Wednesday, May 1, 2019

How Can You Tell It's a False Flag?

John Brittain - killed four
people in Penticton, BC Canada
 in April, 2019
Image Made from Video

I smelled a rat the first day.  The day of the Christchurch False Flag atrocity...whatever went down...we'll never know for sure.  But one of the aspects about the media coverage that particularly stank was the "pixilation" of the head of the shooter [Brenton Tarrant] in the only photo released of him.  Why?  Well, there were so many other anomalies about that Crock of Shit that I didn't write about it at the time.

Then a few weeks later, there was a mass murder here in BC and I thought about it again.  The shooter, a retired city engineer by the name of John Brittain, went "postal" and shot and killed four of his neighbours.  A day or two later all the media showed Brittain doing "the perp walk" as it's called in those detective TV shows.  His face was clearly visible [above].  It occurred to me then that it's probably yet another indication of whether something is a real story or just another Fake Terror Event...whether the face of the perp is shown or not.  Below is an op-ed from the redoubtable RT which also condemns the new policy in the West of disguising the faces of mass murderers in certain cases.  Please read and I will have final comments to follow:

Brenton Tarrant, whose face cannot be shown
 due to a court order, and whose words
 likely won't be cited either. ©  REUTERS/POOL

From RT:

Media collusion to censor Christchurch mosque shooter trial is understandable… and deeply sinister 

"....The country[New Zealand]’s five major media corporations responsible for the coverage of the proceedings against the man accused of killing 50 people during the March 15 shootings at two Christchurch mosques, have signed a voluntary “indefinite” protocol “to limit any coverage of statements that actively champion white supremacist or terrorist ideology.”..."

"...Within this febrile climate, does the media want to become a willing tool of the establishment, or does at least one outlet want to break away and do its job? Particularly in an era where journalistic homogeneity and groupthink is already an issue, even in countries much bigger and more diverse than New Zealand. And in which both, free speech and factual reporting are increasingly secondary to political imperatives."


Greencrow says:  I think the censorship of the Christchurch Mosque Shooter is deeply sinister too...but not for the same reasons that Igor Ogorodnev, the author of the RT op-ed opines.  I believe this censorship is to conceal who the perpetrator/patsy is.  Hey, patsies aren't a dime a have to find them, mentor them, set them up and then either kill them or provide them with a double identity for the rest of their lives...….OR, you can simply conceal any identifying information about them, so that when you eventually let them the US FBI allowed the "dancing Israelis" go back to Israel after 9/11....then no harm done....very inexpensive, risk free...and the patsies can live to "bomb" or "shoot" another day.  Like that mass shooter in Toronto a few years ago...the guy that was videotaped being arrested was bald and the guy who was shown in a court drawing a few days later had a full head of hair [or, was it the other way around?  : 0]  Same thing.  Nobody knows what he looked like. He's probably free as a bird now...just another "Travesty of Justice"...brought to you by your scofflaw, globalist, ziofascist warmongering, terrorizing government.

And, in addition, it's just another disgusting indication of how bought, paid for and entirely corrupted the Western "Five Eyes" media is...and how, by reverse engineering the is yet another way that geopolitical observers/Truthers like little moi...can identify a False Flag.

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