Thursday, May 30, 2019

Assange gravely ill -- His health condition is directly related to Presstitute abandonment of Journalism Ethics

Julien Assange

If reports in the alternative media are true, Wikileaks founding editor Julian Assange is gravely ill.  He's currently being held in the hospital wing of a UK prison.  Even his lawyer says Assange is so ill that he [the lawyer] can no longer communicate with the Wikileaks editor.

If Assange dies in custody it will be the first murder of a journalist aided and abetted by his fellows in modern Main$tream Journalism.  In times gone by, the only insurance policy that a journalist had, if he went into a war zone or other dangerous territory, was the assurance that his or her fellow journalists would band together and cry out as one on his/her behalf, on behalf of the laws protecting freedom of speech, demanding his safety and/or release.

Assange has been abandoned by the presstitute "journalists" of today's media.  They don't regard him as one of them because he isn't on the Deep State payroll.  They are too stupid and venal to realize that all journalists are under threat...if the Deep State can maintain its death grip on Julian Assange.  "First they came for Assange....".


Penny said...

Hey GC:

No offence intended, I've just never been convinced that Assange is really "as presented"

It's entirely possible this sudden deterioration in his health could just as equally indicate a new identity/ life in the making.

Which is why I stay away from this whole saga.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

I'm aware that a significant faction of the alternative truth movement doesn't believe Assange is "as presented". I've decided to err on the side of belief that someone--who was hold up in an Embassy for seven years, and who is now imprisoned, MUST be a threat to "them".

Robert Smith said...

Hello greencrow and Penny.

There are to some people a few inconsistencies while investigating if Julian Assange is alive or dead.

Others insist that Julian Assange was NOT in the Ecuadorean Embassy after the Pamela Anderson episode of bringing him lunch around of October 2016.

Although as of May 30, 2019 it is said he is alive, but very ill and had to be moved to the prison systems hospital after his arrest from the Ecuador embassy, and seems to be suffering from psychological torture.

Although a report has come that he has been chemically lobotomized, Jim _____ says this was done shortly after Julian Assanges's removal from the Ecuador embassy in October 2016.

Quoting Jim -----: “It is a ruse that this drugging happened after his "arrest", the "arrest" was obviously staged, where he was put back in the embassy for a short time and then removed while so whacked out he smeared his poop on the walls. The pictures say it all."

"They got him, and though I agree with the following quite credible report saying he's being drugged now, I disagree with the report--( claiming he was drugged only after arrest, I think he was drugged LONG before the public show, shortly after he was removed from the embassy during October of 2016. No public balcony appearances during that time speaks VOLUMES. And the way he looked when "arrested" says even more, he was already fruitified. The linked report is obviously correct about the current situation - he's definitely getting drugged now but my view is that it is ongoing "treatment" that started years ago. He's a GONER. “ ---(scan down the page to see)


greencrow said...

Hello Robert:

It's quite likely that they're trying to "break" Assange one way or the other.

Considering what the UK MI16 did to the Scripals, we can just imagine what's now going on re Assange.