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Park Bench Cafe # 9 Ed(itor) is BAAAACCCCK

Park Bench Café #9 

It's been a very long time since I met my Blogging Colleague Ed(itor) on our old park bench for a chat.  I thought I had produced more in this series, but Blogger is insisting that I produced 20 in total.  Today, I decided that the time was ripe because Ed(itor), who hails from the balmy climes of the New England States, starts the conversation with one of my favourite issues...the control of Earth's climate by evil perps, who use their weather weaponry [chemtrails HAARP, EMP, Laser and gawd knows what else] to oppress all living things on this planet. 

The latest example of this...which I posted about a week or so ago, was the concocted "Cyclone" that materialized, against all scientific rationale, in the quiet and sheltered waters off Mozambique.  It then was pushed inward where it did major damage to the environment, the infrastructure and the population of that materially poor, militarily vulnerable...but resource rich region.  I theorized that this was a SOP "5th generation warfare" invasion of Mozambique and the surrounding nations by the "usual suspects".  Of course, this is the crime we dare not even speak of.  That's why the perps can attack anywhere on earth with impunity.  Well, the greencrow, at the very least, will make the necessary allegations to permit discussion and "name the problem" we used to say in social work.

Climate warfare is far and away the biggest challenge facing humanity--to expose who these Satanic monsters are and disarm them...before they irrevocably destroy our "Garden of Eden" --as Earth once was.  So, without further ado, join Ed(itor) as he takes us down his own personal rabbit hole of news links garnered off the Internet.  


Extremely powerful ground based microwave transmission facilities are being used in conjunction with the ongoing atmospheric aerosol spraying operations to completely manipulate Earth’s climate systems. The planet’s former weather equilibrium has long since been completely derailed, natural weather is no more. The 2 + minute video below clearly reveals extreme microwave transmission manipulation of the “Nor'easter” that just produced the latest engineered cool-down of the Eastern US.

Climate Engineering, Microwave Transmissions,
And The April Nor’easter

The ongoing official denial of global climate engineering operations is beyond criminal. Exposing and halting the climate engineering insanity is the great imperative of our time. All of us are needed in this battle…

In other Godly news:

“… the Lord leads the church “revelation upon revelation.”….”

Ocasio-Cortez responds to Trump calling her a 'young bartender': The 'last guy who underestimated me lost’


According to a report in the official magazine of its Defense Ministry, Russian “supersoldiers” are able to use “parapsychology” techniques to crash enemy computers, access the minds of foreign soldiers, and read documents inside locked safes — abilities they gained, according to the article, from telepathic dolphins they can now communicate with.

[Ed.: But Tim Cook is gonna send me a security update, no?]

“Brenton Tarrant, the white Christian terrorist and mass-murderer credited with [the Christchurch] murders was merely acting out in accordance with the programming he has received over the course of the last 2 decades by a Jewish mainstream media whose aim is to turn every Christian in the West into a ticking time bomb of sorts who feel it their religious, personal or political duty to go to war against Islam,” Mark Glenn, from Idaho, said in an interview with the Tasnim News Agency.

“Tarrant is a creature of Israeli intelligence in that his mind (and subsequently his actions) were hijacked years ago and filled with psychological black magic cooked up in Israel and transferred via a Jewish controlled mainstream media and Hollywood in order to turn him into the lethal instrument that he was and is,” he said, adding, “And what makes this situation so dangerous is that there are millions just like him.”  ….”

“... Suffolk County DA Rachael Rollins pushes her highly contested “no-prosecute” list into action. The “list” gives a green light to a number of arrest-worthy offenses — including trespassing, shoplifting, disorderly conduct, and “wanton or malicious destruction of property.” In other words, local law enforcement is being directed by the district attorney to stand idly by while miscreants steal and destroy property. The directive from Rollins also orders police to refuse to cooperate with ICE in the arresting of illegal immigrants at the courthouse — no matter the severity of their crimes....."

“… US Undersecretary of Defence for Policy John Rood has announced that the Pentagon is planning to start deploying "lower cost sensors" to low Earth orbit that are capable of detecting hypersonic missile launches and tracking them. The announcement was made during a hearing at the US Senate Committee on Armed Services, where Rood responded to questions about how the US would be countering hypersonic weapons…..”

April 4th, 2019

Via: CNBC:

Amazon is planning to build a network of more than 3,000 satellites federal filings reveal, in an ambitious attempt to provide global internet access.  Known as Project Kuiper, the move represents the latest space ambition from Jeff Bezos. Amazon has previously announced its cloud business will build a network of satellite facilities on Earth and Bezos’ space venture Blue Origin continues to move closer to launching space tourists.  “Project Kuiper is a new initiative to launch a constellation of low Earth orbit satellites that will provide low-latency, high-speed broadband connectivity to unserved and underserved communities around the world,” an Amazon spokesperson told CNBC in an emailed statement.

A race among several major players is underway to build a next-generation broadband network in space, as companies lay out plans to use a so-called constellation of hundreds or even thousands of small satellites. Elon Musk’s SpaceX launched two test satellites for its “Starlink” network last year, the first step toward its goal of a constellation of 4,425 satellites. Additionally, last month Softbank-backed OneWeb launched the first six satellites of its network, which plans to begin with a constellation of 650 interconnected satellites. Boeing and Canadian operator Telesat have also revealed plans for high speed internet constellations.

“We’re developing a new citizenry. One that will be very selective about cereals and automobiles, but won’t be able to think.”—Rod Serling

“Why is it that the press, many in Congress, don’t seem to recognize the magnitude of this? Do you think it’s that they don’t know the details or they don’t care? Do you want to speculate as to why no one has responded?” Carlson asked. 

“Look, at this point, I will be blunt. I think they are blinded by politics,” Nielsen stated. “Unfortunately, they are blinded for what they see as a request from this administration instead of looking at the request and the way in which it is directly affecting Americans. I mean, you mentioned fentanyl. Last year alone, CBP and ICE interdicted more fentanyl to kill every American four times.

Photo by Ed(itor)

“… I can never go back to my early days growing up on the farm. Had time to enjoy each day, the warm sun the hay in the barn. Even with all the work there was to be done. Eating an apple off the tree, taking a long drink from the cool spring. Working the garden…..What the hell happened?….”

Kamala Harris Introduces Bill Allowing Illegal Aliens to Serve as Congressional Aides

“… The bill isn’t new. It was initially filed earlier this year by Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-Az).  But Harris chose this week to push the bill because her presidential campaign is getting little if any traction.

Democrats have been trying to float this bill for years. It has repeatedly failed since 2016…..”

During his visit with US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, Lebanese President Michael Aoun reportedly received a US-Israeli document detailing plans for creating a civil war in Lebanon with covert false flag operations and possible Israeli invasion.

April 4th, 2019

The evil tech giants are engaged in economic sabotage against independent media. Part of the impetus for this is the radical left-wing political slant of the tech companies, but it’s also about silencing natural health voices and protecting the profit interests of the evil, corrupt pharmaceutical industry.

Google, for example, has become the propaganda ministry for Big Pharma’s lies about medications and vaccines. Use Google to search for “MMR vaccine,” and you get nothing but CDC propaganda, Big Pharma lies and dishonest websites and blogs that rave about the safety and efficacy of MMR vaccines. Google has systematically suppressed all websites that dare talk about vaccine ingredients, vaccine side effects, vaccine propaganda, CDC quack science or corruption and fraud throughout the vaccine industry.

April 4th, 2019

We live in a world where pharma-backed, government sanctioned, medical mandates in the form of liability-free vaccines with known serious potential adverse effects are forced repeatedly in greater numbers (70 doses of 16 vaccines by age 18) onto our most vulnerable and voiceless populations—with a disastrous outcome of life-altering iatrogenic illnesses, artificially induced in our children and youth. The main vaccine producing companies, the “BIG 4”, Merck, GSK, Pfizer, Sanofi, who make all our children’s vaccines, list the very illnesses now seen in epidemic numbers in our children, in their own vaccine inserts, as potential adverse effects.

April 5th, 2019

Via: USA Today:

Each year, state lawmakers across the U.S. introduce thousands of bills dreamed up and written by corporations, industry groups and think tanks.

Disguised as the work of lawmakers, these so-called “model” bills get copied in one state Capitol after another, quietly advancing the agenda of the people who write them.

A two-year investigation by USA TODAY, The Arizona Republic? and the Center for Public Integrity reveals for the first time the extent to which special interests have infiltrated state legislatures using model legislation.

USA TODAY and the Republic found at least 10,000 bills almost entirely copied from model legislation were introduced nationwide in the past eight years, and more than 2,100 of those bills were signed into law.

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Anonymous said...

From the next edition of Ed(itors) news notes:

Anyone shielding or enabling these criminals is a traitor to their country. All aware people must shout out this indictment to family, friends, neighbors and the proper law enforcement agencies. It’s time to focus all our energy on the enemy and get these Luciferian sociopaths locked up before it’s too late.

Reading between the lines said...

Ever since my discovery / observations of chemtrails in the sky ,I have been wondering about the association of chemtrails and the changes in weather patterns.It just stands to reason that there would be .Dane Wigington confirmed it for me.
All being said ,we are being scammed on many levels .

Anonymous said...

Off topic(s); but did you catch the Nation Post(4/6/2019) with Freeland backing Trudeau's assertion that Canada's up coming election will be 'tampered with'.
And guess who would do such a dastardly deed, well of course, the RUSSIANS.
We are becoming so important that the Russians may interfere in our elections !
Or is this the justification to explain loosing the up coming election.
Lets see as if these had nothing to do with it.
# 1 sparing with Saudi Arabia over 'women's rights', when Harper sold 51% of the Canadian Wheat Board. (Women in the KSA are property and have no rights).
# 2 kidnapping Sabrina Meng for the US
# 3 firing Jody and the rule of law.
Certainly smells fishy.

Reading between the lines said...

@ anonymous Off topic.
I certainly did.
One would think that after 2 years of Mueller investigation and coming up empty
handed , Freeland would have gotten the hint .Well I'm hoping that Canadians have been paying attention anyway. I hope the Libs crash in Oct. and / or worst case scenario squeak in with a minority .Enough damage already with this no mind foreign policy and ignorant management of Canadian affairs in government .

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous and RBTL:

Anonymous says: "...And guess who would do such a dastardly deed, well of course, the RUSSIANS."

Yes, I did see that on the CBC and I saw a warning about possible interference with a photograph of Vladimir Putin at the bottom of the TV screen. Disgusting! Putin is much too smart a man to bother with elections that are already compromised.

I have a Draft post waiting in limbo to the effect that now that Wernick is (hopefully) gone, Freeland will be taking his place regarding forwarding his dire warnings about something going amok in the next (s)election...including a predicted (by Wernick) assassination attempt.