Saturday, May 25, 2019

Garden Gnomes Restoration and Customization Project is Finished

Gnomes are Finished Video #4
Apologies for the Bird voices you
will hear throughout the videos.
My very elderly Miniature Diamond Dove
"Desi" will NOT shut up!!!

Swedish Gnome

Cabbage Hat Girl Gnome

Gnomes are Ready to Paint Video #3

Gnomes have been Repaired Video #2

Gnomes in Original State Video #1

Hi Fellow Arts and Crafts Enthusiasts...I've finally completed my Gnome Restoration Project.  It took me about a week and a half from start to finish.  View the above four short videos, starting with #1 and working upwards. 

I was going to place them permanently [for the summer anyway] in my back garden today but it's raining quite hard so I'll have to wait for the weather to improve before I take my "final" video of the their optimum locations. In the meantime, Enjoy!  To see this project and my other Arts and Crafts, visit my special Greencrow Creative Resources Page HERE

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