuke industry from many angles and from top to bottom (except that he never identifies jews). Always with documentation.

Look at some of his videos on YouTube -- still there only because he does NOT identify jews.

Now, in closing, I don't mean to insult your intelligence, but just in case you don't know it yet: So-called "nuclear power" is not a process of magically transforming radiation into electricity. The radiation is used to HEAT and BOIL WATER to make steam, and the steam turns the turbines that generate electricity. Thus, as I have been saying for at least a decade: "That's the most asinine way to boil water ever invented."

Oh, P.S.: "The Russians" haven't invented anything new and of positive value since the jews created and funded the so-called Bolshevik Revolution which set about mass-murdering all the Whites capable of inventing anything. Their technology since then has always come from us Whites who invent and then, duped, let the jews sell or give it to the jewSovietUnion, jewRussia, jew-led China, jew-led India, etc.

Callahan Braun

greencrow said...

Hi Callahan Braun:

"....Thus, as I have been saying for at least a decade:..."

Where have you been saying it? Your name isn't familiar to me. Do you have a blog? Nice segue from nuclear technology to "the Jews" and "the Russians" tho.

If you'd stuck to the science it would have been more compelling.