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CawRANT Events #73

CawRANT Events #73

Good morning everybody, It's a gorgeous day on the West Coast and time for a brief RANT before I go out and mow the lawn.  Yesterday I attended the Vancouver Marathon downtown and it was a wonderful event.  8,000 people participated in the running and many more thousands cheered them on. My son finished the grueling event which was his first experience as a long distance runner.  He said the worst part was running around the Stanley Park Seawall with the wind in his face.  The wind was full of seawater droplets and so he was covered in a thin layer of salt by the end of the race.

He said that he went through all the stages of "grief" during the one point he thought it was a "piece of cake" but then he hit a "wall" emotionally/physically and vowed he would "never run again"  but after the race was over and he was celebrating he said he might "consider" running again. There were all ages running. Some 80-year-old ladies beat my son by a significant amount of time.  It all depends on the training and stamina I guess.

But I think I'll stick to blogging as an "armchair warrior".  Connecting dots left by the evildoers is my sport of choice.  So time to start with my RANT!

Yesterday, I had to write to the CBC over its coverage of the jet plane that crashed in Moscow yesterday, killing half of the souls on board.  The CBC Newz announcer opined that "We'll probably never know what caused the crash because:  First, It happened in Russia...and Second, It was a Russian plane."  THIS is news?????  So I wrote a letter to the CBC contact e-mail address asking whether they would use such language to describe a Western plane crash.  I cited as an example the two Air Max Boeing crashes that took place recently, killing all on board.   In those cases, the Western Media tippy toed around the overt negligence of Boeing and the FAA/US government.

The Western press is getting worse and worse every day.  Their coverage of the Venezuelan crisis is a case in point.  The Canadian press is uniformly in lock-step over the craven criminality of USrael to destroy Venezuela.  There are NO exceptions!  What kind of pressure does it take to make sure all the media representatives toe the line???  IMO, that is why there are non-stop false keep testing the media [Drilling the Message] to make sure NO truthtellers ever get hold of the mike.

The Truth about What's Going On
In Venezuela

Just this morning RT reported that CNN was saying that Random Guyaido had actually run in an election and was "elected" last January...and that was why, according to USrael, he was the legitimate "Interim President" of Venezuela.  It has reached a point where even Americans have to go to PressTV and RT to find out what's really going on around the world and even in their own country.  Inevitably those outlets will be shut down [sooner rather than later, IMO] and then we will be in the psychological darkness of total lies.

Just checked with RT and there's a breaking newz that some rockets have been fired at the Russian Khmeimim airbase in Syria.  While the report says the rockets were repelled...I'm not at all surprised that things have heated up both in Syria, in Ukraine [where I reported over the weekend that Putin is offering Russian passports to all citizens in the Donbass], and in Venezuela...where the Americans have been totally humiliated by rejection after they "Made an Offer [of Democracy] that the Venezuelans cannot [but did] refuse".

I've concluded that this "coincidental" convolution of geopolitical events was scheduled to provide a cover for the annual Israeli "mowing of the lawn" of the Palestinian population.  We were all supposed to be distracted 24/7 by the violent civil war that was supposed to have erupted in the streets of Caracas...all while the Ziofascists "culled" the West Bank population.  Didn't happen.

So, now they've substituted rocket attacks against the Russian Air Base in Syria.  You's always about Israel.  What the puppets in USrael [Trump and his "government"] say or do at any given time is irrelevant and merely a distraction.  The USraeli dual citizens Deep Staters are playing the US like a Stradivarius violin.  But the sound that they make is like the cacophony that surely emits from the black holes of hell.

Ever wonder why Israel simply cannot stop trying to destroy this planet?  Well, I found something on Aletho news not too long ago and I think I'll end this RANT by copying a snippet from it.  It's a report on the state that Israel is in currently….and how close it is to blessed annihilation.  Please read the following and I will have final comments to follow:


Not on my Bucket List - Why Israel Is Always Fighting With Its Neighbours - Water

Israel - According to the Yinon Plan

1) Israel cannot feed itself.

2) Israel pretends desalination impacts don’t exist.

3) Israel takes Syrian, Lebanese, Palestinian, and Jordanian water.

4) Israel’s one and only large, natural water body may be gone within twenty years.

5) Over half of the Jordan river valley’s biodiversity is already gone.

6) Israel and the Occupied Territories are awash in human sewage.

7) West Bank/Israeli streams and groundwater are over exploited and drying up so completely that centuries old trees in the nature reserves are dying of thirst.

8) Israel’s water, forestry, agricultural and military technologies have compromised agricultural land to the point where half of it is depleted and at risk, pesticide use is highest in the OECD, the land is absorbing more heat, and, in the long run, drip irrigation may do more harm than good.

9) Israel is the Flint, Michigan of the Middle East with a history of spectacular toxic spills, dumped military/industrial carcinogens, hundreds of contaminated wells, hundreds of millions of tons of contaminated ground water, millions of tons of oil stored right on the beach, massive unregulated hazardous waste sites built above aquifers, and the world’s oldest nuclear reactor, sitting 18 miles from the Syria-African fault line—with 1,537 documented defects in its aluminum core.

10) Wine, war, industrial tourism, and an unwinnable competition with the faster growing Arab population are the water marks on Israel’s self-portrait.

11) Israel is stuck with being the love-child of 1950’s American water engineers and 1800’s ‘make the desert bloom’ fundamentalism.

12) Israel is a cautionary tale.


Hydro diplomacy
Israel’s water technology media stream flows across the digital landscape like the Amazon River. Its headwaters are a combination of hyperbole, wishful thinking, and putting a new hat on old technologies. Headlines like, “… Israel overcomes an old foe, drought’, ‘Israeli innovation could feed the world…’ ‘12 top ways Israel feeds the world’ are the sort of nonsense Americans expected from the National Enquirer back in the 1970’s but people still buy it. So much so that it would be no surprise to read, “Israeli scientists invent fish that can breathe underwater.” or “Israeli scientists discover a plant that makes its own food from sunshine.” AIPAC leader, turned pro-Israel water author, Seth Siegel provides a simple explanation for the media stream. An interviewer asked Mr. Siegel,

Q: “Do you think Israel’s use of water saving technology can help its relationship to the outside world?”

Siegel replied: “Absolutely. I make that point in the book. There are countries that vote against Israel in the UN but when it comes to water, they invite Israel in. It is hydro-diplomacy.”

This is pretty much what the Agricultural Union’s Yaron Solomon quoted Minister of Agriculture Uri Ariel saying, “Israeli agriculture is among the most advanced in the world, and we are taking steps to leverage this, both economically and politically…”

How realistic are claims that Israel has solved its water problems with technology? We need look no further than Israeli Agricultural Minister Uri Arial in December, 2017, when he called on the Israeli public to assemble at the Western Wall to PRAY FOR RAIN! Yes, as the fifth straight year of drought came knocking at the Damascus Gate, the country’s agricultural front-man was out there channeling Steve Martin in Leap of Faith. Nothing wrong with a good prayer, but ten thousand years of agriculture has shown we don’t want to bet the farm on it.

And yet here comes undaunted Israel with the audacity, the chutzpah, to claim that they can bail us out of water shortage at the very same time we are shipping them billions of tons of embedded water. American water infrastructure, especially in the West, is heavily subsidized by American taxpayers. The time approaches when we’ll have to evaluate the growing harm of sending Colorado River water, what’s left of the Ogallala Aquifer, and other precious dwindling water resources overseas.


Greencrow says:  People scoff when I speculate that "some entities" can control the weather of the world and have actively politicized and weaponized the weather...creating pre-texts for invasion ["offering aid"] punishing enemies and "rewarding" friends.  Sure, not all floods and droughts, etc., etc., etc.  are caused by the Jews.  BUT if they have the ability to do this...covertly and covered up by their controlled press...what's to STOP them from doing it?  The US military has ADMITTED that it seeds clouds with lithium, coal dust and gawd knows what else.  We know that HAARP technology exists and has been advanced since it was first publicized back in the 60's and 70's.  This technology uses microwaves and lasers to penetrate the atmosphere and the earth's layers, stirring them up and causing them to explode in earthquakes, hurricanes and cyclones.

Don't Try This at Home

For anyone who doesn't believe me on this...I DARE you to go into your pantry, take out a can of beans [or whatever] and put it into your microwave. Close the door and set the microwave oven to ten minutes on "high".  I can assure you that within about three minutes you'll understand the power of microwaves and lasers.  Now use your head to connect the dots--imagine what happens when huge microwave beams and huge lasers are used to penetrate and disrupt the atmosphere and earth's layers.

Every time I read or see on the Talmudvision about natural disasters...I ask myself the same questions: whether the "victims" are foes of the Jews.  Or whether their land/resources can be preyed on by the Jews.  Nine times out of ten...the answers to those two questions are "Yes".

And that's why, for the umpteenth time on this blog, I will emphatically state why I never get into discussions about "Climate Change" or "Extreme weather".  Sure, there might be climate change and, throughout the course of planetary existence....there have always been "extreme weather events".  But given the facts about what we KNOW about the weaponization of the weather...unless and until all the cards are placed on the table by all the perps...we will never be able to say for sure what particular event was "natural" and what event was "manmade".  

And the fact that we are not even allowed to discuss the concept of the "weaponization of weather" tells me that we are a long way from being able to deal with the challenges of the ongoing and escalating planetary destruction and extinction of species.  Being able to talk and "name" an issue is the FIRST STEP in dealing with it.  We are not there yet.

My husband jokes that he'll take all my gloom and doom prognosis about the planet seriously when they interrupt programming on his favourite channel...The Golf Channel.  Well, in turn...I will believe all these climate change chest thumpers when the Military Industrial Complex cleans up the plastic in the Pacific Ocean AND when they admit that man is behind a lot of the extreme climate events that we're seeing on a weekly basis now.

So much for this RANT.  Now I'm going to get out and enjoy this wonderful Spring Day.  Until the next time, bye for now.

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