Sunday, March 31, 2019

Lyin' Brian Strikes the Sun goes down on the Trudeau[2.0] Government?

"Lyin' Brian" Mulroney

"Lyin' Brian" strikes again!

Lol.  Just when you thought you could trust what a Prime Minister of Canada says, 'Lyin' Brian' rises from the retirement crypt with yet another whopper.

Remember when Stevie Cameron's book "On The Take" came out?  It was a biography that detailed former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney's rise to power, his time as Prime Minister and some of the many scandals that enveloped and eventually brought down his government.  Remember when his government [under the "leadership" of scapegoat Kim Campbell] lost the subsequent election with only two Conservative candidates holding onto their seats?  A loss never before experienced by a Canadian political party and never since?

Well, I guess Jody Wilson-Raybould is too young to remember such infamy's.  Likewise, former Trudeau staffer, Gerald Butts, who seems to have been suckered into accepting Mulroney at his word.  Mulroney apparently wrote in his autobiography that he advised then Attorney General Kim Campbell to interfere in a judicial case.  Butts, when debating the SNC Lavalin DPA matter with JWR's assistant, used this recounting of events as an example of how there was a precedent for politicians to interfere with an ongoing prosecution of a judicial case. JWR didn't believe it.  So the very next day she went to lunch with Kim Campbell and asked her directly whether the order from Mulroney to interfere did or did not happen.  Campbell, according to JWR, was highly insulted by the allegation and vociferously denied.  In fact, Campbell's recounting of the event in HER autobiography is diametrically different than Mulroney's.

Moral of the story?  Never trust a liar.

More updates on this too-hot-to-drop story are trending in the direction of some kind of a "show down" towards the middle of next week.  Something will have to give.  I will make my prediction at the end of this post but first, here are some developments:

A head of the First Nations in BC has said that the "Sun is Setting on the Trudeau Years".  He says that First nations are incensed by the way JWR has been treated and that First Nations have had enough of Trudeau's phony apologies and his crocodile tears.

Wernick is trying to spin the story that he did not update Trudeau on JWR's intransigence last December 19th...after the infamous phone call...because "Everyone went on holidays".  Conservative leader Andrew Speer is buying none of it, and says it's too much to expect Canadians to swallow the codswallop that Wernick would not update Trudeau [as he warned JWR during their phone call that he would] "before the end of the day" given the priority that Wernick insisted to JWR that Trudeau gave the matter.  

The reason the lawyers are spinning Wernick's version of when Trudeau found because this is boiling down to be the proverbial "smoking gun".  If Wernick DID update Trudeau on the 19th, then Trudeau cannot pretend that he did not know about it...and that, as he has insisted, he only demoted JWR due to a bureaucratic "domino effect".

Whether you believe it was a "smoking gun" or not depends upon whether you believe what Wernick said to the former Attorney General about what would result if she did not interfere ["a collision"] on behalf of SNC Lavalin was a "threat".  After due consideration, I have reached the conclusion that what he said and the context in which he said it DID constitute a threat.  As such, it constituted attempted criminal obstruction of justice/political interference in a judicial prosecution.  

In order to preserve the integrity of the justice system in Canada...the only remedy for this is for all parties behind the attempted interference to resign their positions [there is only one party that has not yet resigned--Trudeau].  Either this, or there must be an immediate police [RCMP] investigation.

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