Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Venezuela's Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza Sums up the Bay of Piglets Attempted Coup

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza
holding up the Venezuelan Constitution

UPDATE:  April 30, 2019 at 2:06 PST - Looks like the attempted "Bay of Piglets" coup has fizzled.  According to RT, the Lopez character that appeared with Random Guaido this morning outside the Caracas air base has now sought refuge in the Chilean Embassy...while about 25 of the "soldiers" [aka Bolton proxies] have sought refuge in the Brazilian Embassy....where they will soon be helicoptered off the Brazilian embassy roof...just like in dayz of yore in Saigon...lol...I just made that part up.

But Bolton better give it a rest.  He's now become even more of a laffing stock.

Helllooooo….Is anybody in there?

"....Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said the "right-wing extremists" would not succeed in fracturing the armed forces, which have largely stood with the socialist leader throughout the months of turmoil.

"Since 2002, we've seen the same pattern," he told The Associated Press, adding that most of Caracas was calm. "They call for violence, a coup, and send people into the streets so that there are confrontations and deaths. And then from the blood they try to construct a narrative,".

From an RT Op-Ed by John Wight

".....Bolton and his neocon chums are prisoners rather than students of history. Because if they were students, they would know that when the ‘idea’ of an empire is no longer able to sustain it in its power, all the military force in the world cannot hope to save it. The Persian, Greek, Roman, Ottoman, French and British Empires all went the same way and all for the same fundamental reason – namely that oppression breeds resistance and resistance to oppression carries a truth far more powerful than any number of aircraft carriers.

When Hugo Chavez said, “I hereby accuse the North American Empire of being the biggest menace to our planet,” he unleashed a thunderbolt of unimpeachable truth that belong in the tradition of all who have dared stand in defiance of the most violent and destructive power the world has ever known.

Unless Juan Guaido is a complete madman he must know something that we don't, something along the lines of impending direct US military support for his coup attempt.
Because what we do know is that the forces of imperialism thrive on pretext, and in inviting a heavy and entirely justifiable response by the security and military forces loyal to Venezuela's legitimately elected government, Mr Guaido is engaged in a high stakes game that will either see him rewarded with garlands in Washington or handcuffs in Caracas.

Whatever happens, the words of celebrated Cuban national liberation icon, Jose Marti, loom large: “I have lived inside the monster and know its entrails; and my sling is David's.” If today there is one people intimately acquainted with the entrails of this US hegemonic beast, it is the Venezuelan people...".

BAY OF PIGLETS: USrael Stooge/Patsy is trying to get arrested or killed in Venezuela

UPDATE:  April 30, 2019 - CBC is supporting the scofflaws in the USrael State Department... as they contravene established international law and the Charter of the United Nations.  One day soon, this support of the rule of anarchy and chaos will return to bite Canada in the butt.  In the meantime...read the comments at the bottom of the "report/propaganda"  The Comments are almost 100% against the Perps and in support of the legitimate government of Venezuela.  In other words...Canadians do Get It!

 Xymphora has given the best moniker to what's going on in Venezuela today:  "Bay of Piglets"  

Bay of piglets

"Venezuelan coup attempt ‘directly planned in Washington’ – FM".  Guido's cute little coup-let.  If you stage a coup and nobody notices as it is so half-assed, is it really a coup?  "Venezuela: Military Uprising in Caracas (in Development)".

"Venezuela - Bay of Pigs Redux?" (Lang).

Obviously, the government can no longer tolerate Guido's shenanigans, which have become a public safety matter. 

Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro

USraeli perp John Bolton, desperate for some authenticity in Venezuela....is going for the gusto today....throwing the Stooge/Patsy Random Guaido to the wolves as bait...begging the legitimate leaders and military in Venezuela to arrest or kill him.  Tearing a page out of the Ukraine Maidan playbook...if the Venezuelan leadership won't arrest/kill Guaido, maybe the perps will [the old sniper/crossfire technique].

So far in this long playing regime-change farce...Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro has played it very cool.  Backed by Russia's Vladimir [the great chessmaster] Putin and China's Xi...[both Russia and China have made multi-billion dollar investment in the resource infrastructure of Venezuela]...Maduro has listened to the best advice in the world--simply ignore the Random Guaido snapping and barking at his heels--and RG will simply run out of steam and go away.

Venezuela’s Maduro says military commanders have ‘total loyalty’ amid coup attempt

So far it has worked.  Random Guaido has NOT gained any traction or sympathy amongst the Venezuelan population and/or military--largely due to this unorthodox "hands off" strategy.  But today, Bolton and Co., have decided to up the ante.  The Perp Press is standing at the ready to report the international war crime as if it was legitimate.  The perps have dressed some proxies in military gear and assembled about 70 of them at a military base outside of Caracas.  RG better watch his ass, because some of those Perp proxies [probably ex-ISIS thugs ferried in from the failed regime change project in Syria] may be tasked with killing him....as a pre-text for a USrael invasion.

Hey, I thought all the US aircraft carriers were parading through the Strait of Hormuz...was that just a distraction?  Stay tuned.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Vancouver Neighbourhood Plagued with Gang Crime...Say, was there ever an investigation into the Police Hours spent on the Nuttall/Korody "Travesty of Justice"?

Quiet Cul de Sac Street erupts in Daytime Street Brawl
- Life as Usual in RCMP-policed Surrey, BC

It's getting worse by the day.  Let's be frank.  The Vancouver suburb of Surrey has always had a bit of a bad reputation.  Bumper stickers used to say "Surrey by Choice" or make fun of "Surrey Girls".  But it was never this bad.  Read the story in today's MainZtream Media and I will have more thoughts to follow:

From Global News

"Video captures chaotic car chase, brawl in Surrey neighbourhood

A quiet Surrey street was the site of a bizarre crime scene Saturday night involving a high-speed car chase, a struck pedestrian and a daytime brawl.
Security video from a home in the 13500-block of 88A Avenue captured the chaotic chain of events, which happened in broad daylight just before 8 p.m.
It shows multiple dark-coloured sedans racing past the home before turning around in the cul-de-sac off-screen and flying the other way. One of the vehicles then collides with another head-on.
A man is then seen running from the scene of the collision before yet another vehicle strikes him, sending him flying while the vehicle careens into the ditch.
RCMP say three males who were involved in the incident were transported to hospital, two with minor injuries and one with serious injuries.
Two vehicles located at the scene, a Nissan Maxima and Ford Taurus, were seized as part of the investigation.
Police believe the incident may be linked to the Lower Mainland gang conflict.
Cellphone video of the security system’s monitors was widely shared over the weekend, with community leaders and neighbours calling it another example of Surrey’s escalating crime problem."


Greencrow says:  Refresh my memory...is this the same RCMP detachment that spent over $2,000,000 in overtime police hours mentoring and then squiring around town a mentally vulnerable, formerly drug-addicted couple?   John Nuttall and Amanda Korody were on welfare and without private means of transportation...so the Surrey RCMP drove them to the Home Depot to pick up ingredients to make a kettle bomb so they could bomb the BC Legislature in Victoria on July 1, 2013.

The RCMP put them up in a motel on Vancouver Island at taxpayer expense and secretly videotaped them wandering around their motel room in their underwear....terrorized about the "Mr Big" who the RCMP threatened would punish them if they backed out...and fretting over setting off the bomb.

OMG...then this same RCMP detachment along with the Federal Government appealed the decision of the Vancouver Supreme Court Justice who threw out the conviction of the couple.  More taxpayer dollars spent on an expensive and ultimately futile Appeal.   One of the three Appeal Court Judges termed the entire project a "Travesty of Justice"....in his written Reasons.

Was the "Travesty of Justice" ever investigated to see who in the Surrey Detachment, CSIS and the Canadian Federal Government initiated and supported the Travesty? One of the lawyers for the couple said the crime they were accused of was an "American-style" police entrapment.  Was there any effort to see if foreign actors were involved???? Were any individuals properly identified and  routed from the bureaucracy so that this kind of travesty would never suck up taxpayer dollars and police hours again?  NO!  The entire matter was swept under the carpet by the Trudeau Liberal Government.  The cover-up continues.  The same perps are still in place...doing the same nefarious deeds.  Were they behind the street brawl in Surrey over the weekend?  We'll never know...but we do know they're still in their jobs.

We know that the Mayor of Surrey is fighting an uphill battle to get rid of the RCMP from Surrey and hire their own local police force.  Is this futile battle his effort to staunch the flow of endemic police and CSIS corruption?  Don't expect the presstitute media to ask him and  then tell us.

The Choiceless Choice - Notice to Readers

"Opposition" Leader Andrew Scheer

UPDATE:  Looks like I'm able to post, but without the "snippets" from the links.  Looks like that was what was causing the posts to disappear.

Just a quick notice to readers that, due to some weird glitch in Blogger this morning, I am unable to post about the topic I have chosen...The Choiceless Choice....in the upcoming Fall Canadian federal election.

I have loaded links and quotes onto this page twice now and they have disappeared completely.  The point I was going to make was that Canadians by design, have absolutely NO choice in the upcoming election.  Scheer and Trudeau are playing "Monkey See, Monkey Do" all along the election journey...trying to outdo one another in kissing the @$$es of their neocon/neoliberal, Five Eyez Sorosian masters.

As an example, "Opposition" Leader Andrew Scheer, above, today demanded Canada double down on its pissing trade war with China.  Refresh my memory...why are we fighting with China???? Oh, yes, because we were forced to illegally kidnap the CEO of Huawei by the USrael Deep State. Huawei refuses to give the Deep State a backdoor into its 5G technology, that's why.  So, because of that....Canada has to self-immolate economically.

What a laff...Trudeau was hosting Japan's Prime Minister Abe today and in a monumental flub, welcomed the leader of "China" to Canada.

There was a public opinion poll released on the weekend.  It said that while the Conservatives were comfortably in front of the Liberals at the moment, their lead was "soft".  This is code for saying that Canadians despise the "platforms" [aka "marching orders"] of BOTH parties.  But the so-called Journalists are NOT supposed to mention the elephant in the room...that ALL the parties' platforms have been purged, stripped and sanitized of any Canadian sovereignty.  That's the way it is specifically designed.  Canadians are, and have been for some years...actually ever since the coming of the Five Eyez...never to be given an actual choice.  Different coloured banners?  Yes! by all means.

But heaven forbid Canadians be given an actual pathway [aka real leadershio] out of the current flopping and flapping on the political deck like a landed flounder.  For Gawd sakes...don't allow a leader with policies that provide a return to global "honest broker" neutrality and respect!  No!  Canada has to strut around the world stage like a peacock...all dolled up and arrogant.  We have to give the finger to powerful would-be allies and trade partners like Russia and China.  We have to forever hitch our star to the bankrupted [and globally despised] by-perpetual-wars USrael.

That, folks, is our only "CHOICE".

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Five Eyez Newz - New Zealand not "towing the line"....and more countries that could experience "mass casualty events" in the next little while

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern walks with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang during a welcome ceremony at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on April 1. (Andy Wong/Associated Press)

Today's headline from the CBC is interesting from a number of standpoints:

"New Zealand: the Five Eyes ally that came up short in Canada's Huawei dispute"

According to the CBC so-called "journalists' [but who are, in fact, MosCSISd toadies] if you don't get on whatever punitive bandwagon the Ziofascist globalist Deep State is running at the moment...you're "coming up short".  You're not "pulling your weight".  You see, folks.  When this "Five Eyes" Deep State occupation was conjured up by the Satanists...all the formerly sovereign nations gave up their independence and their unique cultural and national policies to spy...on who?  On each other, of course.  They also became "bullies".  Bullying each other into compliance.  Disgusting?  You bet!  The "Five Eyes" is a regular puke-fest.

In this latest scenario, we have Canada "offended" because New Zealand...which is located very close to China...did not jump on the anti-Huawei bandwagon.  What?  Hey?!  Tiny New Zealand DARED to pursue an independent policy, despite The Neo-nazi Empress of Galacia, Chrystia Freeland's decree that all the Five Eyes condemn China for fighting back--after Canada illegally kidnapped Meng Wanzhou, one of the founding CEO's of the Chinese flagship corporation.

The real reason "The West" and most importantly, The Five Eyes Deep State Cabal are on a band-wagon against Huawei is because Huawei's 5G is not only the best of its kind of technology...but because Huawei/China will NOT allow the Five Eyes to expand their spying by installing a backdoor into the Huawei 5G technology.  NOT being able to use communications technology to spy on everyone is totally anathema to the raison d'etre of the Five Eyes Vassal States.

So, rather than take over and pervert this technology for their hegemonic Ziofascist goals, what is happening instead is that the West, USrael and the Five Eyes Plus One are being increasingly isolated geopolitically and technologically.  Witness this big "Belt and Road Initiative" forum led by China and Russia that took place in Beijing last week.

Chinese President Xi Jinping delivers a speech during a ceremony at Tsinghua University ceremony with Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) at Friendship Palace in Beijing on April 26, 2019. (Photo by AFP)

Readers are encouraged to click on THIS link and watch the video at the top of the PressTV article.  There's a huge round table and the camera slowly and deliberately pans the attendees at the forum...focusing on the name plates of the countries joining in the forum that focused on the global development project that is the brainchild of Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin.  Some of the countries that attended the forum are a surprise: including Chile, Austria, Egypt, Italy, Greece, many countries in Africa and also a lot of the "Stan" countries.  These countries stand to profit if the Belt and Road travels through them.  This is literally "the Wave of the Future"...as the greencrow has been saying for several years now.  Canada, of course, did NOT attend.  Too stupid, to put it succinctly.  Canada, and particularly Canada's north, could benefit immensely from joining the Belt and Road.  China and Russia have included Canada's north on plans for a world wide highway of commerce.

Map of Massive Highway/Transportation
System Planned in the Belt and Road Initiative

Like I say, Canada is far too stupid to recognize the potential of this Initiative and to get on the "bandwagon" in the early stages. Plus, Canada is a charter member of the Five Eyes Vassal States and no longer has the sovereignty to make the policy decisions that are in its best interests. Instead, the only strategy devised by the Pathetic Five Eyes Plus One is an ongoing and relentless effort to scupper the Belt and Road plans by having their M$M "ignore" anything to do with it.

Also, and this is where I get to the point of this post.  It has also become abundantly clear that another diabolical strategy is in place.  Go back to that link I provided and look again at the countries who sent delegates to sit around the table.  Do you recognize a few of them from recent headlines?  Yes, several of them have recently experienced "mass casualty events"...whether some "lone nut"(TM) shooter, or some "extreme weather event" whether it be a "typhoon/Cyclone" or an "Earthquake/flood" type of event.  Yes, the only initiatives the Five Eyes Ba$tards are capable of are environmental terror and chaos, mass casualties, fear and bullying.  More and more, this is simply isolating them and depriving them of state-of-the-art technology.

I looked but did not see a delegate from New Zealand in attendance at the Beijing meeting.  Perhaps that would be a bit too "sovereignish" even for the upstart New Zealand.  After all...they're still recovering from the "Christchurch" mass casualty event...which, in retrospect, could have been a payback for the kind of verboten political camaraderie exemplified in the photo at the top of this post...i.e., NZ PM Ardern walking beside the PM of China...

Lemmeeeseee.  FIRST, New Zealand refuses to get on anti-Huawei bandwagon.  THEN, New Zealand attracts Australian world travelling, deep pocketed "lone nut" shooter. Hmmmmmm.

Now, readers, as a final exercise, go back once more to the video in the PressTV link.  Watch closely while the camera pans the delegates to the Belt and Road Initiative Forum.  How many more of those particular countries will experience "mass casualty events" in the next little while?  Stay tuned.

Friday, April 26, 2019

"Gay Looney" Politicizes National Currency - Yet another Trudeau Goof?

Gay Canadian Coin

How do you know you're in the End Times?  Your country mints a "Gay Coin", and then tries to hide it from the public. I wonder how many Canadians are even aware of this Gay Coin...the announcement of which I discovered hidden on the back pages of the M$M.

Please read the following snippets of a story from the CBC and I will have more comments to follow:


"A new dollar coin designed to commemorate 50 years of homosexual rights has sparked a dual backlash — from both members of Canada's LGBT community and from a social conservative group.
The loonie, launched April 23 at an invitation-only event in Toronto, features a stylized depiction of two overlapping human faces within a large circle, the dates 1969 and 2019, and the word "equality" in English and French. The Royal Canadian Mint is keeping tight-lipped on details until next week's official reveal.
York University historian Tom Hooper said the coin commemorates a "myth," since the sweeping changes to the Criminal Code introduced in 1969 — which decriminalized sexual activity between men over the age of 21 in a private setting — were modest, and police and courts continued to criminalize same-sex relations afterward.
"I feel like they're putting this myth onto a coin. They're stamping this coin with 1969 and right next to it 'equality' and there was nothing in 1969 to do with equality," said Hooper, who studies the history of LGBT rights in Canada.
"Even the people who supported the Criminal Code reforms were arguing that we were a mental disease. So this was not about equality."
In 1967, after introducing the package of Criminal Code reforms that would pass a heated House of Commons vote two years later, then justice minister Pierre Trudeau famously stated that "there's no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation."
"I think that what's done in private between adults doesn't concern the Criminal Code. When it becomes public this is a different matter, or when it relates to minors this is a different matter," he said.

Criminalization continued post-1969

But Hooper insisted that legal persecution of homosexual acts persisted through certain provisions in the Code — such as gross indecency — and pointed to the urban police raids of gay bath houses that continued into the 1980s.
"I think the story of decriminalization and the myth, as I'm calling it, certainly benefits the Liberal Party and it benefits anybody with the last name Trudeau," he said, calling the coin a "big mistake."...

Another day in the Canadian House of Commons
….another Tearful Apology

"Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wipes his eye while he is applauded as he delivers a formal apology to LGBT people in Canada in the House of Commons in Ottawa, Tuesday, Nov.28, 2017. (Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Pres

Some find coin concept 'disturbing'

David Cooke of the social conservative group Citizen Go Canada, meanwhile, accuses the Mint of trying to "politicize" Canada's coinage in order to promote what he calls the prime minister's "gay agenda." He compared LGBT issues to other topics that have proved to be politically divisive — abortion and divorce — and that he said should not be celebrated by the federal government.
"What we see here happening with Mr. Trudeau is, he's going really too far. He's not only going back into the debate, he's taking a side," he said.
"He's saying we as a country, and we as Canadian citizens, are not only saying we approve of homosexual behaviour and lifestyle, but we want to have every citizen have it on their coinage. It's going to be celebrated, going to be promoted and many Canadians find that very disturbing and even offensive.".....
Greencrow says: As an artist, I'm offended by the depiction on the coinage.  It's like a poster from the 60's.  If they were celebrating straight marriage...would they have such a cartoonish depiction of two people kissing?  No.  They would celebrate the commitment that it takes to maintain a relationship for decades. Actually, just leave the matter alone.  Personal relationships and choices are a private non-state matter. Incidentally, my husband and I are celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary this summer.  If Trudeau were ever to celebrate long lasting straight relationships such as ours...which he won't...I don't think the illustration would be of two bulbous lips touching.
My point being....personal relationships are just that--personal.  Justin's father Pierre Trudeau said it best..."There's no place for the State in the bedrooms of the nation."  Too bad Justin didn't learn a single damn thing from his father...as he has made crystal clear since he was anointed in 2015.

While all manner of deviant sex has always been a "normal" minority choice within society....the history of human civilization on this planet is replete with hard, empirical evidence that the more open, common and flagrant that deviant sex devolves within the "culture"....the closer that civilization comes to collapse.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Canada In The Dumps

Filipino Woman Protesting Canada's
Refusal (So Far) to Take
back Garbage

It's a form of racism.  Tell me this....would Canada have dared to send hundreds of shipping containers full of kitchen scraps and other noxious waste to ANY OTHER COUNTRY BUT A THIRD WORLD ONE????? No.

I see so much subliminal racism in the mainZtream Media these days...it's disgusting.  Such arrogance!  Almost like we're all looking in the mirror and seeing the reflection of Justin Trudeau adjusting his tie.  We're SOooooo above these folks!

Take the newz coverage of the recent meeting between North Korea's Kim Jong-Un and Russia's Vladimir Putin as another example..... Here's the disgusting headline in this morning's CTV newz:

At Kim-Putin summit, hearty handshakes and manspreading

Why don't the Western so-called "Journalists" admit they don't have a clue what's being negotiated between Putin and Kim?  That they have to resort to making derogatory comments about the men's "body language" is a pathetic commentary on contemporary geopolitical analysis in the M$M.

I watched yesterday's CBC evening newz while surfing the net for NHL hockey playoffs last night and there was some kind of ignorant goofball with the last name of Braun sounding off on the Putin-Kim meeting.  Apparently he's a professor at an Ontario college.  I really pity his students,  because this ignoramus didn't know a thing about Russia/North Korean relations.  His main thesis was that Russia is a financially broke third-rate country that cannot offer a single thing to North Korea.  He opined that, eventually, North Korea would have to get down on its hands and knees and crawl to the supremely powerful Empire of Amerika.  That is, if North Korea ever wanted to raise itself out of the primitive technological mire that it has been sunk in for centuries.  Pity the poor Canadian students who are subjected to "professor" Braun's hogwash on a daily basis.

The fact is, it is the United States that is bankrupt and it is the United States that has fallen so far behind Russia in military technology that it's doubtful it will EVER catch up.  The only plot on the Pentagon horizon now is some kind of "surprise nuclear attack" on Russia and China.  The elephant in the room of the Putin-Kim meeting is the likeliness that they're negotiating the purchase of some S-400's to place along the South/North Korean border and along the NK coastline......  But keep talking about "manspreading" guyz.

And here we have Canada dawdling and dithering about accepting back garbage sent by "Chronic Inc." a now disappeared Canadian corporation...to the Philippines back between 2014 to 2016.  Two and a half years later, we're still begging the Philippines to somehow dispose of it on their own soil.  The racist inference is that their entire country is a dump.  Canada's dump.

Canada should have prioritized taking that garbage back three years ago when it was brought to our attention.  Trudeau should quit adjusting his tie in the mirror, quit his virtue signalling/apologizing [for everyone else except himself] and expedite the return of the garbage.

It's reached a stage in our relentless cultural decline where the only entities worthy of respect are the LGBT's.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

New Art Work: Basswood Carved and Painted Unicorn and Treasure Box

Unicorn Treasure Box

Finally!  My Unicorn Treasure Box is finished.  It took about three months of carving to get this result.... which is still not exactly what I wanted due to rushing towards completion at the end.  Reminds me of one of my favourite sayings.  "Sometimes 'perfection' can be the enemy of the good'.  If I were to attempt to 'perfect' it...it would likely not have been finished for a year or more.  So, I settled for "rustic".  That's what we carvers call something that needed a lot MORE time and effort.

Below is a video describing the details of the project.  Enjoy!

Unicorn Treasure Box Video

Now...on to my next project!!! : )

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Sri Lankan Carnage is Five Eyes Perps' Attempt to get a destabilizing "Toehold" on [purchasing S-400] Indian region

India and Sri Lanka

It's not rocket science.  Welllllll….to be exact...it does have Something to do with rocket science.  India is in the middle of an election...and India is also purchasing the S-400 anti-missile defense systems from its BFF RussiaIMO, the latest False Flag carnage in neighbouring Sri Lanka is the usual globalist psychopathic attempt to weaken a country as a prelude to invading and occupying it.  It's old hat by now.  All the earmarks are evident.

It was just a matter of time before the Voice of Satan began to blame it on their generic proxy bugaboo, "IS".

If you look at any old map of the region it will become crystal clear...even the fuzzy map at the top of the post will explain the entire atrocity.  Sri Lanka is like a big toe at the end of the Indian sub-continent.  It is strategically placed so that, if occupied by foreign [MosCIAd] forces, it could block India's access to two oceans at the very least.  While it looks like a "toe", it is actually an "Achilles heel" for India's pro-Russian Prime Minister Modi....a huge pre-occupation/distraction for him while he fights an election.

So, readers.  THAT's why the bloody carnage on the Easter Weekend.  The Satanists could gorge on all the deliciously anti-Christian gore...all the while establishing a destabilizing "toe-hold" in the region.  Case Closed.


Note: In the lead photograph, in left foreground, Hans Frank, the Governor-General of German-occupied Galicia, which he ran from Cracow from 1939 to 1944.  He was captured in Bavaria by US forces and tried at Nuremberg between November 1945 and October 1946. Found guilty of murdering Jews and Poles, Frank was hanged on October 16, 1946. Chrystia Freeland was born in Alberta, Canada,  on August 2, 1968. 


Greencrow says:  The following are snippets from a post by one of my favourite pro-Russian bloggers....John Helmer [Dances with Bears] from Moscow.  Helmer skewers Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland both for her support of the Kiev Junta where the democratically elected President of Ukraine was forcibly removed from office by western covert regime-change specialists in the USrael Deep State...and for her naked ambition to replace Trudeau as Canadian Prime Minister.  Please read and I will have final comments to follow.


Chrystia Freeland (lead picture, centre), the Ukrainian-Canadian who is Foreign Minister of Canada, was at a loss for words at the outcome of the Ukrainian presidential election on Sunday. Instead, she re-tweeted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s statement

 “Canada and Ukraine are united by a strong relationship, rooted in close people-to-people ties,” Trudeau declared, referring to the western Ukrainians – now numbering three million, ten percent of Canada’s population. They had sided with Adolph Hitler and the German Army in World War II; after their defeat they were accepted by Canada as refugees.  Freeland’s maternal grandfather, Michael Chomiak from a village near Lviv, had served in the German Army as a spy and as press editor and propagandist for the administration of Galicia, which then included both Ukrainian and Polish territory, headed by Governor-General Hans Frank (lead image, left).
“We are unwavering in our support of Ukraine’s sovereignty and our enduring commitment to the rules-based international order,” Trudeau announced, and Freeland re-tweeted  in a formula broad enough to accept terms with Russia to end the five-year war in the east of Ukraine.  “I look forward to working with President-elect Zelenskiy to deepen our relationship and build a more secure, more prosperous future for people in both our countries.”
The only region of Ukraine in which the majority did not vote for Vladimir Zelensky was Lviv region and adjoining areas of old Galicia. There, if Freeland, who has tried but failed to challenge Trudeau for the Canadian prime ministry, were to run for election, she would be the favourite to be President of Galicia.
Countrywide, Zelensky defeated the incumbent president Petro Poroshenko by 73% to 24%, with a turnout averaging 62%. The only exception was the city of Lviv and the Lviv region, where Poroshenko scored 63% to Zelensky’s  34%, with turnout of more than 67%.
In the east of the country, Zelensky won with more than 80% of the votes – 87% in Donestk, 89% in Lugansk, and 87% in Odessa.  The New York Times reported this geographic distribution as Zelensky’s “triumph in every region, except for the area around the city of Lviv, a center of Ukrainian culture and nationalism in the west of the country.”    

Freeland keeps an apartment with her sister on Maidan Square, in Kiev (undeclared in her parliamentary asset filings).  She has led the political effort in Ottawa to deliver more than a half-billion dollars in Canadian government loans and grants, trade subsidies, and military supplies to Poroshenko’s administration. She has also been instrumental in basing a Canadian military group in the Galician region at Starychi, 40 kilometres northwest of Lviv city. The commander of the Canadian base at Starychi, the general commanding the Canadian Army, and the Canadian ambassador in Kiev have all been Galicians; read their details. The Ottawa calls the Canadian military programme in Galicia Operation UNIFIER.
After trying to conceal the war and post-war record of her grandfather, Freeland and her supporters in the Canadian press blamed Russia for leaking details of the story. In fact, the records came from Ukrainian historians and Ukrainian-Canadians in Freeland’s family; Polish police records; archives of the Jewish communities of Lviv and Cracow;  and American Army records for the time Chomiak lived in Bavaria and began his work as a US spy. For the archive on Chomiak and Freeland’s record, read this
Jewish community organizations in Canada have been reluctant to criticize Freeland for her cover-up of the Chomiak story and for the anti-semitism of  the current Galician groups, both in Canada and Ukraine. This led to acrimonious debate in the Canadian Jewish press; for more, read this.   Jewish voters continue to back Trudeau, Freeland and the Liberal Party for re-election when the federal parliamentary ballot is called in six months’ time, on October 21.
More numerous and powerful, however, than the Ukrainian and Jewish voters are the French in Quebec. In that province Trudeau remains strong enough politically to assure that the Liberals, in alliance with the Bloc Québécois, will continue in power after October 21. Canadian analysts acknowledge that Freeland, who represents a riding in Toronto, Ontario, has no comparable support herself in Quebec. 
Freeland’s ambition for the prime ministry was first reported in January 2017.  As foreign minister she has capitalized on the frequent press opportunities this has allowed to promote herself to voters. The name recognition that has resulted has made her one of the most recognized of Trudeau’s ministers.
Her lack of success in capitalizing on Trudeau’s decline in the personal approval ratings and in the straw vote polls was reported here
Trudeau’s decline has accelerated since February. The resignations of two of Trudeau’s ministers – in February Attorney-General Jody Wilson-Raybould (Vancouver, British Columbia);  in March Treasury Board President Jane Philpott (Toronto, Ontario) — triggered media speculation of a deeper loss of confidence in Trudeau’s leadership.  The Conservative leader Andrew Scheer (Saskatchewan) said Philpott’s resignation demonstrated that Trudeau had “lost the moral authority to govern. Today, a senior member of his inner circle has come to the same conclusion. Jane Philpott’s resignation from cabinet clearly demonstrates a government in total chaos, led by a disgraced prime minister consumed with scandal and focused only on his political survival.”
The alleged scandal involved Wilson-Raybould’s refusal to accept an out-of-court settlement of foreign bribery charges against SNC Lavalin, a Montreal-based engineering corporation. She defied Trudeau’s and his government’s policy and insisted on a criminal prosecution of the corporation; that  move  threatened to disqualify SNC-Lavalin from federal contracts and thousands of jobs in Quebec.  Wilson-Raybould accused Trudeau of improper interference in the legal proceeding; Philpott joined her; Scheer jumped on their bandwagon. The majority of eastern Canadian voters, starting in Quebec, saw the issue as a political contest in the run-up to the election; in western Canada, voters took their cue from the Conservatives.  
Secret canvassing by Liberal MPs to promote Freeland to replace the prime minister in time to run the election campaign has not been acknowledged in public. The Liberal parliamentary caucus united around the prime minister,  and on April 2 Wilson-Raybould and Philpott were expelled from the caucus.  Freeland had already travelled to a Montreal suburb to tell Quebec voters she was remaining loyal to Trudeau.

In her Quebec fealty speech, Freeland  pitched her support for Trudeau on the basis that he supports her as a ‘feminist’ and as a ‘working mother’.  Source: https://montrealgazette.com/

The press in Quebec and Quebec politicians had already rallied around SNC Lavalin and Trudeau. French-speaking journalists dismissed the claim that the two resignations signified Trudeau was “anti-feminist”. Melanie Joly (Quebec), minister for Francophonie, told the Journal de Montréal on April 3 that Wilson-Raybould and Philpott had started a “false debate” over Trudeau’s commitment to women voters. “Loyalty,” Joly told the newspaper, “is not an affair for a man or a woman. When one is a member of a team and when one must be able to rely on our colleagues who comprise that team, confidence is important.”   

The leading French newspaper followed on April 5 with an opinion piece strongly endorsing Trudeau, and accusing Wilson-Raybould and Philpott of playing a “very bad vaudeville”. 

A Toronto political analyst says that right now Freeland has counted the votes and decided “she is a fervent Trudeau loyalist. To that extent she rises or falls with him on the present trajectory. I don’t see her having much political traction without him generally, and certainly not in Quebec. The ‘feminist foreign policy’ brand has become a bit tired, frankly. It’s an automatic claim all Canadian politicians make in any case.”


Greencrow says:  So, [according to Helmer's analysis at least] It WAS just as I suspected.  The "SNC Lavalin scandal" caper was just Kabuki Theatre to get rid of Trudeau and replace him with Freeland.  I smelled it from the start.  Freeland, despite the fact she is almost universally loathed throughout Canada...has immensely powerful contacts in USrael [Hillary Clinton faction of the divided MosCIAd].  It was her Sorosian coattails that got Trudeau into power...and it was/is her USrael contacts that are now crapping their pants at how unpopular Trudeau is and how he will likely lose the fall election.

IMO the entire SNC Lavalin charade was an effort to remove Trudeau and replace him with Freeland prior to the Fall (s)election.  They went all out in this effort and, for a week or two, it looked like they might achieve their goal.  But it is indicative of how far the MosCIAd Clintonesque Deep State has fallen--both in the United States [with the Mueller Report exonerating Trump], in Ukraine itself with the election of Zelensky over Porochenko…... and in Canada...as evidenced by its inability to shoehorn the politically wounded Trudeau OUT of power.

They only quit the regime change effort [according to Helmer] when their secret polling indicated that Freeland could not win in the pivotal Province of Quebec. Now, according to Helmer and his "Kremlin sources" they've retreated, and have again thrown their lot in with Trudeau by hook or by crook.

So now Canadians [yeah, who cares about THEM?!] are stuck between a rock [Trudeau] and a hard place [Scheer] .  Both are very poor choices to lead Canada into the next phase of the globalist struggle between the Western Five Eyes Deep State vs. The multi-polar BRICS "Road and Belt" states, led by Russia and China.  The bottom line is...Canada is not permitted to have a real leader in the populist sense.