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"This was the Monroe Doctrine! This is Our Backyard!" Venezuela Update

"Pro-war liberal pundit Bill Maher
 endorsed the US-led coup in
 Venezuela with blatant neocolonial
 language: “This was

A couple of days ago I wrote what I thought was one of my most original posts ever.  I took "the Monroe Doctrine"...which, amazingly, is still unquestioningly accepted by the majority of citizens and government of the United States of America...and connected the dots between it, and it's originator, US President James Monroe's other avocation...that of being a plantation slave owner.  To my knowledge, no one has ever done this before.

IMO, the connection is strong and irrefutable.  Being a slave owner, even back in the 1820's, was not a typical occupation. Most people knew it was contrary to fundamental human ethics.  Only certain individuals had the financial wherewithal, the ethnic and bidness connections, and the mindset, to "stock" and run huge plantations by means of the forced labour of hundreds of kidnapped slaves...and to treat hundreds of human beings like cattle...poorly and cruelly kept cattle, to be exact.

The "mindset" of a slave owner is particularly important.  President James Monroe must have, by definition, been a psychopath.  To know that the entities he was imprisoning--and breeding by way of forcible rape--individuals that he was having his overseers whip and separate from their families, were humans, with intelligence and feelings--and to proceed regardless, all for the sake of greed, ipso facto, renders him a psychopath.  There is no sugar-coating this, even in hindsight.  He must have known.  Can you imagine the frenzy the psychotic, Western main$tream media would be in if Russia, for example, had a leader within the last couple of centuries who routinely kept and tortured hundreds of human beings...and who also authored a Russian doctrine...still enshrined by the government...that enslaved nations????!!!!!  Well, whoever that theoretical Russian figure was...he would assuredly be "Hitlerized" by the Western Mainstream media.

So, for Americans to still maintain a doctrine--a foreign policy, on their books [The Monroe Doctrine] that was conceived and espoused by a psychopathic slave owner is, IMO, is one of the main clues as to why the American public is not in a state of revulsion over what their Deep State is currently doing to Venezuela.  Only by "normalizing" such inhuman behaviour, codifying it in a "doctrine" and even romanticizing it as a chapter in early "American history".... could a government attack a nation like Venezuela, subjecting it to the kind of torture only a slave owner could inflict...and get away with it.

Please read a brief update on the latest events in Venezuela and I will have more comments to follow:


BBC's gleeful headline on Venezuelan Electrical Terror Attack...'It's Like Living in an Apocalypse!"

The BBC is reporting that for citizens roaming around Caracas in the heat and darkness, looking for food, money and water..."it was an apocalypse"  What an achievement by the psychopaths!

RT is reporting that China has offered to help Venezuela repair its electrical grid and dam computers that were sabotaged by the United States.

Trump Wants Half a Billion Dollars to Finance Regime Change in Venezuela


Greencrow says:  It's not surprising that my shockingly original take on "The Monroe Doctrine" was met with a stonewall of silence, particularly from my readers south of the border.  The kind of self-reflection required to truly examine how and why the psychopathic mindset of a slaveowner still informs the active and current foreign policy of the United States--is probably asking waaaaaaaaaay too much.  Until the United States objectively examines "The Monroe Doctrine" and rejects its primitive premises--predicated on a slave owners' psychopathy, the relentless attacks on nations [e.g., "escaping slaves"] in the Western Hemisphere by Overseers [Bolton and Abrams] of successive American governments will continue unabated.  That is, unless and until a "Lincoln"--in the form of a strong and principled nation--comes to liberate us.


albertde said...

Here is something you probably don't know: the Falkland Islands colony was founded in 1832 and any Argentines living there without any official government were kicked out at that time (euphemistically called "reasserted" since the British - and the Spaninsh - had earlier abandoned official settlements) while the Monroe Doctrine dates from 1823. So the British basically flaunted the Monroe Doctrine.

I recently visited Port Stanley, the capital. The islands are a treeless "wasteland". It is chilly (cold I guess by American lower-48 states standards) and the heat has to be on virtually every day of the year. A total of 2900 or so civilians live there. I have no idea how many military there are. The only place in that part of the world where English is the official language.

Anonymous said...

Ed(itor) posts:

No God But Gain: The Untold Story of Cuban Slavery, the Monroe Doctrine, and the Making of the United States Paperback – July 4, 2017

From 1501 to 1867 more than 12.5 million Africans were brought to the Americas in chains, and many millions died as a result of the slave trade. The US constitution set a 20-year time limit on US participation in the trade, and on January 1, 1808, it was abolished. And yet, despite the spread of abolitionism on both sides of the Atlantic, despite numerous laws and treaties passed to curb the slave trade, and despite the dispatch of naval squadrons to patrol the coasts of Africa and the Americas, the slave trade did not end in 1808. Fully 25 percent of all the enslaved Africans to arrive in the Americas were brought after the US ban – 3.2 million people.

This breakthrough history, based on years of research into private correspondence; shipping manifests; bills of laden; port, diplomatic, and court records; and periodical literature, makes undeniably clear how decisive illegal slavery was to the making of the United States. US economic development and westward expansion, as well as the growth and wealth of the North, not just the South, was a direct result and driver of illegal slavery. The Monroe Doctrine was created to protect the illegal slave trade.

In an engrossing, elegant, enjoyably readable narrative, Stephen M. Chambers not only shows how illegal slavery has been wholly overlooked in histories of the early Republic, he reveals the crucial role the slave trade played in the lives and fortunes of figures like John Quincy Adams and the “generation of 1815,” the post-revolution cohort that shaped US foreign policy. This is a landmark history that will forever revise the way the early Republic and American economic development is seen.

Domestic Violence and Abuse in Intimate Relationship from Public Health Perspective

“… when one form of family violence appears, we can expect all others, including various aggressive acts outside the family, in community. 1….”

Exposure to domestic violence: A meta-analysis of child and adolescent outcomes
Sarah E. Evans !, Corrie Davies, David DiLillo University of Nebraska—Lincoln, United States

“No matter how much lip service those committed to power may pay to the principle of equality, they can never approach their fellow human beings on an equal footing; their relationships with others are defined solely in terms of power or weakness. Therefore, they must accumulate as much power as possible, with the aim of becoming invulnerable and proving this invulnerability.” -- Arno Gruen

“Welcome to the Machine:
Science, Surveillance and the Culture of Control”
by Derrick Jensen and George Draffan
Chelsea Green 2004

Anonymous said...

GC: Thank for your insight. and yes, I am south of the border, BTW.I did not have a chance to read your other article until today.
The dog and pony show will continue apace unless and until the majority of people realize (((who))) is really in control and behind the curtain (although they are getting more brazen everyday).

With regard to the comment above by albertde: the Falklands is a stepping stone to Patagonia, now nearly completely owned by (((billionaires))) such as the the "British" (((Joe Lewis))). That is the destination for the Israeli elites, top brass, bankers, etc. when the SHTF. Tiny pockets of native Argentinians protest against this to no avail. Why is there no concern about certain people stealing yet another country?

greencrow said...

Hi Ed(itor) and Anonymous:

Thanks very much for your comments. I consider the two posts on The Monroe Doctrine you referred to as probably the most important posts I've done in several years. It's very rare for a blogger such as little moi to come up with an idea that is completely original.
My undergraduate degree was a double major in English and History. My graduate degree was in Social Work. I combined all three to come up with this thesis. If someone knows of some work where this connection has been made previously, I would love to hear about it.

In this analysis, I connected the dots between Monroe's slaveowner psychopathy and a policy that still informs the foundation of American military policy and aggression today. I asked Americans to reflect on it and tell me if I am on to something. So far, you three individuals are the only ones to tear off the psychic scab of slaver history and try to see it in a new it relates to what is going on now. It was painful for me to write and I'm sure it was painful to read. But, there it is. The Monroe Doctrine is, in its very essence, a racist seen in the primary races involved in the perpetrator [the US] vis a vis the countries...Honduras, Guatemala, Chile, Columbia, Panama, Venezuela, etc., etc. Although the US has a large coloured population, it is the white leadership that propels the MIC and related policies

In its relationships all over the world, the Middle East included. The United States's military acts not unlike the slaver Overseers of the 1700 and 1800's...constantly rounding up, punishing [and exploiting] runaway slaves.

Anonymous said...

The idea that "The Monroe Doctrine was created to protect the illegal slave trade." was first published by Stephen Chambers on July 4th, 2017.

Anonymous said...