Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Disgusting LieZ that the MZM is telling about Venezuela

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Declared on CNN
that the Russians had convinced Maduro
NOT to Flee Venezuela

Yesterday, I reported on the Bay of Piglets attempted coup by USrael in Venezuela.  As they say, it went over like a two-storey outhouse.  Now, the Lopez guy who left house arrest to appear with Guaido on the overpass near the military base, and who was supposed to be the sign of authenticity for Random, has slunk away to the Spanish Embassy.  It was initially reported that Lopez was holed up in the Chilean Embassy...but Chile says that they were "full up" and couldn't accommodate him.  I didn't think it made sense that Chile, who has suffered so much, historically, at the hands of the US would put one of their regime-change stooges up. Lopez, instead, is sequestered at the Spanish Embassy.

The soldiers who initially appeared to be supporting Random, about 80 of them...have disbursed.  Apparently about 50 of the soldiers said they had been "tricked" into appearing outside the base.  They had been told that the operation was something else entirely. These soldiers have returned to their base.  The few who were aware of the plot from the beginning have also sought refuge--at the Brazil embassy.  This morning, Guaido is still calling for street demonstrations* and there are still the usual Ziofascist moles wandering around Caracas, distributing pamphlets and trying to stir up trouble.  But, according to all reports the city is relatively quiet.

Like some pundit opined at the end of yesterday..."You can't effect regime change with 35 soldiers, some smoke bombs and a box of bullets".  So, USrael is back to where it started...or is it?  Can we say that NO damage has been done--by yet another assault not only on the rule of international law but on the credibility of the press and on the reputation of the "American Empire".  Is the "Empire" so made up of Teflon that it can emerge unscathed from one imbecilic morass after another?  At what point does the public of the West say..."Hey, these guys are utter morons...they HAVE to go!"?

And the gawd the press!  Yesterday was a FAKE newz/liez lollapaloosa! Here's just a small sampling of what went down:


"Maduro was prepared to leave Venezuela: U.S. secretary of state"

According to several media reports, US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo told CNN that there was a plane on the tarmac, with its engines running, prepared to take Maduro to a "safe" but unknown destination.  According to Pompeo, Maduro wanted to leave Venezuela but...wait for it...Russia wouldn't let him.

RT covered the allegation...and Maduro's dry response HERE:


"...Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro refuted the statement by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that he’d almost escaped to Cuba, but that Russians had talked him out of it. Moscow called it ‘fake news.’

“Mike Pompeo said that I, Maduro, had a plane ready to go to Cuba, to flee and that the Russians got him off the plane and forbade him to leave the country. Mr. Pompeo, please, what lack of seriousness,” Maduro said, during a nationwide address announcing the “defeat” of the failed coup attempt...."


Greencrow says:  Blogger Robin Westenra had a good summation of some of the media lies about the quality of public support for Guaido vs Maduro.

But the biggest liars were the Canadian newz networks. The CBC and CTV were falling all over themselves attempting the hype the pathetic support that Guaido [who spent most of the day isolated on a highway overpass with a few "soldiers"] was garnering from the public. They played the video clip of an armoured vehicle hitting some rock throwers over and over and over if THAT was proof positive that Maduro was heading for the tarmac. We don't know whether anyone was injured OR who was driving the vehicle...was it a mole in the military?

And the lies are still going on today.  Count the lies in this one report from the CBC.  This is the newz network that will be covering the upcoming "No Choice" Canadian (s)election this fall.  Now we know that they lie without compunction...and they disregard the avalanche of angry, frustrated and disgusted forum comments at the bottom of all their "reports".  Canadians are almost 100% against Canada supporting this regime change...and yet ALL Canadian political parties support it!  Where does that leave Canadians?  With a lying bought press and some Grade B puppet leaders in a vassal toady state...that's where!

It makes this Canadian envy the Venezuelans.  At least they have an authentic leadership that represents the wishes of the majority of the population.  OTOH, Canada is truly buggered!

* NOTE:  Ron Paul Institute is suggesting that, due to yesterday's failed coup attempt, Random Guaido may be "worth more dead than alive" to the CIA and that they may kill him.  I have thought this from the beginning.  He's nothing more than a stooge/patsy and making a "martyr" or "pre-text" out of him was always an option.

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