Tuesday, April 9, 2019

UPDATED: MP Jane Philpott delivers a dagger to the heart of the Trudeau Regime...says he broke the law by expelling her without caucus vote

UPDATED:  April 11, 2019 The Speaker of the House of Commons Ruled that he has no authority to say how the parties will conduct themselves vis a vis the new Parliament of Canada Reform Act.  So, what is the point of having a law on the books if there is no method of enforcement????

Member of Canadian Parliament Dr. Jane Philpott
Says Trudeau violated Commons Rules
by unilaterally expelling her

UPDATED: April 9, 2019 Reports from the M$M analysing what this means for the Canadian Democracy appear to indicate that "it's complicated". It all depends on whether the Liberal caucus voted to accept the new rules governing parliament passed in 2015 under the PARLIAMENT OF CANADA REFORM ACT. If the Liberal caucus DID vote to accept the new rules during their first meeting after the 2015 election, then Trudeau broke the law by not allowing the caucus to vote on the expulsions. If the Liberal caucus did NOT vote in 2015 to accept the new rules, then the old rules still apply and Trudeau was within his rights to unilaterally expel the two MP's from the caucus. HOWEVER, one would think that Philpott would know the answer to the question of whether or not the Liberal Caucus voted to accept the rules...given that she attended the caucus meeting in 2015! What occurred was that there was no vote taken by the Liberal Caucus...and THAT lack of an initial vote back in 2015 is what Philpott is alleging contravened the Parliament of Canada Reform Act.

From CTV Update:  "....Philpott is arguing that not holding those initial votes at the start of this Parliament is part of how Trudeau has contravened the law, and how he and his office "deprived members of their rights" to determine whether MPs should be expelled and "denied members being considered for expulsion or readmission the right to a due process, one that is not ad-hoc, not arbitrary, nor unlawful."...

"…The Reform Act was a controversial initiative spearheaded by Conservative MP Michael Chong. Last week Chong raised a series of similar questions to those Philpott has raised. On Tuesday Chong said the Liberals broke the law back in 2015 when the caucus did not follow the Reform Act's requirements, and that all Liberal caucus ousters have been done "under questionable authority" and “now the chickens have come home to roost.”

In raising the question of privilege, Philpott wants House of Commons Speaker Geoff Regan to rule on the matter in the name of "procedural fairness," though it remains unclear whether that’s within his jurisdiction..."

The Speaker's office said Tuesday that it has taken Philpott’s point under advisement and if there is more to her question than has already been ruled on, the Speaker will deliver a ruling. Should the Speaker find merit in her point, the entire House will have to consider next steps...."


Yesterday, I thought I'd hit rock bottom on this story when I asked if Trudeau had "Gone Bonkers"? [by threatening the leader of the opposition with a libel law suit] Apparently, not so.  Today is yet another earthquake tremor/jolt downwards as Philpott accuses Justin Trudeau of breaking Parlaimentary [Constitutional] law by unilaterally, on his own without a vote from caucus, expelling her and Jody Wilson-Raybould from the Liberal caucus.  If this is the case....SURELY HE MUST RESIGN!  Please click on the link below and watch the video of Philpott delivering her verbal dagger to the heart of the Liberal Regime....shocking!

From CTV news
OTTAWA – Independent MP Jane Philpott says that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau broke a law that governs Parliament when he expelled her and colleague Jody Wilson-Raybould from the Liberal caucus.

Philpott rose in the House of Commons on Tuesday morning on a question of privilege arguing that her rights as an MP have been breached. The pair were removed last week, with the backing of all the Liberal MPs, after both resigned from cabinet amid the SNC-Lavalin scandal.

In arguing her point Philpott referenced the Reform Act passed in the last Parliament, which amended the Parliament of Canada Act in the name of empowering MPs, including making it so her and Wilson-Raybould’s ouster from caucus would have required a vote.
She is arguing that because Trudeau made the decision to remove them without a vote, her rights have been violated.

Philpott wants House of Commons Speaker Geoff Regan to rule on the matter, though it remains unclear whether that’s within his jurisdiction.

Wilson-Raybould told CTV News that she will not be rising on a point of privilege today.

More to come.

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