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Joe Vialls is Alive and Well and Living in Sweden - at least in memory

Stockholm, Sweden

The other day I received an e-mail from Krister in Stockholm, Sweden.  He was eager to tell me that he had discovered some of the writings of the late, great Conspiracy Theorist/blogger, Joe Vialls.  I had asked in a post about the Christchurch False Flag "Where is Joe Vialls when we need him?". What follows is the e-mails from Krister and the Part One of Vialls series on how the Zionists have been planning to set up a colony "Down Under" for decades...and indeed back in 2005 when Vialls was still blogging from Australia. Younger readers who are unfamiliar with the groundbreaking writing of Joe Vialls...and how he set the standard for those of us who follow will find Vialls style and methodology instructive.  Joe never pulled punches...he called it as he saw it.  Enjoy, and I will have final thoughts in comments to follow:



You asked the other day where Joe Vialls are when we need him. So I thought it be an good idea to bring him to life, or at least some of his articles. Se enclosed letter to Henry Makow and enclosed article in several formats.

Stockholm, Sweden


I guess joe Vialls just would be pleased to have a say at this time. I don't know if any one sits on the rights to his materials, I don't, so I only glad for anyone who would publish this or other articles of Joe Vialls. Off course the powers that be, diden't like what he wrote, and I believe that's why they killed him.

Your asking for him gave me the idea to look for his article on using the Tasmania as an escape location in case of nuclear war - the Project Ark.

I will take a look if I also can restore part 2. Enclosing a little bettering of the article in odf, pdf and docx-formats.


Zionist Elite
Prepares to Desert America

Part One: Copyright Joe Vialls, 27 January 2005

George W. Bush
holding a Bagel

With 'Fortress Americas' now in tatters because of Russia's coalition with Brazil and Venezuela, Wall Street's neocons and other Zionist traitors will desperately try to avoid War Crimes Tribunals and the waiting hangman's noose, by fleeing aboard special jets to a little-known Australian island.

Every member nation of the "Coalition of the Willing" has lost soldiers in Iraq, apart from Australia, whose military personnel have been wrapped in cotton wool and separated from front-line combat duties. Why is this so? Because the Zionist criminals simply cannot risk a domestic public backlash against the obsequious 'rulers' of their new Australian retreat.

As the stolen Boeing 747 lumbered through the night sky on its way from America to Australia, it was difficult for the 250 unshaven occupants to comprehend how they had fallen so far so fast. Their eyes were red from lack of sleep, and from the sudden realization that as the most wanted war criminals in the world, the only place they might find sanctuary was a former penal colony on an obscure island south of Australia.

The El Al pilots on the Boeing's flight deck scanned the horizon nervously, looking for a pair of KC-135 aerial tankers, two of twelve stolen from American taxpayers in early 2003, and dotted along the route in order to keep the big birds and their Ziionist passengers aloft, long enough to reach the only island that might shield them from the hangman's noose. 

Fuel was running low and everyone on board was jumpy, especially the pilots, who knew that by now they should be able to see the tanker on their cockpit TCAS (Traffic Alert Collision Avoidance System) screen, which uses secondary radar techniques to detect any other aircraft within 35 miles range, but only if the other aircraft is within a band of airspace extending 9,500 feet above and below the host aircraft. There was still nothing to see, and the El Al captain rapped his fingers impatiently on the cockpit coaming.

As the rising sun started to lighten the eastern horizon, a second aircraft started closing on the Boeing from behind, but in a very stealthy manner. The light was still too weak to tell whether this smaller aircraft was an American F-15, a British Tornado, a French Mirage, a Russian or Chinese Sukhoi 27,  or perhaps a Cuban Mig 29, though positive identification would make no difference to the final outcome. The hunter was well aware of the Boeing's TCAS limitations, and was thus flying at an invisible 12,000 feet below the Zionist Ark, fifteen miles to the rear.

In the dim red glow of the keep fighter cockpit, the pilot's white-gloved right hand reached out and selected "cannon" on the weapons panel, and then he smoothly slid the twin throttles through the afterburner gate with his left. The attack profile was simplicity itself: Maintain 12,000 feet separation until the fighter was only half a mile behind the Boeing, then chop the afterburners and pull up into a 45 degree climb. The Boeing's TCAS would thus give the El Al pilots less than one second of warning before a hail of high explosive cannon shells opened up the belly of their aircraft like a sardine can, hopefully scattering Zionist war criminal body parts across more than ten square miles.

We will have to wait and see whether the fighter pilot gets it right, and whether or not his colleagues manage to hunt down and destroy the other five Boeing 747 Arks, and eleven KC 135 tankers carrying similar payloads to the same destination. In order to assess the odds and expose the forward planning for this cowardly retreat from America, we need to go back a few years in time.

More than a decade ago, these same Zionists were well on their way to achieving a "New World Order", where theoretically, everyone in the brainwashed and subjugated world would gladly kneel obsequiously before their self-appointed Wall Street overlords. The New York master race would not to be a group of tall elegant pedigree Americans or Europeans however. Instead, all Americans and others would be forced to bow the knee to a group of insignificant gray-haired mongrels of extremely doubtful parentage. These clinically insane designers of the N.W.O. were so sure they'd almost won, that they started partying at the Council on Foreign Relations, at the Trilateral Commission, and also at a number of other private mental asylums set aside for like-minded egomaniacs.

For them, the infamous 1990 Gulf War was merely an exercise to test the extent of Zionist control within the American political and military establishments, and it was judged a resounding success. More than 500,000 American service personnel were forced to attack Kuwait and Southern Iraq on trumped up charges, while at the same time powerful Zionist pharmaceutical lobbies ensured that all experienced servicemen were injected with innovative 'experimental' vaccines. The latter outrage ensured that those who lived and returned home to America, would be artificially undermined both physically and mentally. 

So the entirely one-sided 'Gulf War' was a Zionist win-win situation, with both the Arab Middle East and the U.S. Military severely weakened at one and the same time. You see, while the Zionists obviously wanted the massive oil reserves of the Middle East, they also had a very unpleasant trump card yet to play. The 'one true Zion' prattled on about by religious Jews was not in Palestine at all, but would eventually become the Americas. By way of explanation, I wrote in an earlier report:

"These were the 'Shock and Awe' tactics of David Ben Gurion, founding father of both Zionism and global terrorism. Though obviously clinically insane, this was the man who first drew up the plan for 'Zion', a 'Promised Land for the Jews', which most global citizens erroneously believed, and still believe, to be Palestine. But even as the first Jewish State was being formally declared in 1948, the arrogant Ben Gurion made it very clear that Palestine was not to be the one true Zion. Despite continual frantic urgings by religious Jews, he insisted that this first conquest be called 'Yisrael', and that its citizens, be they Jewish or not, would forever be called "Yisraelim".

"The final Zion, or Promised Land, would be determined by raw wealth and power rather than by mere religious symbolism. While intentionally leaking 'false Zions' including Australia and Argentina to the media, Ben Gurion and his Zionist cohorts ultimately intended to overrun and capture the Americas. The problem was that back in 1948 they had no real power, and would have been easily overwhelmed by the vast resources of the U.S. Military in particular.

So conquest of the 'one true Zion', or 'New Zion', was to be a long drawn-out game, with Zionists lobbies in America gradually eating away at the fabric of society. Then, when resistance in the Americas was eventually undermined to a predetermined level, it would be time to strike militarily."

Project Ark
Despite their obvious insanity and arrogance, there were brief episodes of lucid thought, with a handful of Zionists aware that there was a slight chance (say one in a billion?) that Fortress Americas would fail, thus leaving them at the mercy of an outraged American public. This slight possibility caused considerable concern. With unpleasant memories of what England's King Edward I had done to their power-mad ancestors with an executioner's axe, Zionist Jews in particular ran nervous fingers around their collars, and demanded a foolproof exit strategy, which was eventually code-named "Project Ark".

In essence, Project Ark was modeled on the same plans and facilities used during the Cold War with Russia, where (officially), the American President and his advisors would board six specially equipped Boeing 747s at Offutt and Andrews air force bases, and conduct a thermonuclear war from the relative safety of U.S. 

The final destination Project Ark settled on, was the small easily defended Australian Island of Tasmania, which has a climate and scenery not unlike New England, plus a very rich range of food and wine. But scores of subtle preparations had to be made over the offshore territorial waters, continually refueled in mid air by KC 135 aerial tankers. Well, that is the cover story that American citizens  were asked to believe, and most of them did believe.

The reality was quite different. According to classified documents I had access to at that time, the actual Cold War plan was for the President and several hundred close 'advisors' (to be named directly by the White House before boarding), to travel via Ascension Island, and either Guan or Diego Garcia, to Pine Gap in Central Australia. The KC 135 tankers were there as back up, in the event that either of the two intermediate transit airfields were destroyed by nuclear weapons. Though we were specifically denied access to the passenger lists at my then security level, it is perfectly reasonable to assume the President's banking bosses in New York would be along for the ride, and able to start a new life down, under while ordinary Americans left behind in the U.S. were turned into roman candles by thermonuclear weapons.

Back in the seventies, mainland Australia was fine as a destination, because Americans were generally liked by the locals, and even a cowardly defecting American President would have been able to buy a beer in a pub. But all of that changed with America's 1990 Gulf War, which brought into sharp focus America's apparent intent to rule the world by brute force. Australians in general do not like prima donnas, and they certainly don't like dictators, meaning that a far more secure destination had to be arranged for the Zionist Elite, because (perish the though), Australians don't like Zionists much either.

years in America and Australia, to ensure that Project Ark would run like clockwork if activated. 

The first major hurdle was that like the Australians, many senior members of the American military had grave reservations about the Gulf War, and about the political creatures who ordered it. The only six Arks in America (Boeing 747s with full in-flight refuelling capability) were crewed and flown by the United States Air Force, members of which might no longer be prepared to carry out Zionist orders. Thus an official regulation had to be created which could be used to remove the Arks from USAF control.

In August 1994, an additional role was created for the six Boeing 747s at Offutt and Andrews, requiring that the aircraft be transferred to civilian FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) control, when it was perceived that there was risk of "a natural disaster, such as hurricane, typhoon or earthquake." So from that point onwards, the Arks could be legally spirited away from the United States Air Force, and prepared at leisure for their Wall Street evacuees.

Next came the matter of possibly hostile armed natives in Tasmania, who might object to 1,500 arrogant Zionists (backed by armed Mistaravim terrorists from Palestine), laying down the law and requisitioning the best properties on the island. They would doubtless object even more when they found their wives, daughters, and even sons being forced to sexually gratify the all-male Zionist Elite and its numerous Mistaravim bodyguards. Old Jewish sexual customs die hard, as proved by multiple rapes and sodomy in Russia under the Bolsheviks, and multiple rapes and sodomy in Lebanon and occupied Palestine today.

In April 1996, to reduce the risk of serious resistance, a four-man Jewish Mistaravim (Civilian Special Forces) team carried out a particularly gruesome mass murder at Port Arthur in Tasmania, which resulted in the deaths of 35 tourists, with another 22 seriously injured. The Zionist-controlled media convicted an intellectually impaired young man called Martin Bryant on television without a trial, then used the 'demonstration massacre' to confiscate most defensive firearms from Australian citizens.

Australian (Federal) Prime Minister John Howard led the charge in this respect, thus committing treason under both the Constitution and Criminal Code for undermining national security, as did Attorney General Daryl Williams and several others. Unfortunately the result was still not good enough for the Zionists, who demanded more obsequiousness from their proxy politicians in Canberra, a subject we will return to later. 

Martin Bryant

Intellectually impaired 'Patsy' Martin Bryant (center) is currently serving 35 consecutive life terms in prison for the Port Arthur mass murder, despite the fact he was not present, and was never allowed a trial. Does this remind you of the Zionist's Guantanamo Bay? Using trick television editing, the Zionists 'grafted' Bryant's head onto the left film frame showing a man apparently running away from the Broad Arrow Cafe immediately after the massacre.

The remarkable frame on the right is of the same man at the same time taken from a different camera angle, complete with timing clock, proving the man was in reality a paramedic running from a police helicopter towards some survivors in the car park at 2:45:29 PM, nearly one and a half hours after the mass murder. Despite this absolute proof of Brant's innocence, John Howard and Daryl Williams refused to take any remedial action, and thus stand guilty of compounding this massive breach of Australian national security.

Before going into the technicalities of how the Zionist war criminals intend to escape from America in Part 2 of this report, and thus how American and Australian citizens can bring them to justice, by either stopping them before they leave or (exceptionally) killing them in transit, it is necessary to comprehend how quickly things are going downhill in Iraq.

Basically, when members of the American public finally discover how many of their fellow citizens have really been killed in Iraq, and how many grievously wounded, there will be a riot on Capitol Hill, and you won't want to miss it. With this in mind, it would be a very good idea to stop watching television and reading newspapers controlled by the Zionists (about 92% in America), and instead pay much closer attention to the activities of very senior American military officers.

One momentous event that CNN and the New York Times tried to muzzle completely, was four-star General John Abizaid's visit to Ankara (Turkey) on the 11th and 12th of January. General Abizaid is the boss of Central Command, and by all accounts is a bit of a wild child, who was nicknamed the "Mad Arab" while at West Point. 

US four-star General John Abizaid 

On arrival General Abizaid met with Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul, and discussed the use of Turkey's eastern Incirlik air base in private. Those readers not familiar with military protocol may say "So what?", but let me assure you that General Abizaid's visit was completely outside the American political chain of command, and thus unprecedented in western democracies.

So what did they talk about that was so secret, and not for the ears of political traitors like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and Rice? It is common knowledge within the military that John Abizaid has been under enormous pressure from Washington, and at the same time from his own subordinate officers. Four star or not, General Abizaid is "piggy in the middle" and it cannot be a pleasant place to be.

The psychotics in Washington and New York want him to "crush the insurgents" (???) with extra forces he simply does not have, while his subordinates are pushing him hard to withdraw American forces from Iraq while there is still sufficient time do so.

Fine, we know that General Abizaid has no more troops capable of being deployed, indeed, an ever-increasing number are going absent without leave rather than return to Iraq. Furthermore we know that strategic bombers have no need to be based that close to Iraq.

Thus the only possible use for Incirlik at this stage is for transport aircraft, either to airdrop water and food to the marooned troops, or to start a slow troop withdrawal to America, discreetly via Turkey - perhaps a combination of both.

General John Abizaid (center), flanked by two of his dead soldiers in Iraq. Though figures vary depending on the source, it is now certain that substantially more than 2,000 Americans have perished in Iraq, a devastating figure that Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld are determined you will not be allowed to access.

If it is the second case (or even just forward planning for the second case), General Abizaid would need to do a deal with whoever is the current commander of the Iraqi Republican Guard, but he has no means of direct contact. This is where Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul comes into play. Because Turkey and Iraq share a common problem with Kurdish terrorists, Gul most certainly has a back door means of communicating with the Republican Guard.

Regardless of the absurd fantasies on Capitol Hill, General Abizaid is a very experienced officer who knows very well that the so-called "wars" in Afghanistan and Iraq are both lost. With Capitol Hill in a frenzy of political hate and fear, John Abizaid faces the worst decision any senior commander has to make. If he obeys the political will, he knows that many more of his men will die needlessly in a war that can never be won, but if he pulls them out without political permission, he faces the sack.

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"Zionist Elite Prepares..." New Part 2 Click Here

Greencrow says:  Uncanny indeed how "spot on" Vialls was even back then.  The Iraq war and the Afghanistan war DID prove to be unwinnable.  The Zionists were trying to occupy America and succeeded in doing so.  Tasmania and other parts "Down Under" have been targeted as "Plan B's" by the Zionists for decades and, whenever there is a palpably False Flag that happens down is a given that the MosCIAd are behind it.  This is what I alleged on Day One of the Christchurch massacre and many others have agreed.  It is part of a plot to make the locations "safe" for the tyrannical they retreat from their already despoiled "Plan A's" in the Middle East and in woke [or waking] America.

Thanks again to Krister for providing this glimpse into the genius of Joe Vialls...may he RIP and may he stand as a beacon of truth/light for Conspiracy Theorists/Truthers forever.


greencrow said...

e-mail from Krister in Stockholm


I am using Libre Office for articles (mostly for translation to Swedish) because it's easy to use when formatting illustrations, makes very small files, direct making of PDF and it's FREE - I doesn't like Bill Gates products. If you are using MS Word or MS Office, I recommend to try Libre Office.

The Joe Vialls article on Project Ark seems to be heavily related to the recent false-flag shooting in NZ, as well as to the earlier Port Arthur false-flag shooting using Martin Bryant as patsy, and what Vialls wrote a book about.

I have looked for Vialls update (part 2) of the article with Project Ark, but what I have on my saving of his homepage (part 2) is just a catalogue marked nbr. 2 for the article, some headers, but no follow up on the article. But I will look further on older saved material. One thing I found today when checking for Vialls materials and that I had formatted, 2-3 years ago on Libre Office, was an article on the South East Asia tsunami. On my saved Vialls homepage there might be some 30 articles or more.


greencrow said...

"...The Joe Vialls article on Project Ark seems to be heavily related to the recent false-flag shooting in NZ, as well as to the earlier Port Arthur false-flag shooting using Martin Bryant as patsy, and what Vialls wrote a book about..."

The "vulnerable patsy" methodology has been used many times by the perps all over the world...including here in British Columbia, Canada, with the infamous Vancouver Patsies Nuttall/Korody case...which has never been properly investigated...and never will.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for finally writing about >"Joe Vialls is Alive and Well and Living in Sweden - at least in memory" <Liked it!