Sunday, March 17, 2019

UPDATED: More from New Zealand

UPDATED: March 28, 2019 "Fifth" Christchurch shooting suspect escapes guessed it! Israhell.  Here is the story from the "Intellectual Observer"...H/T Seemorerocks Robin Westenra

March 18, 2019 HERE is a very good analysis by Mike Adams of Natural News.  The New Zealand Christchurch episode is probably the most blatant and unbelievable False Flag yet...and the fact that they don't want anyone to see the just the final straw.  It was a Mossad event.

Ole Dammegard is a Conspiracy Theory
Researcher from Copenhagen

Robin Westenra [Seemorerocks] who blogs from from New Zealand has done an excellent job of keeping us up-to-date with the latest newz and links regarding the Christchurch False Flag over the past few days.  This is what is really working for truthers. We seem to have developed a network of fellows all over the world with fingers on the pulse of the truth who are able to report what's going on locally--behind all the official story bullshit.

Robin introduced me to a YouTube truther from Copenhagen, Ole Dammegard, who I'd never heard of before.  This individual seems to have "cracked the code" of the False Flaggers and is even able to predict where they'll strike next!  Listen to the video in the first link above and about half way through the very long broadcast Ole starts to talk about what he has learned after investigating dozens of False Flags all over the world over the past decade or more.  Here are some of the points he made:

1.  The False Flags are created systematically by globalist-one-world government types who want to create an international military-style police force all over the world in preparation for a globalist tyranny.  

2.  They want to disarm the population [note:  the Prime Minister of New Zealand has already indicated she will bring in gun control legislation] 

3.  The false flags are run like a "touring rock show" [Ole's words] and leave clues behind in each crime scene as to where they'll strike next.  They are almost always accompanied by DRILLS.  That is mainly how Ole can predict them.  He asks everyone to let him know if they find out that there's going to be a DRILL in their neighbourhood.

4.  The operators of the false flags carefully gauge public reaction [i.e., amount of terror/fear generated] to the false flag and if it's not high enough...they will strike again shortly thereafter. [NOTE: there was a second mosque attacked during the Christchurch false flag] order to "up" the terror level.  They videotape the DRILL and then work in the fake drill scenes and photos with the "live" terror event.  Researchers can tell the difference between the two by looking at the backgrounds in the videos.  Computer games are also used [like in the Christchurch operation].

5.  They mainly strike NATO countries and/or countries that have military agreements with NATO.  They strike them again, and again, and again.

Folks, now that we know about these b@$tards and how pathetically they operate on this earth...when there is so much else that humanity needs to be focussed on...., isn't it time we put an end to them yanking our chains like this?  We're sooooooooooo tired of the false, fake, flags and the Assholians that produce them.    

More from New Zealand


Anonymous said...

yes I did see photos with 20 down and no blood .
you might find this interesting concerning Mossad and Christchurch

Anonymous said...

Another good perspective that might of interest.

Anonymous said...

The no blood could be the drill video, They like to cause confusion after all, that way they can call us conspiracy nuts when there was indeed blood and death.

Anonymous said...

came across the New Zealand manifesto;
its tucked in zero-hedge

Northerntruthseeker said...

Crow... I have a gift for you...

Here is the link to that NZ shooting video that the damn NZ government wants buried...

I have watched it many times already over the last few days, and have found so many problems with it that show that this entire shooting is a definite set up!!!

I also encased the video at the end of my most recent article.... I hope that the video survives, for it indeed has so many problems that blow holes in the "official story"...

greencrow said...

Thanks NTS. I will consider whether to view the video. Is it very gross? I don't even like violent video games...which I think this is. Was that your impression?

Northerntruthseeker said...

Not gross at all!!!

It does in fact show clear evidence of the entire fraud. Which explains why they so desperately want it pulled.