Thursday, April 25, 2019

Canada In The Dumps

Filipino Woman Protesting Canada's
Refusal (So Far) to Take
back Garbage

It's a form of racism.  Tell me this....would Canada have dared to send hundreds of shipping containers full of kitchen scraps and other noxious waste to ANY OTHER COUNTRY BUT A THIRD WORLD ONE????? No.

I see so much subliminal racism in the mainZtream Media these's disgusting.  Such arrogance!  Almost like we're all looking in the mirror and seeing the reflection of Justin Trudeau adjusting his tie.  We're SOooooo above these folks!

Take the newz coverage of the recent meeting between North Korea's Kim Jong-Un and Russia's Vladimir Putin as another example..... Here's the disgusting headline in this morning's CTV newz:

At Kim-Putin summit, hearty handshakes and manspreading

Why don't the Western so-called "Journalists" admit they don't have a clue what's being negotiated between Putin and Kim?  That they have to resort to making derogatory comments about the men's "body language" is a pathetic commentary on contemporary geopolitical analysis in the M$M.

I watched yesterday's CBC evening newz while surfing the net for NHL hockey playoffs last night and there was some kind of ignorant goofball with the last name of Braun sounding off on the Putin-Kim meeting.  Apparently he's a professor at an Ontario college.  I really pity his students,  because this ignoramus didn't know a thing about Russia/North Korean relations.  His main thesis was that Russia is a financially broke third-rate country that cannot offer a single thing to North Korea.  He opined that, eventually, North Korea would have to get down on its hands and knees and crawl to the supremely powerful Empire of Amerika.  That is, if North Korea ever wanted to raise itself out of the primitive technological mire that it has been sunk in for centuries.  Pity the poor Canadian students who are subjected to "professor" Braun's hogwash on a daily basis.

The fact is, it is the United States that is bankrupt and it is the United States that has fallen so far behind Russia in military technology that it's doubtful it will EVER catch up.  The only plot on the Pentagon horizon now is some kind of "surprise nuclear attack" on Russia and China.  The elephant in the room of the Putin-Kim meeting is the likeliness that they're negotiating the purchase of some S-400's to place along the South/North Korean border and along the NK coastline......  But keep talking about "manspreading" guyz.

And here we have Canada dawdling and dithering about accepting back garbage sent by "Chronic Inc." a now disappeared Canadian the Philippines back between 2014 to 2016.  Two and a half years later, we're still begging the Philippines to somehow dispose of it on their own soil.  The racist inference is that their entire country is a dump.  Canada's dump.

Canada should have prioritized taking that garbage back three years ago when it was brought to our attention.  Trudeau should quit adjusting his tie in the mirror, quit his virtue signalling/apologizing [for everyone else except himself] and expedite the return of the garbage.

It's reached a stage in our relentless cultural decline where the only entities worthy of respect are the LGBT's.

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