Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Brexit Update - What happens when Democracy Dies

UPDATE:  April 10, 2019 - According to the BBC, just today the EU has allowed the UK an extension until October 31, 2019 to come up with an actual PLAN for BREXIT.  Surely, that gives the UK plenty of time to massage the issue so that it will go away.

 Teresa May Requesting Brexit Extension from Macron
Steve Bell Cartoon

The Brexit Crisis in the UK goes on and on and on.  Teresa May, who has failed time after time trying to pass legislation regarding the democratically passed initiative through Parliament...STILL is in her position of Prime Minister.  She is nationally reviled and has run out of options.  Still she remains and refuses to call an election...because opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn MIGHT get elected and MIGHT find a way out of the morass.

The Establishment supports this "Dog in the Manger" positioning by May because they don't want a solution either.  The solution being an actual separation agreement with and a divorce from the European Union.  

The people of the UK voted for Brexit because they could see the European Union for what it is...a bundling together of vassal states for the convenience of the Western USrael hegemons.  No more negotiations with various nations in Europe regarding military and/or economic policies.  Just a "One Stop Shop" where unelected bureaucrats rubber stamp whatever the USraelis want.

Pro-Referendum Rally in London March 23, 2019

Both the pro and anti-Brexit citizens of the UK are now totally fed up with the interminable crisis...which has been purposely dragged out to simply tire the citizens out so that they will give up and just let the establishment keep what it wants...the European Union of Western Vassals.

So, Folks, that's what happens when a democracy dies....the corpse just lies around mouldering and stinking up the joint.

NOTE:  See my previous post on Brexit from January, 2019...nothing has changed.

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Back to the Privy and MI6 ruling Canada for a moment;
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