Thursday, April 4, 2019

Taping Potentially Controversial and/or Threatening Phone Calls

Cassette Tape Recorder

Jeeeezz!  When was the last time you telephoned a bank, a cable company, or any large corporation and you didn't hear a disembodied voice repeating the words: "Please be advised that this conversation will be recorded for quality assurance and/or employee training purposes."?

It's SOP in the corporate world now to record conversations in the business environment.  Nobody questions it....and nobody hangs up the phone in shock or disgust.  But just two days ago we heard the Prime Minister of Canada feigning outrage at the former Attorney General of Canada recording the conversation of a staff member of the government who, she, rightfully, suspected would be attempting to bully her into interfering with a judicial decision.  Trudeau gave Canadians the "rationale" that taping the conversation of someone without telling them was reason enough to kick them out of cabinet and then the Liberal caucus.

I must confess that, from time to time when I was a social worker in child protection I taped the conversation of a client.  The above recorder is the one I used.  It was often borrowed from me by other social workers who wanted a record of clients' phone calls.  I also used it to record meetings for minutes and interviews with children.  It is just a tool that can be used to conduct business.  Just like, as Trudeau and his henchmen were always professing, the DPA was a "tool" that could be used to avoid a prosecution.

In the work environment that I was in for eight years, many times police were called to our office following threats to social workers.  Threats were usually made on the phone.  In one instance, a HIV+ father phoned another social worker and said he was coming over...and was going to infect her with HIV. He did come over, and the police were there when he arrived.

When I taped phone calls of clients, I had to put them on speaker phone in order to record the call.  They knew I was putting them on speaker phone because I would tell them and they could hear the "echo" that was created in the office.  When you are put on speaker phone, you would be an absolute fool to think that nobody else could be in the office and listen to the conversation.

Jody said she recorded the call with Michael Wernick because she took the call from her home and did not have staff to sit in on the call and take notes.  So it was assumed, one way or the other, that a record of the call would take place.  Did Jody put Michael on the Speaker Phone?  Or, did she have some kind of automated device in her phone to record the call?  I am not that up-to-date on today's technology and don't know how recording a phone call works in today's working environment.

I do know that Jody had every right to record Michael Wernick's "inappropriate" phone call to her and that she was very wise and professional...not to mention an outstandingly patriotic Canadian to have done so.  If she had not, Canadians would never have known the extent of the attempted attack on/obstruction of justice she was trying to save the Canadian judicial system from.  The fact Trudeau despicably blamed recording the call for her downfall is yet another indication of his unfitness for office and his astounding poor judgment.

According to the latest reports this morning, all Jody asked Trudeau to do to avoid the so-called "civil war" was to fire three non-elected staff: Principal Secretary Gerald Butts, Chief Clerk of the Privy Council, Michael Wernick, and PMO staffer Mattieu Bouchard--and for Trudeau to publicly apologize for the attempted obstruction of justice...with the promise to never let it happen again.  Simple, right?  But Trudeau refused to comply and his lack of apology means that he WILL try and do it again, and that Canada, as a result, is truly buggered.

He needs to go.  I said this on day one and I will say it again.  The only hope Canada has is if the RCMP launches an investigation...then he MUST resign!


John F. Zahn said...

A lawyer once stated to me: Document everything!

Penny said...

The RCMP could never be trusted to actually "investigate" this incident.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Sadly, I agree completely. Particularly after the Nuttall/Korody RCMP/CSIS/Deep State Corruption case...which was NEVER investigated.