Thursday, March 21, 2019

UPDATED: Russian Research Ship Docks in BC Harbours - Russians Again Show Leadership

UPDATED: March 28, 2019 Record number of mutilated dolphins [1,000] wash up on French shores. "Industrial Fishing" suspected of being the cause

Deck of Russian Research Vessel Kaganovsky
Docked in North Vancouver, BC

Some rare good news these days.  Although the controlled main$tream media tried to keep it very quiet, local media discovered some rare adult behaviour [international co-operation] going on between Russia, the US, Canada, South Korea and Japan.  Please read the following snippets from the local papers and I will have more comments to follow: 


International salmon research ship docks in North Vancouver

Scientists return from month-long research expedition with surprising findings

After four weeks at sea, a group of international scientists who set out to find answers about the lives of wild salmon have returned with some surprising answers.

The Russian research vessel Kaganovsky hosted roughly 20 scientists from Canada, Russia, Japan and South Korea who worked to capture and study specimens at sea for answers to elusive questions about the lives of wild salmon.

The expedition was organized by Dick Beamish, a retired fisheries biologist from Vancouver Island, in celebration of the International Year of the Salmon.

International Expedition LOGO on Sweatshirt

From CHEK news.

Salmon research trip in Alaska reveals surprising discoveries
WATCH: Scientists are getting a never before seen look at the secret life of salmon thanks to an expedition off the Gulf of Alaska. Their research vessel docked in Nanaimo Wednesday, unpacking five weeks of research and ma

“We have new science that has not been done before,” said Chrys Neville of Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

“Some of the most important discoveries that I am aware of ever being made on this coast,” said Dr. Richard Beamish, emeritus scientist at the Pacific Biological Station.

The latest data was all gathered aboard a Russian research ship over the past five weeks in a first-ever international expedition into the Gulf of Alaska. The goal was to observe the salmon out in that area.

“It was the first time we’d been out there in the winter time in the Gulf of Alaska looking at what salmon are doing,” said Neville.

Five Canadian scientists were aboard the expedition that also included researchers from Russia, Japan, Korea and the U.S. They found an abundance of Coho salmon that were earlier believed to stay closer to the Gulf of Alaska Shelf.
“The stuff that we were seeing, we were seeing for the very first time,” said Svetlana Esenkulova, a biologist with the Pacific Salmon Foundation.

“And we were quite surprised to see what was going on there.

For the first time ever scientists got what they consider a dependable count of salmon stocks as well, 54.5 million fish.

“It’s never been done before,” said Dr. Beamish.

“We’ve never had an estimate of how many salmon are in the Pacific that would return to say British Columbia rivers or to rivers on the west coast.” Scientists say none of the discoveries would have been made had they not raised over $1-million in private funds for the expedition.

“Harmac and Levi (Sampson) are the reason that this ship is tied up to the dock,” said Beamish.

“They supported bringing this ship to Nanaimo as well as supporting the whole expedition.”

Employee-owned Harmac Pacific was among the donors along with individuals, the Pacific Salmon Foundation and Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Salmon Specimens Gathered by Researchers
on International [Russian] Research Ship


Greencrow says:
Finally, some good news for a change. In spite of all the efforts of the Assholians to whip up hatred between "The West" and Russia, we have a concrete example of adult behaviour/co-operation between Russia, Canada, The United States, South Korea and Japan. All to save the dwindling salmon stocks in the North Pacific Rim.  Greencrow has written about the world wide fishing crisis a few times.  My suggestion, made over a year ago now, is a 10 year world wide moratorium on commercial fishing.  Only local fishers, working off their own coasts should be able to fish.  The big trawlers should be mothballed...forever, I hope...but certainly for 10 years until we see if the fish can bounce back from the perilous brink of extinction they're on now.
I have predicted that my grandchildren will grow up to a world where there are no fish in the oceans to speak of.  What with the plastic, pollution and overfishing, humans are squandering one of the most important resources on the face of this once-bountiful earth.
But the Russian research ship is a good step in the right direction.  NOTE that it took Russian leadership to make it happen.  No games playing like Trump did during his demented trip to North Korea...No using the ship to spy or such like that.  Just mutual co-operation and freely sharing of resources and resulting information.
Bravo RUSSIA!!!!  And Welcome to all the crew of the Kaganovsky to the British Columbian West Coast!


Anonymous said...

Well done, North Shore News and especially you for letting us know this is fantastic.
Saving the salmon is of paramount importance.

Anonymous said...

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When he had his catch phrase
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That is where he learned the power of a catch phrase
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I do not think it is dementia
It is the art of manipulation and lying with stories
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