Thursday, May 2, 2019

Why is the US making such an ash of itself in Venezuela?

The armed forces did not appear to heed Mr Guaidó's call to defect 
Photo courtesy the BBC

You knew the Random Guyaido coup was a bust yesterday when the CBC and CTV stopped obsessing with live broadcasts... and quickly switched over to obsessively covering the freak of nature track athlete who was banned from running in the Olympics due to "too much testosterone". The lingering question is:  Why is the United States so hell bent on wreaking Venezuela, despite the fact that Venezuelans are almost totally united against it?

Don’t trust anyone, convicted liar Abrams tells Venezuela’s Maduro

Nobody seems to be able to talk any sense into the USrael so-called "leaders" John Bolton, Mike Pompeo and Elliot Abrams.  Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov tried.  He spoke by telephone with Secretary of State Pompeo and, reporting on his recent phone contact, said:

"We agreed to maintain contacts, including on Venezuela, but I don't see a way to reconcile our positions — ours, on the one hand, which is based on the UN Charter and the principles and norms of international law, and that of the United States, on the other, in which Washington assigns the acting president of another country," Lavrov said, speaking to reporters in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on Thursday.

The Voice of Satan BBC seemed to admit that the effort to regime change Maduro for Guyaido was dead in the water.  MSN admitted that the "uprising attempt had sputtered".....for now.

But if history is any teacher...we know that the United States...or more precisely the Israeli dual citizens that run it...never give up.  They have "all the time in the world" I've said on countless other occasions on this blog about other countries targeted by them.  They are an international gang of parasitical thugs who know no loyalties--except their gawd, mammon.  Because they are parasites, they cannot survive unless they are able to latch onto another source of mammon....riches of another entity that they can suck off.  Venezuela has the biggest untapped source of gas/oil on the planet--so the parasites' very survival depends on unfettered access to it.

Here is Greg Bacon's rational the racist language of which is not for the faint of heart.  Simply put, he theorizes that Trump's long touted "Deal of the Century" to solve the Palestinian question involves Saudi Arabia giving money [Billions that it apparently does not have] towards relocating the Palestinians in either Saudi Arabia and/or Jordan.  Now, I seem to remember that "relocating the Palestinians" was a pre-text for the Iraq war.  The idea then was to relocate them to Iraq.  That plot literally exploded when a huge bomb went off in a Baghdad hotel, killing UN envoy for refugees Sergio Vieira de Mello and New York Jewish 'mass migrant" lawyer Arthur C. Helton, who was meeting with Vieira de Mello at that time to plot the expulsion of the Palestinians from their ancestral homeland.

Apparently, Saudi Arabia doesn't have as much oil reserves as it claims and so some how and some way...the perps plan to transfer some of the rights to the stolen Venezuelan reserves to Saudi Arabia.  Don't tell me how that works.  It doesn't really sound plausible.  As my mother used to say..."There's many a slip t'ween the cup and the lip".  Apparently, the Saudi crown prince has already offered the Palestinian leader Abbas 10 billion to support the relocation of the Palestinians...either to Saudi Arabia and/or Jordan.

Does this make any sense to anyone?  It doesn't to me.  Now, I know that there are A LOT of Jews/dual citizen [fifth columnists] in Venezuela.  They make up a sizable minority of the population in fact.  THEY are [as I have written about previously] the majority of the support that Guyaido has.  They would love for USrael to take over would feel more like home to them then.  It would be almost like living in Queens, New Jersey or Tel Aviv!  That's really what this diabolical and perverted "regime-change revolution" is all about.  Making the Jews feel at home in Venezuela...stripping any power from the indigenous [non-Jewish] population and providing a comfortable "Plan B" should Israel run out of water entirely....and become even more of a polluted garbage heap than it is now...a very likely happenstance. Average Americans are totally clueless about this. All the brainwashed and zombified population needs to see is the American flag fluttering on TalmudVision and hear the words "we're fighting for our freedoms"(TM).

Oh, and stealing the Venezuelan oil for USrael is also a reason...depriving Russia and China of access to it...that as well.

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wallflower said...

Well said GC...after I had read Greg's post yesterday (given though not understanding how the market works) connected the assumed dots. But I couldn't have said it better than you just did :) Where there is the threat of anything involving mammon...there is only one common answer to that foundation.

Here's hoping for a final Peace, Freedom from this horrible nightmare. At least you have the hope to just set sail and for a time leave it all behind. Have a nice day.