Monday, April 29, 2019

The Choiceless Choice - Notice to Readers

"Opposition" Leader Andrew Scheer

UPDATE:  Looks like I'm able to post, but without the "snippets" from the links.  Looks like that was what was causing the posts to disappear.

Just a quick notice to readers that, due to some weird glitch in Blogger this morning, I am unable to post about the topic I have chosen...The Choiceless the upcoming Fall Canadian federal election.

I have loaded links and quotes onto this page twice now and they have disappeared completely.  The point I was going to make was that Canadians by design, have absolutely NO choice in the upcoming election.  Scheer and Trudeau are playing "Monkey See, Monkey Do" all along the election journey...trying to outdo one another in kissing the @$$es of their neocon/neoliberal, Five Eyez Sorosian masters.

As an example, "Opposition" Leader Andrew Scheer, above, today demanded Canada double down on its pissing trade war with China.  Refresh my memory...why are we fighting with China???? Oh, yes, because we were forced to illegally kidnap the CEO of Huawei by the USrael Deep State. Huawei refuses to give the Deep State a backdoor into its 5G technology, that's why.  So, because of that....Canada has to self-immolate economically.

What a laff...Trudeau was hosting Japan's Prime Minister Abe today and in a monumental flub, welcomed the leader of "China" to Canada.

There was a public opinion poll released on the weekend.  It said that while the Conservatives were comfortably in front of the Liberals at the moment, their lead was "soft".  This is code for saying that Canadians despise the "platforms" [aka "marching orders"] of BOTH parties.  But the so-called Journalists are NOT supposed to mention the elephant in the room...that ALL the parties' platforms have been purged, stripped and sanitized of any Canadian sovereignty.  That's the way it is specifically designed.  Canadians are, and have been for some years...actually ever since the coming of the Five Eyez...never to be given an actual choice.  Different coloured banners?  Yes! by all means.

But heaven forbid Canadians be given an actual pathway [aka real leadershio] out of the current flopping and flapping on the political deck like a landed flounder.  For Gawd sakes...don't allow a leader with policies that provide a return to global "honest broker" neutrality and respect!  No!  Canada has to strut around the world stage like a peacock...all dolled up and arrogant.  We have to give the finger to powerful would-be allies and trade partners like Russia and China.  We have to forever hitch our star to the bankrupted [and globally despised] by-perpetual-wars USrael.

That, folks, is our only "CHOICE".

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