Sunday, May 26, 2019

BREAKING NEWS: Texas in Donbass gets shelled during Saturday Night Visit to Frontline

Russell Bentley aka "Texas"

Saturday Night on the Avdeevka Front 18/05/2019 (ENG&RUS SUBS)

Watch this video.  It starts off quite peacefully as Texas is accompanying a truck bringing dinner to the frontline troops.  Things heat up, however, as they endure another [regular] overnight shelling coming from the "Nazis" on the Kiev Junta [Ukraine] side.  Next day, Texas shows us fragments of the shells...proving that "NATO", at the very least, is supplying the Kiev Junta side with weaponry/ammunition forbidden under the "Minsk Agreement".

This is the real news, folks.  My next post will be exposing the governmental ramping up of the "Fake News" we get here in Canada and the West.

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