Tuesday, April 30, 2019

BAY OF PIGLETS: USrael Stooge/Patsy is trying to get arrested or killed in Venezuela

UPDATE:  April 30, 2019 - CBC is supporting the scofflaws in the USrael State Department... as they contravene established international law and the Charter of the United Nations.  One day soon, this support of the rule of anarchy and chaos will return to bite Canada in the butt.  In the meantime...read the comments at the bottom of the "report/propaganda"  The Comments are almost 100% against the Perps and in support of the legitimate government of Venezuela.  In other words...Canadians do Get It!

 Xymphora has given the best moniker to what's going on in Venezuela today:  "Bay of Piglets"  

Bay of piglets

"Venezuelan coup attempt ‘directly planned in Washington’ – FM".  Guido's cute little coup-let.  If you stage a coup and nobody notices as it is so half-assed, is it really a coup?  "Venezuela: Military Uprising in Caracas (in Development)".

"Venezuela - Bay of Pigs Redux?" (Lang).

Obviously, the government can no longer tolerate Guido's shenanigans, which have become a public safety matter. 

Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro

USraeli perp John Bolton, desperate for some authenticity in Venezuela....is going for the gusto today....throwing the Stooge/Patsy Random Guaido to the wolves as bait...begging the legitimate leaders and military in Venezuela to arrest or kill him.  Tearing a page out of the Ukraine Maidan playbook...if the Venezuelan leadership won't arrest/kill Guaido, maybe the perps will [the old sniper/crossfire technique].

So far in this long playing regime-change farce...Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro has played it very cool.  Backed by Russia's Vladimir [the great chessmaster] Putin and China's Xi...[both Russia and China have made multi-billion dollar investment in the resource infrastructure of Venezuela]...Maduro has listened to the best advice in the world--simply ignore the Random Guaido snapping and barking at his heels--and RG will simply run out of steam and go away.

Venezuela’s Maduro says military commanders have ‘total loyalty’ amid coup attempt

So far it has worked.  Random Guaido has NOT gained any traction or sympathy amongst the Venezuelan population and/or military--largely due to this unorthodox "hands off" strategy.  But today, Bolton and Co., have decided to up the ante.  The Perp Press is standing at the ready to report the international war crime as if it was legitimate.  The perps have dressed some proxies in military gear and assembled about 70 of them at a military base outside of Caracas.  RG better watch his ass, because some of those Perp proxies [probably ex-ISIS thugs ferried in from the failed regime change project in Syria] may be tasked with killing him....as a pre-text for a USrael invasion.

Hey, I thought all the US aircraft carriers were parading through the Strait of Hormuz...was that just a distraction?  Stay tuned.


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Hi wallflower:

I see the headline in your link:

"Blackwater Founder Calling For 5,000 Mercenaries To Topple Maduro"

Doesn't matter that the Perps "privatize" the plan. The poor [literally] American taxpayers will still pay for it. Who pays the "Blackwater" bills, anyway?

wallflower said...

GC...who pays?

Corporate Welfare MIC...

still taxpayers and always will be until they STOP paying. Thankfully I did that a LONG TIME AGO. Thank you for keeping updated GC...much appreciated. VIVA CHAVISMO ALL THE WAY. Just wish I could be a fighter for Maduro cause I'm a CHAVISMO!