Monday, April 22, 2019

More than 6,700 Canadian veterans from Afghan war receiving federal assistance for PTSD...Say What?!

Troops Protecting Opium Fields
in Afghanistan

Whoa!  Just surfing the newz upon my return from a wonderful Easter Weekend on Vancouver Island and what do I spy????  Am I reading this correctly?!  "More than 6,700 Canadian veterans from the Afghan War receiving federal assistance for PTSD [Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder].  Refresh my memory...did Canada even send nearly 7,000 soldiers to Afghanistan????

Please read the story from The Canadian Press copied in its entirety below and I will have more comments to follow:


The Canadian Press
Published: April 22, 2019 - 4:19 PM

OTTAWA — Canada’s war in Afghanistan ended five years ago but the price of that effort continues to grow.

Newly revealed figures show the number of veterans from the war in Afghanistan receiving federal support for mental-health conditions nearly doubled between March 2014 and March 2018.
The figures are in a report obtained from Veterans Affairs Canada through access-to-information legislation and underscore the enduring toll the war has taken on the mental health of many military members who served there. They also highlight the importance of adequate mental-health services for veterans, which successive federal governments have sought to address over the years with mixed results.
The report was provided to former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould in January upon her appointment as veterans-affairs minister, a post she held for only a few weeks before resigning amid the SNC-Lavalin affair.
According to the document, more than 6,700 military members who served in Afghanistan received disability benefits for mental-health conditions in March 2018 — an increase of nearly 3,200 from the same month in 2014.
In both cases, the vast majority of those receiving benefits for mental conditions were struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder “directly related to their service in Afghanistan,” according to the report.
In fact, PTSD was found to have been the top medical diagnosis for Afghan war veterans applying for assistance, as compared to hearing loss and ringing in the ears for service members who had not deployed to Afghanistan.
More than 40,000 Canadians served in the 13-year Afghanistan mission, which began with fighting the Taliban after the 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States and progressed to trying to stabilize and rebuild the war-torn country.
That means nearly 17 per cent of all Canadian military personnel who deployed to Afghanistan have received federal assistance for psychological trauma sustained during the war.

Greencrow says:  What a lot of bureaucratic malarkey!  Of course, if the government were to tell me that I was eligible for monthly benefits for the stress of the job I held for eight years...removing children from parents in highly volatile circumstances.  Then going though months of court proceedings including testifying and drafting complex court documents. Visiting children in foster homes and making sure their needs were met...well,  I would certainly not turn it down.

But, I'm sure there are many more people who held down much more stressful jobs than I did for longer periods of time...without disability allowances afterwards.  Yes, we all know that "War is Hell!"  But these individuals weren't drafted...they knowingly joined the army, knowing that they could be sent into dangerous and soul-searing situations.

Perhaps I should have more empathy and compassion for individuals who went somewhere where they were not wanted...where they were considered the "Invading Enemy".  Where they were instructed to shoot at indigenous citizens of that country--who were targeted with Western bullets, bombs and incendiary devices...merely for attempting to protect their lands, resources and culture from sure destruction and defilement.  Perhaps these Western individuals didn't know beforehand that they would be polluting Afghanistan with depleted uranium weaponry for 400 million years...which will result in generational contamination [cancers] and birth defects.

No doubt, it's traumatizing to see your fellow soldiers shot by indigenous warriors defending their's even more traumatizing to see your fellow soldiers shot by other Western soldiers in episodes of so-called "Friendly Fire"...which happened so many times in Afghanistan.

I was traumatized myself by the events of the night of April 17, 2002, that occurred just outside the Kandahar, Afghanistan air base.  Two American jet fighters, flown by navy reservists, who were flying wildly off course for no apparent reason, decided to fly over the air base [restricted air space] swoop down low over some Canadian soldiers who were doing night time live fire exercise near an abandoned farmhouse called "Tarnak Farm".  Four Canadian soldiers were killed and several more severely injured by the two bombs dropped by the American reservists.  Seconds after the US reserve pilots dropped their bombs...they were informed by their control tower superiors.... "You're cleared...self-defense."

It was the "Tarnak Farm Incident" that made me very cynical, not only about the Afghanistan war and the reason for it [the 9/11 False Flag atrocity] but about the US government and the military industrial complex in general.  I was never the same after that event.  I questioned everything and doubted everything.  Perhaps the military has become, like so many large enterprises these days...a corporate welfare bum....bleeding the public dry.

Perhaps, based on my lingering anger and burning cynicism resulting from the Tarnak Farm Incident.... I, too, should apply to the Canadian government for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder disability benefits.


wallflower said...

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuu got it GC...

It's called fleecing and here in the capitol/capital of monumental fleecing (USA)'s been around a longggggggg time. That's why I failed the Fraud Waste & Abuse hotline working for DOD (Army) it was instead a net to catch the whistle blowers. I was forced to quit and haven't regretted one minuuuute nano second for examples like $10,000 for one toilet seat and I was making $8.50/hr trying to put food on my plate. Trillions of dollars in debt pretty much sums it up. Talk about dumpster diving on base...stuff never opened...tons of it. Just going to sick call (ie active duty) landed you with sack(S) full of drugs. Overseas...ration selling of cigarettes (black market) easily bought you a BMW. It was done all the time like it was normal. Just like killing the indigenous people of foreign states...always backed up with a "good job". The day I witness the MIC going up in a gigantic smoke plume is the day I will happily say "FUCK OFF AND GOOD RIDDANCE".
Glad you had a pleasant time away for a few days.

wallflower said...

Also I just recently viewed this shocking doc and wanted to pass it your way. [Death Squads: The French-Algerian School]

Being jealous of the French savagery this was precursor to the School of the Americas...

It is a witness to the doc by John Pilger 'War On Democracy'[]. To say the least there are no words that describe my utter disgust and wish for complete destruction of the US government with all its golf ball brained demons posing as people.

And notwithstanding it automatically includes the shithole in the ME.

Anonymous said...

A soldier diagnosed with PTSD is a veteran disarmed. When it came to blocking the Fascist actions against First Nations people at Standing Rock in opposition to the Dakotas Pipeline, it was US veterans that swayed the balance of power, and for a time, stopped the destruction on reservation lands. But new gun registration laws rising out of false flag events like Handy Sook, make it impossible for a person with Mental health issues to own a weapon, thus disarming this powerful and gun trained section of the population. Nefarious powers want to disarm possible threats and use the incentive of financial benefits to neutralize this group.

Reading between the lines said...

War is a racket and the ones that give the orders to go to war should be prosecuted .
Over 40,000 participated in the Afghanistan war .I did not know that so many were involved.And for what ? for the Americans to try and gain control of resources or a path for an oil pipeline .US soldiers are committing suicide on a daily basis because they can't live with themselves after coming back from those war torn countries .We should think about the people left there, that live there , that have lost limbs ,brothers ,sisters ,husbands , wives and children and can't go back home to receive PTSD treatments , for no other reason than greed .

Reading between the lines said...

You said it very well and obviously from experience .

wallflower said...

@ Anon...

A curse doesn't come without a cause. I would surmise that the foreign nations to include Indigenous nations with unbearable living misery of US armed soldiers dictating their every move in death or living hell...ALL FOR PAY...would be a most welcomed freedom of disarmed PTSD life from the dead. PTSD wouldn't come close for a judgement from the reality of decimated families, destroyed villages and a permanently polluted land. There is no excuse. Savages the First Nations were called...yet there is no name that comes close to what the US Military is defined, no. name. no honor. no dignity. no humility. no strength. no compassion. The US needs to stop worshiping war, veterans, power, military bases, arrogance, war statues and war monuments, TORTURE, OCCUPATION, veteran HATS and veteran killers, and for the sake of millions whose blood has been spilled because of these all means DISARM the bastards with PTSD.

wallflower said...

@ rbtl...

Likewise...I was just writing and sent another comment when just seeing yours...we were writing at the same time! time as a military spouse and working on bases as DOD civilian OPENED my eyes to much that would never be known in the public...and ever since it has sickened me to this day. I no longer have that military spouse position nor any connection to the government as one can not hang around long with conviction. Thank you