Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Ole Dammegard on the Christchurch "Event"

Ole Dammegard on the Christchurch "Event"

This morning I'd planned to do an update post on the Canadian Regime Change--wherein the dark Sorosian forces are attempting to change the so-called leader in Canada...le Dauphin Trudeau...perhaps with Nazi flunky Chrystia Freeland...but ended up instead spending an hour and a half watching this gentleman, Ole Dammegard, who is a long time false flag researcher.

Amazingly, although I'd never heard of Mr. Dammegard prior to this past weekend, he and I have reached the exact same conclusions regarding all the false flags that have been going on for the past decade and a half+.  When another one comes down the pike...as regular readers will attest...I usually jump on the false flag bus within minutes of reading the fact situation.  That's how transparent they are to me.  And it turns out for the very same reasons/clues that Ole speaks of in the above interview.  Ole mentions a few clues he's discovered that are new to me and that I will be watching out for in the future...such as the ubiquitous "shoes" and the "colour codes".

At the end of the interview, Ole says the dark forces are upping the ante and becoming more and more brazen in their attacks on humanity.  I very much agree with this.  I am hoping their risk-taking will result in more and more of them becoming outed and known as masterminds.  So far we've accepted Netanyahu "Mr. Terror" as being one and George Soros as being another.  Interestingly, I am working on my next post on the Canadian Regime Change scandal and have identified George Soros as being the agent behind the attempted removal of le Dauphin Trudeau.  More about that soon.

In the meantime, I recommend getting yourself a cup of coffee or tea and sitting down to watch the hour and a half long video above.  It is packed with information regarding the international gang of Satanic thugs that roam the world killing humanity for fun, profit and the furtherance of their horrific agenda.

As for me, I have to get back to my latest wood carving...a large and complicated piece that has had me bogged down for weeks now.  Talk with you later.


tsisageya said...

This event is fake. It's a lie. This is why I don't believe Ole. Did I hear anything different? I couldn't finish listening. Many believe him, I do not.

greencrow said...

Ole says it's a fake as well, tsisageya, what is it, exactly, about Ole's information that you don't believe?

missFrill said...

tsisageya weighs in without even looking at the video being discussed... the definition of trolling.

More facts on the "event" internet police don't want discussed -

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Christchurch Shooter Is A Shit-Posting Memer

FC said...

Liveleak banned in Australia (they don't want us to see how fake the shooting in NZ was)


BuelahMan said...

tsisageya has trolled my site for years.