Monday, May 13, 2019

The Elephants in the Interview - Where Are Canadians Headed Politically?

Canadian Journalists, Andrew Coyne and Larysa Harapyn discuss the Liberals popularity crisis for seven minutes
 without once "naming" the real reasons for Trudeau's
 decline in the polls

Contemporary so-called "journalists" have a fatal flaw.  They simply cannot tell the truth or "name" the issues that are really bothering the public.  They think, if we don't mention certain issues and focus on other issues then the week-minded public can be "steered" in the direction we want them to go in. This is the mission of journalism today...covering up and suppressing real concerns that the public has and steering the public towards fluff, dysinformation and distraction instead.

The above interview between two journalists is a case in point.  The topic is "Why has Trudeau tanked in the polls and what, if anything, can the Liberals do about it."  The SNC Lavalin media-manufactured crisis is submitted as the main reason for the Liberal nosedive.  No mention of: 1) the Huawei/China crisis;  or the other foreign policy fiascos, such as: 2) our Foreign Minister, Chrystia Freeland, supporting "self-declared" Presidents, juntas and regime changes in Ukraine and Venezuela.

The above two reasons, along with 3)  the refusal of the last two Federal governments [Harper and now Trudeau] to do what the public expects from them, and form respectful working relationships with both Russia and China...relationships that would offset our dependence on the hegemonic and warmongering USA...are in fact IMO, the three main reasons for the implosion of support for the Liberal administration AND for the tepid public response to Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer.  Readers will note that NOT ONE WORD ABOUT THE THREE MAIN REASONS WAS UTTERED BY EITHER OF THE SO-CALLED "JOURNALISTS".

But, you have to hand it to Andrew Scheer.  At least he has honestly owned up to his clunker of an electoral platform.  He's been disappointingly up front with his "Me Too" insistence [contrary to the Charter of the United Nations] on moving the Canadian Embassy to Jerusalem...yet another reason for his low performance ratings that's NOT mentioned in the above interview.  Scheer's "monkey see, monkey do" foreign policy over Ukraine, re Venezuela, re  Russia, re China.  It brings tears to the public's eyes that there's absolutely NO choice on these crucial foreign policy issues between the two major parties.  It's not a coincidence.  Some entity owns and operates both parties and synchronizes their policy platforms.  That's Treason!

Sadly, in self-defense...Canadians are forced to park our votes in Untried and Untested embryonic political micro/fringe parties like the two-seat Green Party.  This, out of total disgust, disillusionment and fear, yes, fear and terror at what else the major controlled-Perp-Parties will support.  War on Iran, declared by USrael?!  Why, Of Course! Let's jump on THAT bandwagon!

Abandoned by their politicians and the Fifth Estate, Canadians on a daily basis ask themselves the question:  "Where are we going?...and Why Are WE In This Handbasket?!"

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albertde said...

I think you are overestimating the Canadian public. While not as stupid as Americans or as smart as Mexicans (Spanish is a more "democratic" language than English or French - I am talking about the vicious elite-induced spelling of our two national languages, which results in a reduction of vocabulary), Canadians can sense that both Trudeau and Sheer are stupid.
None of the parties inspire confidence. The Anglo-Zionist Empire is in decline, so the "marge de manœuvre" the Canadian government had under Diefenbaker and Trudeau père is gone. I prefer a minority government at this time, so even though I think May is a sellout, too, that is where I intend to go towards.