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UPDATED: Why has Mozambique suffered the worst weather-related catastrophe in its history?

UPDATED: April 10, 2019 Nearly 1,000 confirmed deaths in worst storm in Mozambique history.

March 30, 2019 According to an Associated Press Report, Cholera is breaking out in Mozambique and surrounding nations.  Doctors Without Borders and the World Health Organization, two NGO's, are now setting up in the country and working on the possible epidemic.

March 29, 2019 - Uganda, a small inland African nation that is located just north of Mozambique on prime land surrounding a lake, has just been devastated by an unusual hailstorm which has destroyed their crops.

US Special Forces were in these 
countries in 2016

I saw the above map of the world with the shocking information that the United States special forces have been active in 70% of the world according to statistics as recent as 2016.  Readers may well ask:  "But what does that have to do with Mozambique and the crisis that has occurred there resulting from the unprecedented cyclone Idai?"

Well, first of all, you will note that Mozambique is one of the few countries that the US Special Forces were NOT active in in 2016.  It was Mozambique and the surrounding inland countries that were heavily hit by the cyclone. Coinkydynke? Weather experts are puzzling over HOW A GIGANTIC CYCLONE LIKE IDAI COULD DEVELOP IN A VERY NARROW CHANNEL.  NORMALLY, CYCLONES CAN ONLY DEVELOP OVER BROAD OCEAN EXPANSES.  Therefore, it is my suspicion [I will not call it a belief] that the cyclone was yet another man-made weather Terror event to facilitate the influx of so-called "NGO's" or Non-governmental "relief" agencies under cover of which the Western globalist neocon Ziofascist get their "foot in the door" of militarily vulnerable but resource-rich countries all over the world.  Please read the following snippets citing media sources and I will have more comments to follow:

Mozambique death toll rises to over 700 after cyclone

The Globe and Mail reports that the Canadian Red Cross is sending an "emergency field hospital" to cyclone-devastated Mozambique:

The CBC reports on the unprecedented nature of the cyclone:

Tropical Cyclone Idai ravaged Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi, peaking on March 11 and killing more than 760 people in the three countries. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called it "one of the worst weather-related catastrophes in the history of Africa."

Beira is still in mourning, still bearing the scars of sudden catastrophe. As the city tries to get back on its feet, its people are still trying to make sense of a singular storm that defied the rules of any they have ever known.

In a local paper, a former Mozambique first lady was quoted saying that Beira will "go down in history as having been the first city to be completely devastated by climate change."

While there is still an ongoing debate, many international experts believe climate change is the culprit. The extraordinary destruction and flooding clearly points to unprecedented factors.

The Atlantic has an extensive photo spread on the devastation in Mozambique and Zimbabwe

RT and PressTV report on the rising death toll and appeal to the UN to provide the victims with food and clean water.

CTV and BBC report on the international relief effort and the "desperate search for the missing"

Cyclone Idai: '15,000 people still need to be rescued'

Map of Mozambique in Africa

Mozambique on Map of Africa


Greencrow says: Hmmmmmm looking at the map of Africa and comparing it with the map of US Special Forces intrusions at the beginning of this post, I noted ominously that Mozambique had not yet been intruded upon as of 2016, anyway.  To be exact, Mozambique and its surrounding inland neighbours who, by a strange coinkydynk were the exact nations devastated by the Cyclone.  Now, we've known for at least a decade that Cyclones are one of the terrors that can be manufactured by the secret Geoengineering/HAARP/EMP-related technologies.  These are the technologies that Western Governments never speak of...except to dismiss.  But you can learn all about them on the Internet.  As just one example, please check out the video below, titled:  "Weather Warfare - Engineering a 'Bomb' Cyclone".

Geoengineering a "Bomb Cyclone"

I hate to sound patronizing but it is very frustrating to constantly be pointing out the obvious...if the Evil ones on this planet can do something, like destroy a region in preparation for a political take-over of its governments and resources...DO YOU ACTUALLY THINK THAT THEY WON'T DO IT???!!!

Of course they will do it and they do it all the time.  Most of the extreme weather events that have happened in the past decade have IMO been fabricated terror events.  Back and forth they go.  Powerful, technologically-advanced countries....along with their diabolical corporatist masters...visiting storms, droughts [especially droughts], hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, landslides and other atrocities on one another and...this is particularly despicable...on their OWN people [witness the California "wild" fires of last year].  This is why I simply laugh [ruefully] and shake my head when people argue about "global warming and/or climate change".  When the world terror network that brings humanity false flags, proxy wars etc., also has weather terrorism in its you really think we can discriminate between "normal weather" i.e., the ongoing climatological phases of the planet...and the contrived Geoengineering/HAARP/EMP technology extreme weather events?  That's why I never get involved in "climate change"-related discussions, except to repeat that unless and until all nations are forced to lay their Geoengineering/HAARP/EMP-related technology cards on the is a most futile exercise.

IMO, the Cyclone that recently devastated Mozambique was a manufactured terror event.  This is proved by the rarity of a Cyclone brewing in the narrow channel between Madagascar and mainland Africa...this has NEVER occurred before in the recorded history of Mozambique.  Hellooooo?  The reason for the terror event and consequent mass murder of over 700 Africans is for the Western globalist Ziofascist states to gain a military foothold in Mozambique and neighbouring countries.  Under cover of the so-called "AID" brought in by CIA-associated NGO's there will also be a surreptitious infiltration of destabilizing agents/proxies, spys, and economic "hitmen".

The photos of the devastation shown at The Atlantic link above, are actually victory trophies of a military operation.  Below, in the Washington Post, was published the ultimate victory trophy:  A photo of a black man being carried by "aid" workers away from a helicopter in the background.  Having the "invasion" of helicopters being able to work away in the area, bringing things in and taking things the true victory.  Gawd knows what else the helicopters and other equipment--now being the new normal sighted in Mozambique--will be capable addition to bringing so-called "aid" to the poor black folks...left homeless and without the "cyclone".

From the Washington Post 

A wounded survivor is evacuated by helicopter 
from Chimanimani in eastern Zimbabwe


Anonymous said...

The Good Samaritan has been weaponized, and carries a dagger in his cloak.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

Thanks for your comment. Worse than that...."Mother" nature has been weaponized and turned against her children.

Reading between the lines said...

I have often wondered if the chemtrails affect the weather and why would it not after all it is sprayed all across our skies .Even the snow melt on the metal roofs leaves a film on the metal that is not normal .Dane Wigington is correct.

greencrow said...

The US government has admitted they put lithium in the aerosol they spray...which is largely made out of coal dust. Of all the crimes being committed by the Deep State Ziofascists on this planet, weather manipulation and weaponization is undoubtedly the worst.