Sunday, April 14, 2019

Reproductive Dreams and Nightmares Continued...

Conception:  Is it being politicized by certain Races?

Every so often, I need to write about one of the most suppressed/silenced issues of our time.  The engineering [weaponizing?] of conception.  It is only when the bile rises in my throat to the point where I can't ignore it any longer, do I confront and "name" this hidden assault on humanity.

There it is on the back pages...a woman raised as an only child finds out she has 29 siblings through DNA testing.  It's  treated as a rare anomaly--no more than a curiousity.  But the story line follows a vaguely familiar tale.  Some egotistical doctor is impregnating women seeking help conceiving--with his own sperm.  The Doctor is invariably Jewish.  I've read many similar stories over the years...there was even was a notorious case here in Vancouver...and the doctor is ALWAYS Jewish.

Here is an more recent case reported from The Netherlands:

Is Karbaat a Jewish name?

A doctor at a fertility clinic in The Netherlands [since deceased] is suspected of fathering 49 children with his own sperm.  The mothers were all victims of gross malpractice...unaware that he was using his own sperm.  Is anyone else cottoning on to what is going on here?  If it were muslim doctors abusing the medical system in a similar way...would there be a hew and cry against it????

What is going on and has been going on for decades now is that Jews are flooding the "goyim" gene pool with their DNA.  It is part of their psychological and genetic predisposition to rule the world "by deception".  Just like they operate by deception in the military, political, economic, news media, entertainment and judicial arenas...they are also operating deceptively in the medical, gynecological and social arenas.

I found out when I was a social worker that young women of minimal earning capacity [on welfare] were encouraged and permitted to become pregnant with Jewish sperm at fertility clinics.  There are financial programs run by the clinics that subsidize the medical costs of fertilization.  Then the young women raise their offspring as single parents on welfare.  I found this most disturbing.

Nevermind the genetic issues involved in having so many offspring from one anonymous donor...the inherent risk of incest and congenital abnormalities...there is also the harm done to humans psychologically when they are deprived of their biological roots due to anonymous sperm donation.
Are Sperm Donor Children victims of psychological abuse?

I have written on this subject previously.  There is ample empirical evidence that anonymous "sperm donor children" suffer throughout their lives from being deprived of a normal relationship with a biological father.  It is deeply humiliating to realize that you are the product of a "jack off" into a condom...and that your "father" got paid for such a transitory "deposit".

How much more humiliating and debasing must it be for children who are conceived as part of a criminal, deceptive [akin to rape] and biologically grotesque assault on humanity...a co-ordinated plot to flood the gene pool with racial prototypes at the taxpayer's expense?

Like I say, I only write about this topic when the bile rises in my throat to an intolerable level.


wallflower said...

Hi GC...

Not only that...but the overly advertised manipulation behind finding "your roots" by DNA testing (which will ultimately render you mis dis foul fake information) all done for $$$$. I have come to know several people working hard for their pittance falling for this scam. Of course the first thing out of my mouth is "How can you believe this scam?" Why do you need a complete and utter scam artist (Jews) to override what your own Grandmother has related to you about your family? And of course it is too late to withdraw your DNA from the Government beast that can use it for suit their criminal agendas. SAY NO TO THIS SCAM!!!

greencrow said...

I agree, Wallflower, it IS a complete scam. This is the part I hate the most...when someone shares their family background with these spy DNA agencies...then their relatives are also included in the histories. So, it doesn't really matter if you avoid the agencies like the plague...if a brother or sister falls for the're included in the sharing of what used to be private information.

Reading between the lines said...

" I only write about this topic when the bile rises in my throat to an intolerable level."
I can totally understand your reason for intolerable heart burn problems , just reading about it renders the same symptoms on myself.

greencrow said...

Yes, it is sickening to say the least. Think about the Doctor who fathered 49 kids. Given that the average man fathers about 2 children...this sick grease ball fathered the equivalent of 25 men!