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UPDATED: Tracing the Trudeau Regime-Change Trajectory Back to its Sorosian/OECD Roots

Map of OECD Countries
All Five Eyes Countries
are Represented

UPDATED:  March 21, 2019 "Et tu Jane?"  That whore of a rag, MacLean's Magazine has an interview with former Liberal Cabinet Minister, Jane Philpott this morning where she insists there's "more to the SNC Lavalin story".  Refresh my memory, who owns Macleans? When reading any of the mainstream media stories about geopolitics I advise readers to ask not who is giving the interview...but who is ALLOWING it to be broadly circulated via the controlled main$tream media.

"Now we have an attorney general who has resigned, a Treasury Board president who has resigned, a top adviser to the prime minister who has resigned, and now the head of the public service itself has stepped down… the only person left 
to resign now is Justin Trudeau himself," 

Yesterday, Budget Day in the Canadian Federal House of Commons was also supposed to be the day the Justin Trudeau's Liberals finally clapped a lid on the SNC Lavalin Scandal.  This scandal had already cost Justin his main man Principal Secretary, his Minister of Veteran's Affairs, his Minister of the Treasury and just on Monday, the Chief Clerk of the Privy Council, Michael Wernick.  I called for Wernick's resignation the day after he first testified before the Committee and, in a totally unprofessional preamble, predicted the likelihood of an "assassination" during the upcoming election. While the festering boil on Canada's ass has been lanced....the [jack]ass is still there.

Yesterday, under cover of the usual hullabaloo over the budget, the Liberals pulled the plug on the only real investigation into the corruption and obstruction of justice scandal--the Commons "Justice" [sic] Committee.  While meeting in camera the Liberal members of the committee informed the opposition parties members that they had "heard enough" from witnesses and that the committee now had all the information it needed to arrive at an opinion on the matter.  If only everything in life was that easy to wrap up...hummmmmm.

Au contraire...I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Some may think that the greencrow has backed away from her prediction that Trudeau will be forced to resign...will not run as leader of the Liberal Party in the upcoming Fall election.  Not so.  On the contrary, like a gambling addict who has already bet the house...I'm doubling down with a busted flush...saying le Dauphin will definitely be gone by Fall.

If the Wilson-Raybould scandal doesn't bring him down, then the Vice Admiral Mark Norman scandal surely will.  It's simmering away on the Mainstream Media/Ottawa back burner, dontcha know.  Up until last Monday, Parliament had been in Spring Recess, so there was a convenient hiatus in the pot boiler scandal surrounding the attempted obstruction of justice/corruption charges against Trudeau and his top staff...those who are left, anyway.

Trudeau flies to US to get key in his back rewound

During the hiatus, Trudeau flew to Florida, USA to get his key re-wound.  Something curious happened during his family vacation on an island off the Florida west coast. In the middle of the night, he suddenly got back into his jet  and flew back to Ottawa for a series of "private" meetings.

During the Spring Break hiatus I had a chance to do a wee bit of research into the roots of the scandal.  The scandal is, IMO a totally Controlled presstitute manufactured scandal.  As I said in my very first post on it, this kind of lobbying/attempt at obstruction/corruption is the bread and butter of the Federal government.  Normally, it would never have seen the light of day.  There are probably about 10 cases just like it still festering away in the lunchrooms and offices of Parliament.

My question was why was the SNC Lavalin case chosen as a vehicle for regime change?  Well, first I looked at the source of the story, the Globe and Mail which is a Toronto newspaper.  The "reporter/journalist" [I use those terms loosely, as there are no such entities in the media anymore] who broke the story was John Ibbitson, under the supervision of editor, Robert Fife.  Just a side note on Robert Fife.  I note he's from the small town of Chapleau, near Sudbury, Northern Ontario and I went to school with a Mary Fife who had very blonde/reddish hair.  I note that Robert has the same hair and general features as they're probably from the same large family I grew up with.

Anyhooooo….I discovered that John Ibbitson belongs/belonged to CIGI, one of those Thimpk Tanks that is always behind and/or "partnered with" the Deep State machinations:
Since its inception, CIGI has partnered with other think tanks and organizations from around the world. A partnership is currently underway with the Institute for New Economic Thinking, an organization founded by George Soros in the wake of the financial crisis of 2007–2008 to bring about ideas that will lead to lasting solutions to the world's various economic challenges.[5]

I guess this is how they pay their assets.  Ibbitson was/is also gonnected with a Non Profit Organization called the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). BINGO!  This is where I hit pay dirt.  The OECD is one of those organizations that keeps all the vassal states in line and sticks its nose into the bidness of countries all over the world.  Please look at the map above and note the members of the OECD.   Please also read the following precis a see what the OECD is all about and I will continue my analysis thereafter:


Meet your Global Tax Collector

Global Corporate-Financier Mafia Grows New Tentacle: Global Tax Collectors.


The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), a 50 year old network constituting what is often known as the “West,” has been the premier promoter of expanding corporate-financier hegemony across the planet. Done under the guise of “progressive” initiatives, claiming to “promote policies that will improve the economic and social well-being of people around the world,” it is demonstratively run by the most explicit examples of institutions and individuals impeding such lofty goals.

Not least amongst them is convicted criminal George Soros and his “Open Society Institute.” While surely the organization’s rank and file includes a majority of well-intentioned “liberal-progressives,” pursuing and promoting agendas seemingly benign, the reality is that the organization, in tandem with the US State Department and the British Foreign Ministry, is laying the groundwork for a homogeneous global network of administrators for what is literally a neo-imperial empire.

With characters like George Soros and his self-serving institution behind the OECD, Soros having been convicted and fined for insider trading in 2002, a conviction that was more recently upheld by the European Court of Human Rights,” it would be laughable for such an enterprise to pose as international arbiters fighting financial fraud. Yet that is exactly what the OECD portends to do – and most recently announced the creation of “Tax Inspectors Without Borders.” Its name invoking the equally well-intentioned, but ultimately fraudulent “Reporters Without Borders,” another Soros-US State Department building block for what is to be a “global empire,” it aims to “to help developing countries bolster their domestic revenues by making their tax systems fairer and more effective.”

In reality it aims at imposing an international standard upon tax collection, and as each nation is financially destroyed by international bankers, IMF loansharking, and foreign-funded destabilization, the austerity measures demanded to be paid in “bailouts” and for “reconstruction” will be managed and coached by the OECD’s new tentacle to ensure every unit of currency ends up in globalist coffers.

Greencrow's thesis:  Regime Change is being masterminded by George Soros to install Chrystia Freeland.

I believe I have connected the dots between John Ibbitson, the source of the SNC Lavalin "scandal" and George Soros.  George Soros has in the past been connected with Chrystia Freeland and Justin Trudeau. During the Hiatus, there was another article in the Globe and Mail national newzpapers to the effect that the OECD was unhappy with the global implications of the SNC Lavalin Scandal,  "OECD announces it is monitoring SNC Lavalin scandal, raising prospect Canada has violated international anti-bribery agreement"  LOL!   Like they care!!!  The OECD is One of the vehicles used by George Soros to put pressure on vassal states.

In one of my first posts on this topic, I theorized that this entire SNC Lavalin scandal was concocted in order to effect a convenient "regime change" in the Federal Liberal party, so that the nationally abhorred Justin would leave the scene for a "fresh face".  Over time, I've even begun to suspect that the person chosen and poised to take Justin's place is the equally abhorred Chrystia Freeland.  Hey, you can't expect the geriatric George Soros and the other foreign Deep Staters to have their fingers on the public pulse of ALL the vassal states they need to control!  So what if Freeland is hated...she's their man!

My thesis rests on the premise I stated in an earlier post that the PTB want to throw out the baby [Justin] but keep the bathwater (i.e., all the Sorosian Deep State mechanisms of globalist control and crime syndicate participation).  But, but, but you say...why can't Soros just let nature take its course and have Andrew "Can't Travel to Russia" Scheer take over?  He's cut from exactly the same cloth as Trudeau?  Well, the answer to that is that it was probably ALWAYS in the cards that Chrystia Freeland will take over and lead the vassal state Canada into the next level of globalist chaos and hegemonic darkness.  At least, that's the best answer I can come up with.

So, by slapping a lid on the Justice Committee investigation into the SNC Lavalin Scandal...they're just increasing the pressure on Trudeau...they're increasing the optics that he's hiding something.  They're increasing the belief that, since the previous two individuals most involved in the attempted obstruction of justice scandal had to resign...why not the third one? [see quote at the beginning of this post].  IMO, they're going to wait for the Budget Day media blitz to end and then there will be "one more revelation...perhaps the RCMP will launch their criminal/obstruction of justice investigation [requested by the Conservatives].  You know, in years gone by...having an RCMP investigation file opened on you automatically meant you had to resign your seat and position in Parliament.
NOTE: I forgot to mention in my original post that, during the hiatus, Trudeau and the Libs "Lawyered up" with outside lawyers [not Justice dept. lawyers] at taxpayer's expense of anticipation that there will be new developments vis a vis the Conservative Party's request for an RCMP investigation. THAT is highly significant.

Things have gotten very loosey, goosey over the past few decades, but still, just one more nail in the coffin...and the OTHER shoe will drop.  To be continued....


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