Sunday, May 19, 2019

UPDATED: Tulsie Gabbard Speaks out on Potential War on Iran

UPDATED:  Tulsie Gabbard's official
warning about US's Threats of War on Iran

Tulsie Gabbard Speaks out on
Potential War on Iran

Hi Folks.  I posted earlier this morning [see my post below] but apparently that post is too inflammatory for the blogroll.  So I am posting the video interview of Tulsie Gabbard above but recommending you look at the post below first Tulsie is far and away the best candidate seeking the Democratic Nomination for the 2020 US Election campaign.  The Interviewer notes that she's running 11th for the nomination, with a popularity poll percentage of only 1%.

It's a wonder the perps allowed her that!  I've been watching this campaign and it's a clown-fest.  The candidates, with the notable exception of Tulsie, are all clowns--not serious contenders.  Biden has baggage that you don't even want to know about, but he'll probably get the nomination.

It appears the two hands of the same Deep State war party have agreed that they'll give Trump another four destroy America and the West.  In a way, this post about Tulsie Gabbard, is a continuation of the previous one...showing a very rare public manifestation of the covert "by deception" ongoing war against us.

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