Friday, May 3, 2019

OMG - GQ is doing a "spread" on Guyaido

Random Guyaido   - Soft Porn Video
to "Arouse" Supporters

How do we know we're in the End Times?  The MZM Perps are Putting Out a Soft Porn Spread on Random Guyaido in GQ....with the purpose of "arousing" support from Venezuelans.  Is this what Democracy has come down to in USrael?  Who has the biggest and flashiest smile? Hey.  Just a minute.  It Worked In Canada after the last [2015] (s)election, didn't it?

Photo from Trudeau's Vogue Spread

In the Ziofascist-occupied and controlled West, politicians are considered nothing more than fashion models...meat on a rack. It's so disgusting how stupid they ASSuME the Goyim are.

NOTE:  While the video indicates the "spread" was shot in Mexico.  Readers are reminded that Mexico is one of the 139 countries that HAS NOT RECOGNIZED RANDOM GUYAIDO AS 'INTERIM' PRESIDENT OF VENEZUELA


wallflower said...

Well GC at least it is the's all he ever was and is, a highly paid 'model' that can 'act' to fulfill a spread of lies. He's a good slave.

greencrow said...

And the saddest thing of all, wallflower, is, as Ron Paul says...He's probably worth more dead than alive. What kind of person would go along with a career choice?

wallflower said...


Money blinds the eyes and deafens ears. It causes pride and arrogance to go before a fall. Even when all seems futile believe that the one(s) who sow discord will reap calamity. It just doesn't happen fast enough...[trompenston is a good slave too]

wallflower said...

Here's the sobering difference between evil son vs good son who doesn't get in the GQ hall of shame:

Mhardeh: Testimony of a mother whose son was martyred by Nusra Front April 2019
vanessa beeley
Published on May 3, 2019