Friday, March 29, 2019

In "Pygmy Scandal" between Pakistan and US-occupied Afghanistan, Pakistan is Acting Very S-400ish

Pakistan PM Imran Khan and Pakistan’s
 Minister for Human Rights Shireen Marzari
Khan is acting "very S-400ish"

NOTICE TO READERS:  I have updated several of my recent posts with what I call "gem" links, supporting my various theses expressed in those posts.  I recommend my readers go back over the last dozen or so posts to see the links, usually embedded at the top of the posts.

In that regard, I was somewhat amused to see Pakistan brazenly telling the Ambassador of US-occupied Afghanistan where to go.  This, to me, represents a recent trend also seen in supposedly vassalized states like Venezuela and others where the leaders are suddenly able to stand up to threats and oppression with a new-found "courage".  I have coined a new term to describe this "chutzpah".  I say that these leaders are behaving "Very S-400ish".

As more and more nations get the invaluable Russian S-300/400 anti-missile defense system, more and more leaders around the world will be able to adopt this "Go to Hell" stance.

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