Friday, March 22, 2019

'Nuckin Futz Newz Update - Trump goes into "Twitter Psychosis" Hallelujah!!

Trump goes into Twitter Psychosis

Just a brief updated in a newz category I call "Nuckin Futz Newz".  This is the category that chronologs the ongoing exploits of the demented ["Not that there's anything wrong with that."] President of the United States, Donald Trump.

In our latest episode, Donald goes on a "Twitter Rampage" that was so extreme and non-presidential that analysts are fearing that he has a Mental Disorder.  Please read the previous link to get the gory details.  It's truthfully, too boring to recount.  The greencrow has been saying that he's demented for literally a few years now.   Having a president with a diagnosed personality/social/dementia disorder has become the "new normal" in the US since 2016.  Nobody even raises an eyebrow anymore.

It's actually quite calming when you consider it.  Now that everything that comes out of his mouth is automatically dismissed...everyone can relax and forget about the old "finger on the nuclear trigger".  Surely there are some doctors in white lab coats standing just outside of the Oval Office prevent him from escaping and running over to the "war room".

But then, just yesterday, we all had to start listening again, because he vomited out a statement that Israel could just steal the Golan Heights from Syria...something that the United Nations has rested its credibility and reputation on opposing for protect the rights of the Syrians [and the Palestinians for that matter].

Yes, Trump sunk into deep "Twitter Psychosis", leaking out pro Zionist bodily fluids from all orifices in his body.  This, oddly, on the eve of his buddy, Netanyahu's re-election as President of Israel.  Pompeo looked at the fluids, smelled them, and cast his eyes upwards to the heavens...pronouncing it a miracle...and a sign from the Luciferian Gawd of Israel that Trump was a prophet.  Hallelujah!!

Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah


Anonymous said...

How the fuck did the Trumptoid get this executive order signed????
A guy with dementia pulled this fucking miracle for colleges??/
The Duke ster would be proud of him
Must be an illusion???

BuelahMan said...

If you people with no discernment spent as much time arguing AGAINST BOTH Clinton and Trump instead of championing Trump over Clinton (just as the Kabuki so directs), you wouldn't have to write such disparaging things NOW, when it could have been done BEFORE the damage was done.

I warned you over and over again. To absolutely no avail.

No credibility.

Anonymous said...

I think he is on to something
The only way to stay alive working with psychotic freaks