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UPDATED: BOOGHAH! BOOGHAH! The Perps WILL get their cheap labour or trained ISIS militants ....Ebola causes migration from

UPDATED:  June 16, 2019 The Gateway Pundit reports that hundreds of refugees from ebola-striken parts of Africa are "fanning out" in western US.  And....wait for it....the government isn't even checking them for diseases!  And in another report, the WHO [Wholly Heinous Officials] are saying that the ebola outbreak is expected to "jump borders" and requires an "international response".(TMBBC says that the locals don't trust health officials because they're accompanied by armed patrols.  Hellooooo?!

Ebola photo taken from BBC report

The Perp Deep State bioweapon Ebola is in the newz again.  This time they're injecting people with it in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  The people are of course fleeing en masse and ending up in...wait for it...San Antonio, Texas.

Here's the "Official Story" from the "Voice of Satan", the BBC

Nearly 1,400 people have died in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Dr Jeremy Farrar, the director of the Wellcome Trust, said the epidemic was the worst since that of 2013-16 and has showed "no sign of stopping".

A five-year-old boy has also died in neighbouring Uganda, the first case of Ebola reported in the country.

The Ugandan government is now reporting seven other suspected cases of the virus.

In a statement, Dr Farrar said the spread was "tragic but unfortunately not surprising". He warned that more cases were expected, and a "full" national and international response would be needed to protect lives. 
The DRC should not have to face this alone," he said."


Greencrow: In normal times people would have asked such cogent questions as:

1.  Who is injecting the citizens of the Congo and with what?

2.  Who is paying for their transport en masse to Texas?

3.  Why on earth is this going on?

Well, we get a few possible answers...but not from the BBC or the rest of the perp-controlled M$M.  No.  As far as they're concerned, it's just a horrible, inexplicable "Act of God" (TM).

To get some relevant answers we need to go to the alternative news...which they're desperately trying to censor out of existence before their Hegemonic House of Cards built ENTIRELY on Lies collapses completely.

Here is what Robin Westenra is reporting from down under. But he doesn't tell us who this Doctor Jeremy Ferrar [sounds Jewish to me] is or who runs and finances the so-called "Wellcome Trust". Finding out those two facts would seem to be Job One for whoever wrote the "report"....not anymore, folks.  Button the lip on that one.

Alternate blogger Joaquin Flores tells us who is paying for the transfer of cheap labour.  Please read the links below which I received thanks to Ed(itor) and I'll have some conclusions to follow:

MAJOR: Mexico found that ‘Migrant Caravan’ financing came from England, United States

By Joaquin Flores | June 10, 2019

CDMX – The Mexican government revealed Thursday that they have blocked the financial accounts of at least 26 individuals or identities involved in a mass human trafficking operation which has been operating illegally under the auspices of a ‘humanitarian migrant/refugee caravan’ had come from individuals or institutions in the United States and England, among other states….” Please go to Fort Russ to read the entire article.

Now factor this into the immigration equation the mainstream media are not covering as the International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) have been begging for help claiming this is out of control:

WHO: 1 in 4 DRC Ebola cases could be undetected

350 Congolese Migrants Arrive in San Antonio

Why Are Hundreds Of African Asylum Seekers Showing Up At The U.S.-Mexico Border?

IFRC Says Ebola at Tipping Point in Congo With 2,000 Cases

Refugees from Ebola-stricken Congo dumped off in San Antonio by the hundreds | 08 June 2019 | San Antonio found itself ill-prepared to handle a sudden influx of refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Texas city was reportedly not informed by U.S. Border Patrol that the migrants, who began arriving on Tuesday, were coming, according to Interim Assistant City Manager Dr. Colleen Bridger. "We didn't get a heads up," Bridger told KENS 5 on Thursday. "When we called Border Patrol to confirm, they said, 'yeah, another 200 to 300 from the Congo and Angola will be coming to San Antonio,'" she added. The refugees, fleeing the Congo where an Ebola epidemic that began last year has now surpassed 2,000 cases, arrived in the Alamo city after reportedly traveling to the southern U.S. border with a group of about 350 migrants through Ecuador.

Hundreds of Illegal Immigrants from Congo and Angola Dropped Off in San Antonio


Roughly 350 migrants from the Congo are expected to arrive in San Antonio in the coming days leaving the city scrambling for French-speaking volunteers.

“We didn’t get a heads up,” Interim Assistant City Manager Dr. Collen Bridger told KEN 5 on Thursday.

Bridger said the 10th, 2019

Via: KENS5: migrants began to arrive in town on Tuesday. They told Migrant Resource Center workers, they traveled with a group of about 350 migrants through Ecuador to the southern border.

“When we called Border Patrol to confirm, they said, ‘yea another 200 to 300 from the Congo and Angola will be coming to San Antonio,'” Bridger said.

That included Masengi, a Congolese migrant, who didn’t want to have his face on camera but told KENS 5 via Google Translate he arrived to the southern border as an asylum seeker.

He said he came to America for security reasons and said, “My family is staying in my country but with the help of the USA I can get it back.”


Greencrow: The migrants have to be brought in as "refugees" so they can qualify for government "re-settlement aid".  That answers that question [who brought them in].  As to Why they were brought...I will use the rare [in this day and age] powers of "common sense" to deduce that they are being brought in to train for some future activity back in the Congo.  They will probably show up a few years from now as ISIS (TM) militants somewhere in Africa probably...but it could be anywhere.

In the meantime, they'll be given military training and the usual brainwashing. Hey, it's almost like the slave trading days of yor.  Africans "kidnapped" [terrorized into leaving]...being brought to Amerika and trained to be slaves.  With names like "Dr. Jeremy Ferrar" popping even looks like the "usual suspects" are the slave traffickers.  

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