Saturday, March 16, 2019

Something Doesn't Compute

Why Pixilate the Face?  Doesn't The Public Have a Right to
Know?  What Purpose Does this Serve???!!!
Is This Individual Not The Same as Shown in Earlier Photos?

Saturday morning and, just having reviewed all the other newz and blog posts regarding the Christchurch mass murder atrocity...I'm more convinced than ever that it was a false flag and there is a remote possibility it was even a False Flag hoax or, a combination of the two [important link].  It was dubious from the start, taking into account the points listed in my last post.  Now, there are even more "red flags".

First of all, why on earth did they pixilate the so-called murderer's face?  Isn't it one of the rights of the people to see who is being charged with murder?  In the old days before pixilation, the murderer had the right to cover his face but other than that, he was shown in photos and on TV.  How else can the public confirm that the right person was arrested?  The above entity could be anyone and doesn't prove that anyone was arrested.  Such bullshit!

And, as Robin Westenra from Seemorerocks asks astutely:

What was Islamophobic terrorist doing in Pakistan?

It seems the guy was traveling all over the whose expense?  What did he do for a living?  Can anyone get hold of his bank accounts?  Or, is that kind of investigation too mundane for the M$M?  The serial liar BBC has now moved on to celebrating "brave heroes" who charged the killer.  These kinds of official stories always have to have white hats offsetting the black hats.

Stephen Lendman seems to have some doubts about the story already.  Always a bad sign, when even the recognized quasi mainstream bloggers are dubious right from the outset.  It can only go downhill from there.

Pretty soon, the Christchurch massacre will be like the 9/11 and Sandy hoax atrocities...only believed by the braindead.

IMO, this was a Mossad operation, soup to nutz.  And, IMO, the worse living conditions become in Israel...the more frequently these operations will take place in "Plan B's" all over the globe...laying the groundwork, so to speak.

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Unknown said...

I agree. And also, something else that ran alarm bells with me was a 'news' article I read in the mainstream media that stated people were missing including a 3 year old. The mosque wasn't bombed, it didn't fall down, thousands of people were not shot, so how come with relatively few people allegedly killed can they not find some of the bodies? How come the family of the 3 year old cannot find that child? And why was this child on it's own? Is this mosque so huge that people can get lost permanently? The whole story stinks to high heaven. I do believe that it didn't happen at all!