Monday, April 8, 2019

Perps Planning Poll Perversions--Pointing to Putin?

Russian President Vladimir Putin might
destroy Canadian Democracy, according to
...WTF is THAT?!

I see that Blogger played another trick on me by publishing a post without me having clicked on "Publish".  Well, there's not too much to add to this I will go ahead and finish it.

In this morning's newz we have some reportz that a brand, spanking new agency in Canada is predicting that there will be "foreign cyber interference" in the upcoming Canadian Fall Election. Please read the following report from the CBC and I will have more comments to follow:


"Canada targeted in election year for foreign cyber interference, spy agency says

More than 1 adversary spreading misinformation on Twitter about Canada — report

Canadians are vulnerable to foreign interference in this fall's federal election — and the meddling is already underway, according to a new report from Canada's electronic spy agency.
The Communications Security Establishment says since the 2015 federal election, Canadian political leaders and the Canadian public have been targeted by foreign cyber interference activities.
The details come in a new report entitled "2019 update: cyber threats to Canada's democratic process," released Monday.

The report says more than one foreign foe has wielded cyber tools on social media to spread false or misleading information about Canada on Twitter, "likely to polarize Canadians or undermine Canada's foreign policy goals."

In another example, the CSE — tasked with protecting some of Canada's most valuable electronic information and gathering foreign signals intelligence — says a foreign adversary has manipulated information on social media to boost views highly critical of the government legislation imposing sanctions and banning foreign officials accused of human rights violations from travelling.
The signal agency's report says while Canada is likely to feel some sort of foreign cyber interference ahead and during the October election, it's unlikely to rival our neighbours to the south.
"Even if a foreign adversary does develop strategic intent to interfere with Canada's democratic process, we consider foreign cyber interference of the scale of Russian activity against the 2016 United States presidential election improbable at this time in Canada in 2019," it notes.
"However, we judge it is very likely that Canadian voters will encounter some form of foreign cyber interference ahead of, and during, the 2019 federal election."

Be aware of false information [Editors' note: LOL]

While Canada's paper-based elections provide some shelter from interference, enemies could try to undermine Canada's trust in the democratic process, says the agency.
"It is likely, however, that adversaries will try to deface a website or steal personal information that could be used to send out incorrect information to Canadians, causing an inconvenience or disruption to the election process," said the report.
"The aim of such activity would be to sow doubt among voters, causing them to question the legitimacy of the election. This activity may even discourage certain voters from participating in the democratic process entirely."
Monday's assessment comes as a follow to the agency's 2017 report on threats.
"Since we published our June 2017 report, cyber threat activity against democratic processes has become even more prevalent worldwide," says the report. "We assess that the likelihood of cyber threats targeting Canada's democratic process during the 2019 federal election has increased.


Greencrow says:  Why would Russia want to interfere in Canada's (s)elections? What good would it do for Russia, since all the Canadian political parties are controlled by the Ziofascist perps anyway?  As was demonstrated by the 2015 election of the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau, which followed the Conservative Government of Stephen Harper: even though the Liberals promised a "reset" with Russia during the campaign...they broke that promise immediately following the election and, in fact, doubled down on "Canada's" extremely self-destructive hostile attitude towards Russia.  That was proof positive--it doesn't really matter WHO is the leader or WHAT party makes up the government, the Ziofascist occupiers call the shots.
So, if the Russians don't want to or need to interfere, who does?  I submit that the perps themselves want to interfere--and make a further mockery of the upcoming Election.  They want to diminish the image of Democracy in the provoking a cyber false flag...which will cast doubt on whoever is elected so that the population will be further prepared for the coming Zioligarchy ,that is already waiting in the wings, if not already in power.
More importantly, the so-called "Communications Security Establishment" is nothing more than another controlled, corrupted agency looking for a big budget of Canadian taxpayer funds.  Just like CSIS, it needs to justify its existence by threatening and/or accomplishing False Flags that terrorize the citizens into relinquishing rights and submitting to more and more very expensive "protection".  This is the stereotypical strategy of PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION.
Yes, there probably will be interference in the upcoming election just as that toad, Michael Wernick predicted.  But Canadians should be aware that this interference...and possible delegitimization of the election, will be yet another crime by the Globalist, Ziofascist, Five Eyes, warmongers who occupy and pervert all governments in the West.
Putin wearing his Super High Tech
 "Cyber Interference" Sunglasses


Reading between the lines said...

The media in Canada has stooped to a new low .Canadians from coast to coast will now be checking under their beds in the evening , to ensure there are no Russians there.I can't believe what I am hearing and reading .The world has gone absolutely bonkers.

greencrow said...

Trudeau's failure to reset Canada's neutral relationship with Russia was his first and, IMO, worst decision...if it was even his decision to make. Now, it appears that the Zio-perps are fully in control, with this threatened election Cyber False Flag. Perhaps the perps are planning to do to us what they're doing to Venezuela...mess with the electrical grid.
...and remember who came to save the Venezuelans--the Russians.

Canada doesn't even have that hope.