Thursday, May 9, 2019

UPDATED: Yet Another "Travesty Of Justice"

UPDATED:  May 18, 2019  Important update on the Norman "Travesty of Justice" affair. Vice Admiral Mark Norman tells his side of the story...some quotes from the article: 
"...Various legal specialists consulted by Postmedia suggested the cost for the prosecution may be around $15 million."...

"...The government has finally agreed to pay Norman’s legal fees, [estimated as upwards of $1 million] although negotiations on that matter have yet to begin."...

"...Norman declined to discuss his future plans, including whether he will be launching a lawsuit against the federal government. But sources have told Postmedia that is in the works...."
Sooooo, lemeesee…..15+1+about $10 estimated in compensation resulting from Norman's lawsuit.  The Trudeau government racks up another twenty-six million in corruption costs paid for by the Canadian taxpayers.

UPDATED:  May 14, 2019 The CBC has reported that the Canadian Federal House of Commons has formally apologized to Vice Admiral Mark Norman for the years long ordeal he was subjected to by the [recently stayed] charge of "Breach of Trust" laid against him by the Federal Government.  The opposition parties are seeking a full-blown investigation of the scandal. Given the Liberals majority on the Commons justice committee...good luck with that one.

Vice Admiral Mark Norman Press Conference

Yesterday, as Jody Wilson-Raybould would say..."the other shoe dropped".  The other big case involving the Federal Liberal Government, The three-year-old Vice Admiral Mark Norman "breach of trust" case, was suddenly dropped by the Federal prosecutor, only two months before trial.  The tantalizing but unexplained rational for dropping the case so close to the August trial date was that the Federal prosecutors had finally had the opportunity to examine some evidence [gathered and presented to them by the defense] that led them to conclude that they had no chance of winning a conviction.

One of the media analysts correctly called the Mark Norman "breach of trust" case a "Travesty of Justice".  Now, where have we heard that phrase before?  Oh yes, now I remember.  The Nuttall/Korody Patsy Case here in Vancouver was called a "Travesty of Justice" by the Appeals Court Judge who set the conviction aside.  The three BC Appeals Court Justices, in their Reasons for Judgment recommended that the Federal Government examine the case with a view to taking precautionary steps to ensure such a miscarriage does not happen again.  Instead, the Federal Government pretended that the Travesty had not happened.  Did not make so much as a single comment on the verdict and swept the entire matter under the rug to this day.  This cover-up represents yet another "Travesty of Justice--layered onto the original one.

So, readers, I highly recommend you watch the above video from beginning to end.  It's a Politics 101 university course on the concept of "Travesties".  Note particularly how Norman's defence lawyer tells the media that it's "their job" to uncover who was at the root of the "Travesty".

"...The new evidence, gathered by Norman's lawyers and presented to the Crown on March 28, included some documents which were not uncovered during the investigation, something Norman's lead defence lawyer blamed on government obstruction.

"It should have been handed over," Marie Henein told reporters. "It should have been handed over to the prosecution. It was not. As to the why, I don't know. I leave you to answer that." ...

Lolololol.  Now, I ask my readers.  Do you really think that the "media" will make any effort at all to find out who was at the bottom of the "government obstruction"?  No.  In actual fact, the media sees it as their job to cover up and distract from who, in the government bureaucracy and/or elected officials, kept the evidence from the defense and the federal prosecutor.  It's none of the public's bidness who made the decisions that led to yet another monumental waste of taxpayer's funds. The federal government is now, belatedly, paying for Norman's legal costs...and these alone add up to close to a million dollars.  To the monetary costs of the time and energy of the prosecutor's office we need to add the costs of the destruction to Norman's reputation, which will probably lead to another lawsuit and another payment like the Omar Khadr 10 million payout.

Canada's wealth can be calculated in the number of "Travesty's of Justice" the Federal government can afford.  A bottomless pit of them, or so it would seem.

So if the government won't own up to who messed up and the media would NEVER breech it's duty to maintain silence on government corruption...who WILL tell Canadians the answer to the question that Defense Lawyer Marie Henein skirted.

Folks, it's only hinterland bloggers like little moi who will even hesitate a guess at the truth.  I have some semi-educated hunches as to who in the Canadian Federal Bureaucracy and government were behind the relentless effort to pillory Vice Admiral Mark Norman.  These hunches are based mostly on past behaviour by certain entities.  Number One on my hunch list is former Chief Clerk of the Privy Council, Michael ["the scum"] Wernick.  The defense said during the SNC Lavalin crisis that Wernick was attempting to "run the Mark Norman trial from the Office of the Privy Council".

The only problem with deducing that Wernick was at the root of the Norman "Travesty of Justice"--along with the SNC Lavalin "Attempted Travesty of Justice"--is that we still don't know who Wernick was operating a foreign mole in the federal government...or WHY.  We can guezz, of course.

The Canadian Regime Change that wasn't

In that regard, I offer up an excellent analysis by Matthew Ehret on the role that another nogoodnik is playing in the Canadian government.  Yes, the redoubtable Chrystia Freeland.  According to Ehret's thesis, Freeland is the leader/delegate of the international neoliberal globalist Deep State "super elite", or whateveryouwanttocallit in Canada.  Broadly stated, this group of globalist elites wants to destroy democracy and replace it with a population culling "green" facism.  Ehret says that Rhodes' Scholar Freeland was/is supposed to replace Trudeau as just another step in the globalism project.

Hey, wasn't that just what I was saying at the height of the SNC Lavalin crisis?  I was saying that the entire "crisis" was an orchestrated "Regime Change", and that Freeland was supposed to "step into the breech" left by the suddenly irredeemably  "disgraced" Trudeau.

IMO, that orchestration was suddenly called off.  Some [John Helmer in the blog "Dances with Bears"] opined that it was called off because polling done by the perps showed how nationally loathed Freeland was/is from coast to coast to coast.  So, sadly for them, they destroyed what tatters were left of the "Trudeau Brand" without being able to replace him prior to the Fall Election.


Back to the original point of this post...the long and winding road full of "Travesties of Justice".  The very least a rational brain can conclude about this series of "Travesties of Justice" which now numbers about a dozen, that I am aware of, [counting all the renditions and tortures of Canadian citizens abroad] is that it is an orchestrated attack on the rule of law in Canada.  Marie Henein in the video above, voices confidence in Canada's justice system and says that it's up to the challenge presented to it by the mysterious forces who [in this case] deliberately withheld evidence from both the Prosecution and the Defense.  Little moi is not so sure.  Unless and until the PTB are able to step back [fly high and get the big picture like greencrow] they will not be able to see The Parade of Travesties--and connect the dots between them.  A person in the legal profession [particularly a judge] calling something a "Travesty of Justice" is like a fire alarm going off.  Unless the Fire Department responds adequately and effectively and puts out the fire, the building is certainly going to burn down.


Reading between the lines said...

Marie Henein did a great job of disclosing the analogous events of JWR legal, and political interference without mentioning names or events .Beautifully done.
This probably will not get much air time but it will certainly put a dent in Trudeau's aspirations .So like you GC , I will be voting Green .I had already decided before I read your statement on same.
Cheers .I really enjoyed this article and the links.

greencrow said...


Thanks for your kudo. I consider this post one of the best pieces of writing I've done in a while. It seemed to write if someone else was being channeled. My great grandfather, James Arthur Mulligan, was a judge in southern Ontario. He was, in fact, the law partner of Sir John A. MacDonald. Family lore has it that he was a huge advocate for the underdog and for justice. Perhaps he wrote it ; )